A successful step for the GX 317 with 1,000 units produced

  • 25-MAR-2021



The 1,000th GX 137 midibus came out of the workshops of the Rorthais factory. It is part of a series of 8 units delivered to Guaguas Municipales SA, the municipal transport company of
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria which provides the urban public transport service in the city.
This is the second time that the GX 137 model has been chosen to operate in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

These 10.7 m long midibuses have been put into operation since February 23 in the suburbs of the city, on lines that are difficult to access due to the narrowness of the streets and will help to strengthen the current service.

Equipped with 3 access doors, video surveillance, information screens, USB sockets and air conditioning, the GX 137 chosen by Guaguas Municipales SA can welcome 15 seated passengers and up to 2 wheelchair users in excellent safety and comfort conditions for a vehicle of this size.

The production of this 1000th GX 137 demonstrates all the versatility and performance of this midibus, which is available in 2 lengths 9.5 m or 10.7 m, for a reduced width of 2.33 m making this model one of the most manoeuvrable vehicles in its category and perfectly suited to the constraints of city centers. It is available in 2 energies.

The 100% electric version has the autonomy necessary for daily operation, provided by high-energy lithium-ion batteries NMC. It can be recharged in a few hours at the depot, by an individual COMBO 2 type socket, and its electric motor develops 160 kW. 

In diesel version, it is equipped with a Tector 7 engine, compliant with Euro VI regulations thanks to HI-SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology without EGR.

Designed and produced in France, the GX 137, of which 20 % of the production is exported, are currently running in more than 130 agglomerations spread over 8 countries and in particular in Spain at Badalona, Barcelona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Girona.

A real high-performance, sustainable and economical solution offered to operators, the midibus designed by HEULIEZ is an emblematic model of the brand, ensuring a leading position in this segment in France.

Elected for its compact size and maneuverability which allow to move easily in city centers and optimize its footprint in the urban environment, the GX 137 is a perfect complement to the range for public transport operators.