• 24-SEP-2014

Iveco at the IAA Motor Show 2014 in Hanover



On the international stage in Hanover, Iveco moves closer to its customers than ever before, with a full range of vehicles: among the stars of the show are the New Daily, the most famous light commercial vehicle in the world, which has now been completely revamped, and which offers best-inclass volume, capacities, comfort and driveability. The Iveco New Daily presents the world première of the new 8-speed HI-MATIC automatic transmission.

Focus on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Iveco confirms its status as industry leader when it comes to fuel saving technology, and with the Hi-SCR catalytic reduction (High Efficiency SCR) system “saving fuel has never been so simple” for Iveco customers.

Low environmental impact alternative traction vehicles also feature strongly with the Daily electric, Daily CNG and the Stralis Natural Power Euro VI LNG.

Iveco will be taking part in the 65th running of the International Motor Show of Commercial Vehicles (IAA) in Hanover from 25 September to 2 October 2014. The company will be introducing a number of innovations in what has been confirmed as the most important international showcase for the commercial vehicle sector: Situated in Hall 16, on a stand occupying more than 2,500 square metres, Iveco is offering a complete display of its range of vehicles, from light to heavy on-road and off-road models, to Iveco Bus products, and Astra vehicles for mining and construction transport.

Visitors can retrace the milestones of the company's history, through a totem display located at the centre of the stand: starting in 1864 when the Magirus brand was created, which this year will celebrate its 150th anniversary, moving onto the birth of Iveco in 1975 and covering a long history which has made the brands of CNH Industrial famous all over the world.

To represent its commitment to the future of mobility, Iveco presents Iveco Vision, a concept dedicated to mobility with low environmental impact in a commercial vehicle which boasts a number of innovative solutions. Excellent performance and maximum efficiency in a vehicle designed for professional, sustainable use - not only an operational tool, but also a business platform and a mobile management centre. And that's not all: this solution is truly a "laboratory for the future", andinvolves more than 20 partners (including Bosch, Brembo, Dainese and ST) unveiling Iveco's roadmap of innovations in advance, with particular attention devoted to environmental impact, alternative traction, driver assistance and comfort, as well as improved productivity.

But the real star of the stand is the New Daily, the trusted business partner of the trade, distribution and transport sectors. The third generation of light commercial vehicle makes its début before the international public at large, following its official presentation of the beginning of June: a completely new vehicle which presents itself with a load space capacity at the top of its category, best-in-class for volume and capacity, car-like comfort and driveability and fuel consumptions reduced even further. 80% of the components have been completely redesigned, but the New Daily keeps its classic chassis structure; an integral part of its DNA, ensuring strength, versatility and durability over time, as well as recognised bodybuilding flexibility (for the chassis cab versions). In the area dedicated to the New Daily, technological innovation acts as an underlying theme and plays a leading role with the exhibition of the most popular underbody components: the F1C engine, the new 8-speed HI-MATIC automatic transmission and the new Quad Leaf suspension.

Boreal Metallic Blue, the launch colour of the New Daily, will dominate on a banner which will adorn the walls of the stand, reminiscent of the vehicle's front grille and confirming the strength of character of this colour which reminds us of the sky, the sea and the strength of nature.

Iveco also links this colour to its own message of environmental sustainability and respect: a responsibility which the company demonstrates in Hanover, with a display featuring two of its alternative fuel vehicles. First up is the New Daily CNG, which maintains the same strong points as the diesel version in terms of torque, comfort, useful payload and driveability. It is joined by the Stralis Natural Power Euro VI running on liquefied natural gas (LNG) – this vehicle features a new fuel tank fully complying with the revised Regulation UNECE R110, permitting type-approval for LNG vehicles.

An outdoor exhibition area offers visitors the opportunity to explore and test drive the New Daily Electric, which retains the main wining characteristics whilst managing to surpass the previous versions of the model in terms of reliability, comfort, and productivity, setting an absolute record for payload of an electric vehicle – and with zero emissions. The New Daily Electric has been completely renewed and now introduces an innovative driver interface system, developed and integrated in collaboration with TomTom. The vehicle will be available from 2015 in van, lorry and minibus versions.

