• 25-SEP-2015

GX 337 Euro VI diesel, hybrid and 100% electric standard buses



The GX 337 is flat low floor over the entire length of the vehicle with a step height at 320 mm and 330 mm at center door. This model can be equipped in option with sliding plug doors and a 2-door-version is also available.

Being 2.55 m wide, the GX 337 offers a large platform facing the second or third door and a high capacity exceeding 110 places. The "passenger/length" ratio is optimized by an easy access to the rear and easy moving inside the bus.

Complying with European Standard 2001/85, these models are developed for passengers with reduced mobility, being equipped with an access ramp integrated in the vehicle, a wheelchair space, 4 PRM seats, an acoustic passenger information system and specific push buttons.

This standard model offers different level of customization thanks to specific options as faired roof, wheel covers, glazed roof LUMI'BUS®, video-surveillance or information screens, new color for driver position panels, 1, 3 or 5 units of triangular windows on platform lower section, and the LAMPA’BUS® option.

The diesel version is powered by a 6-cylinder diesel engine mounted longitudinally at the rear. This is the FPT Tector 7 (286 HP) engine, suitable for use with either ZF Ecolife 6 or VOITH 854.6 gearbox. 

A hybrid version is also available, which is powered by a downsized Iveco Tector 6 litre diesel connected to a generator with integrated starter. The recovery of braking energy added to the energy supplied by the diesel engine recharge the on-board lithium-ion batteries.

The vehicle is also equipped with the new Arrive & Go technology. Before and after bus stop, the buses are running in 100% electric without noise and pollutant emission, i.e. more comfort for the users and the townspeople.