• 25-SEP-2018

Stadtbus Rottweil buys first full electric GX 337 in Germany


The HEULIEZ BUS standard full electric GX 337 bus which received the KS award of the Energy and the Environment last June in Munich, has been chosen by Stadtbus Rottweil for the local public transport in the city of Rottweil (Baden-Wuerttemberg).
Managing director Hans Keller has been convinced by the range of more than 300 km/charge and the concept of the vehicle using standard, proven and tested components just changing the diesel engine through an electric engine. This has also a positive effect on the TCO.
Real alternative to fossil fuels, this Zero-emissions vehicle enables to handle jointly several issues, such as local and global pollution as well as the noise emissions. A security of comfort both for the users and for the city-dwellers.
The GX 337 ELEC is equipped with an electric motor and with Lithium-ion NMC batteries divided into 8 packs, 6 settled on the roof and the 2 in the tailgate. This model is designed for all-day-use, with night time recharging at the depot in a few hours. These energy storage systems with an exclusive design deliver one of the best densities in the market, at the same time as the best balance between range and GX ELEC passenger capacity. The batteries comply with the R100-2 European standard (vibrations, shocks, fire resistance…).
The GX 337 ELEC is a full electric bus which presents main advantages of reliability and performances. Its structure is in stainless steel and its body in composite materials. The chassis and the floor receive a strengthened protection.
This new order comes to crown years of leadership, research and development in the electrification of buses. More than 100 units of the Heuliez Bus GX ELEC range have been already sold.
The full electric GX 337 is a new step in the development of clean and silent urban means of transportation.


  • Isabelle Fillonneau
    Iveco France Press Officer
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