For Iveco customers, “saving fuel has never been so simple”: this is the objective of the company which, at the Hanover 2014 International Motor Show, has confirmed its status as industry leader for technology and above all, for fuel consumption, placing the patented Selective Catalytic Reduction system, Hi-SCR (High Efficiency SCR), firmly back in the spotlight.

In an area dedicated to Euro VI engines, displaying the Iveco Tector 7, Cursor 13 and Cursor 8 CNG engines, Iveco is once again putting Hi-SCR firmly back in the spotlight, the exclusive technological system providing an exclusive solution, which does not require EGR, and which significantly contributes to lowering the total cost of ownership.

Combined with the optimised aerodynamics and driveline, Hi-SCR achieves an overall saving of fuel by 4.5% compared to the previous Euro V version. This solution is featured on all Diesel engines of the Tector and Cursor family that are mounted on the Iveco Bus, Eurocargo, Stralis and Trakker range of vehicles.

The whole exhibition area represents the strategy implemented by the company in recent years, with an ongoing focus on creating value for those who use Iveco vehicles in their daily work, turning this into productivity, quality and comfort, through new technologies that make using the vehicles simpler and safer, with a view to reducing operating costs. Investments for the development of product offer, in the light sector with the launch of the New Daily; in the medium sector with constant work to strengthen the concepts of versatility and efficiency of Eurocargo, in the heavy sector with particular focus on the reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership, on service excellence, product quality and infotelematic systems.

Investments have been made too in engine innovations, with the introduction of new solutions for efficiency and fuel economy, and also for business support structures; these include steps to strengthen the distribution network and to improve both the residual value and the commercial viability of used vehicles.

The vehicles on display include the Iveco Vision, six New Daily models including a van with the new total volume of 10.8 m3 and the world première of the new HI-MATIC 8-speed automatic transmission developed with ZF, a cab with the new best-in-class total mass of 7.2 tonnes, and a Daily CNG. A Eurocargo 4x4 (15 tonne) will represent the medium range vehicles; heavy range vehicles are covered by four Stralis, one of which is fuelled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and one a Super-Light, a special version of Stralis that employs specific technical solutions to reduce vehicle tare weight. There is also an area specifically dedicated to off-road vehicles with a Trakker 8x4 and the Dakar Trakker, which took part in the latest edition of the most famous rally in South America, and lastly the new Astra HD9 with a 560 HP Euro VI engine, presented for the first time on the international stage.

Iveco Bus, a CNH Industrial brand for public transportation, will also participate with the exhibition of its New Daily Minibus, a vehicle that combines the New Daily’s many qualities and advantages with the know-how of a market leader in the passenger transportation sector. Finally, there will be a 12 m Crossway Low Entry, a universal bus suitable for both urban and interurban transport; this vehicle is the undisputed leader in its category across Europe and the model adopted by many of the leading European transport groups.

Alongside each vehicle there will be an iPad which visitors can use to navigate on three different channels: one showing a film dedicated to the vehicle; one to navigate the specific App and one with the technical specifications of each vehicle.

Lastly, the exclusive state-of-the-art system IVECONNECT featured on the New Daily, and on the Heavy vehicles Stralis and Trakker, takes centre stage in an area dedicated to showcasing the latest telematics. This revolutionary system helps take integrated and intuitive control of infotainment, navigation, driving assistance tools and advanced fleet management services. Driver and vehicle interface is in constant evolution, as the search for efficiency also involves easy-to-use monitoring devices that help to provide a productive work environment. IVECONNECT features a 7” touchscreen built into the dashboard and comes complete with radio, CD player, USB port compatible with iPod/iPhone and MP3 player, Bluetooth connection with steering wheel controls, plus an AUX/video output.

