• 08-JAN-2016

Rigid Dumper




The range of Astra Rigid Dumptrucks RD28, RD32, and RD40 completed by the new model RD 50 which represents the maximum in terms of capacity and translates the proverbial reliability which has made Astra famous all over the world. In the most extreme climatic conditions, when endurance and profitability are factors determining success, Astra Rigid Dumptrucks are the solution for every kind of  work that involves tough challenges thrown up by engineering and Mother Nature.


Designed with high safety coefficients the Astra Rigid Dumptrucks are extremely reliable thanks to the exclusive solutions used, many covered by patent, which guarantee maximum visibility for the operator.


The revision of the design has led the range towards a family feeling of major impact and great modernity. The decisive but soft lines accentuate both the sensation of power and harmony of the vehicle.


The models of the RD range have been conceived and designed each with their own characteristics in order to increase operative productivity in quarries and building sites. In large-scale building works such as tunnels, viaducts, hydroelectric power stations, rail and roads, works in mining and steelwork centres, and reclamation works, Astra Rigid Dumptrucks have demonstrated their exceptional robustness and extraordinary operative efficiency.



Models 28 and 32 feature 10 litre Cursor engines. Instead, the RD 40 is equipped with a 13 litre Cursor  engine. Both engines are TIER 3 versions with electronically controlled injection pumps and overhead cam shafts, and thanks to the outstanding characteristics of torque at various speeds and the new engine brake, guarantee driving flexibility and considerable braking power, essential for work on construction sites. The degree of technological evolution reached permits high levels of combustion efficiency resulting in considerable reductions in fuel consumption in line with the TIER 3 regulations on emissions. The RD 50 model is installed with a Deutz 680 cv TIER 3 engine with high performance thanks to a specific power at the very top in the panorama of 50 t dumpers. The 2800Nm torque is already available at 1300 g/1.


The use of the Cursor engines with electronic control requires a CAN (Controlled Area Network) bus system today integrated by the new Multiplex system, which connects the control units to speed and manage several dialogue signals at the same time between the different electronic units: the engine EDC, the gearbox control unit, the retarder control unit, which communicate with each other simultaneously at very high speed. All these signals are received by the new Multifunction Display which transforms them, whether in digital or analogic format, into fundamental information for the driver.


Automatic transmission with possibility of selecting Eco or Power mode. Lock-Up on all gears. “Service Free” universal joint and transmission propeller shaft.


Built in high-tensile steel, with extruded rectangular side members. The increased width between the longitudinal members is ideal to ensure high torsional stiffness, vehicle stability, and good positioning and tipping of the body: in fact, the cylinders located within the chassis are short and totally protected.

In the RD 40 and RD 50 models the ring-shaped boxed central element ensures maximum resistance to the torsion and flexion and contributes to driving comfort.

DRY DISC BRAKES (RD 28 / RD 32 / RD 40 / RD 50 FRONT)

Highly reliable dry disc brakes for rapid maintenance. Models RD28 and RD32 are equipped with ITB engine brake (Iveco Turbo Brake) with max braking power of 353 kW and 396 kW for the greatest safety in descent and to save the service brakes. The integrated hydraulic retarder supplied as standard on the

RD 32 is available as an option on the RD 28.


At the rear the RD 50 model features wet multiple disc brakes to be used as retarder without any danger of overheating. The braking system with wet multiple disc does not require maintenance and ensures high resistance to fading. A transmission integrated retarder is optionally available.


The suspension system ensures driving comfort which translates into safety and productive efficiency of vehicle and the operator.

  • independent steering wheels
  • hydropneumatic cylinders (oil-nitrogen) with suspension/shock-absorber function.


The semi-independent suspension with reaction bars for RD28 and RD32 and with cradle for the RD40 and RD50 plus a Panhardtype transverse bar allows easy passage over rough terrain: two dual function “spring/shock-absorber” hydraulic cylinders, positioned in front of the axle and therefore having a

long stroke, ensure optimal absorption of the vertical stresses and maximum operator comfort.


All the vehicles in the range conform to ROPS/FOPS regulations. The cab is designed around the operator: the rounded lines, good visibility, the sound-proofing, the evolved ergonomics of the driving position are in line with maximum safety and operating comfort. The instrumentation with electronic system permits complete monitoring of the vehicle’s functions.

The multiplex system installed on the entire RD range memorizes the vehicle data to identify breakdowns managing 3 memory areas dedicated to engine, gearbox and vehicle.

  • Control in real time of the functioning
  • Speedy and easy breakdown search
  • Reduction in machine stop time
  • Programmed scrupulous maintenance

The RD40 and RD 50 model features front access, large steps and handrails along the whole cab access route.

Plentiful, comprehensive equipment:

  • Filtered air conditioning
  • Sound and heat insulation
  • Air suspension operator seat with armrests and instructor’s seat
  • Safety belts
  • Generous storage space
  • Easy access to fuse panel
  • Ventilation outlets
  • Sun shield
  • Reverse alarm
  • Rear cabin protection 


The RD range offers a wide number of options to personalise the configuration of the vehicle, in order to ensure the maximum productivity in every working condition.

  • rock body
  • body side extensions
  • rear mechanical gate
  • fridge in the cab
  • rear view camera (mandatory for EC countries)
  • automatic greasing system
  • work lights