The New Daily: heir to a long tradition, but completely revamped

In the wake of its international launch, Iveco plans to unveil the New Daily 2014 at Hanover as the shining star of the company stand. The New Daily, the third generation in the evolution of the vehicle, is the result of a perfect balance between tradition and innovation: a fully-fledged generational leap that is an important milestone for Iveco.

Two vehicles in one for the best-ever Daily, a perfect balance between its extraordinary heritage - here not only preserved but also enhanced - and the push for innovation: The working companion of choice for transport professionals, the new vehicle is presented as being convenient and practical to use as a light van, whilst continuing to offer the maximum reliability, efficiency and versatility that have always made the Daily a reference point for the sector. 80% of the components have been completely redesigned, but the New Daily keeps its classic chassis structure; an integral part of its DNA, ensuring strength, versatility and durability over time, as well as greater bodybuilder flexibility for chassis cab versions.

Planning efforts have been focused on both versions, chassis cab and van, with an ambitious goal: to consolidate the vehicle's status as leader in both sectors, with a view to achieving improvements in fuel consumption, ergonomics, ride comfort, handling and manoeuvrability. This gave rise to two new vehicles in one, a revamped Daily chassis cab and a Daily van. For the van, the primary goals were to improve handling performance and load carrying capacity, thanks to optimised load space volumes and ease of use, with a more accessible loading platform.

The capacity of the van has been greatly improved by redefining the ratio between wheelbase, overall length and loading length: these new benchmarks for volume are making their début on the international market, with models in 18 and 20 m3 sizes, along with the 10.8 m3 version - best in class for loading efficiency, an index which measures the ratio between the length of the load compartment and the total length of the vehicle.

This new architecture, with elongated wheelbase and reduced rear overhang, ensures that the New Daily offers excellent driveability without compromising on the vehicle's superior agility in tight spaces. The new Quad-Leaf front suspension, standard on all models up to 3.5 tonnes, constitutes the excellent blend between the two previous single- and twin-wheel versions, guaranteeing increased load carrying capacity of the first and ground clearance and maximum allowed payload on axles of the latter. For single wheel models, the rear suspension has also been re-designed, with two important results: a decrease in the height of the load platform by approximately 55 millimetres to facilitate vehicle loading and unloading, and a reduction of oversteer in load transfers when cornering. The combination of the new front and rear suspension systems, and the new longer wheelbases for the van produce a dynamic, category-leading performance in terms of safety and stability.

A major innovation is the new HI-MATIC 8-speed automatic transmission that establishes best-in-class standards for flexibility, efficiency and fuel economy, ensuring maximum travel comfort. HI6 MATIC changes quicker and more precisely than even an expert driver, needing less than 200 milliseconds for a gear shift when greater acceleration is required. With a torque of up to 470 Nm and thanks to the electronic control of the gear changes, HI-MATIC – the first 8-speed automatic transmission to be applied to the commercial vehicle sector - is perfect for the New Daily and for its high performance engines which offer up to 205 HP.

Thanks to the availability of the 8 speeds, HI-MATIC provides a wider range compared to the traditional 6-speed transmissions, allowing for a quicker and more precise gear change. The ability to select the optimum gear for the current engine speed ensures it is always in its ideal operating range, which results in improved acceleration, maximum comfort and lower fuel consumption. The electronic management allows the driver to select the best driving mode for the various requirements of the route. In particular, there are two settings that can be selected by the driver: Eco mode, during which smooth and low speed gear changes are carried out to emphasise comfort by reducing fuel consumption to a minimum, and Power mode, through which the transmission carries out quicker gear changes and at higher speeds, ensuring a precise engagement of the gears for enhanced driving performance.

The new automatic transmission offers the same towing strength of its mechanical counterpart which tops off at 3,500 kg, guaranteeing an optimal pick-up start, thanks to the combination with the Hill Holder system (the anti-rollback system for uphill starts), coming as standard on the New Daily.

As consolidation of the leadership held by Daily for the market segment of GVW above 6 tonnes showcased at Hanover, Iveco has released the all-new 7.2 ton GVW version, which allows for unrivalled performance and payloads (up to 4.9 tons) in its sector.

The third generation of the Daily is also strongly focused on business needs, and allows for a significant reduction in fuel consumption compared to the previous model, with a notable improvement in the total cost of ownership of the vehicle, together with best in class performance and a wide range of engines, transmissions and axle ratios.

But that is not all: the comfort of the vehicle has also been greatly improved. The driver of the New Daily can benefit from a more comfortable and quieter interior compartment that guarantees the driving position and sensations typical of a premium automobile, as well as a multitude of closed and open storage compartments. The ergonomic design of the controls is at the top of its category, the sound insulation has been improved, the air conditioning system is more efficient and driving comfort is excellent in all load conditions.

Iveco has also created a new app for New Daily, available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices via the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app offers a choice of six languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Polish. Through an interactive menu, this "NEW DAILY" app allows you to discover the key innovations introduced with the new vehicle, along with all the services that Iveco offers its customers. Among the main features are the 360 ° visualisation of the interior and exterior, the product configurator, and the "X-ray" view setting for the most advanced technical features.

The area also features a wall display that showcases the complete range of new accessories dedicated to the New Daily, a comprehensive offering that not only meets the needs of all Iveco customers, but also emphasises the aesthetics of the vehicle: from the luggage rack, which includes its own wide selection of accessories, suitable for all configurations and wheelbases, to the complete protection system focused on increasing the active and passive safety of both vehicles and pedestrians in case of a crash; and also including the spoilers: characterised by a tough design and made from an innovative material, these easily fitted to the vehicle's roof.

Iveco's commitment in the field of sustainable mobility: the New Daily CNG and Stralis LNG

Innovation and sustainability are two inseparable concepts. Iveco consolidates its leadership in the natural gas vehicle sector with a complete range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles and buses. The company has delivered more than 12,000 units in total, including 2,000 units in 2013 alone.

Iveco's stand at the 2014 Hanover Show will feature the New Daily, the third generation of light commercial vehicle recently launched by Iveco in CNG version, as well as the Stralis LNG Euro VI, one of Iveco's range of heavy vehicles.

The New Daily powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) has the same strong points as the diesel version in terms of torque, payload and driveability. The ladder frame chassis makes the New Daily not just the preferred vehicle for bodybuilders, providing them with robustness and the ability to support heavy loads, but much more: as a result of the way in which the cylinders are mounted on the Natural Power model, there is no reduction in load space or to the flexibility offered to bodybuilders.

Also on display on the stand is a vehicle in Iveco's heavy range: the Stralis Natural Power Euro VI fuelled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) presented to the vast international audience gathered features a new tank that complies with the revision of UNECE Regulation R110, which allows European approval of LNG vehicles .This is an important new step for the sector, one that provides a strong expansion of the market for LNG-powered heavy vehicles for medium long-haul.

The Stralis LNG Euro VI has a range of more than 750 kilometres. The AT440S33T/P LNG tractor unit is equipped with four 70-litre CNG cylinders and an LNG cryogenic tank of 510 litres. Natural gas is stored in the liquid state at -130°C and at 10 bar pressure, which is converted into its gaseous state before being injected into the engine.

There are many advantages to using this type of vehicle, both from the point of view of environmental sustainability and profitability for customers. Indeed, in terms of emissions, natural gas engines are more environmentally friendly than their diesel Euro VI counterparts. Natural gas is a clean fuel in terms of its minimal particulate (-95% compared to diesel) and NOx (-35%) emissions. Furthermore, these vehicles make it possible to reduce vehicle emissions of CO2 from 10% up to 100% (Well-To- Wheel) if using bio-methane. Lastly, we have a quieter vehicle with an average decrease of 5 Decibel in comparison to its diesel counterpart, making it perfect for urban waste collection and night-time distribution.

From the standpoint of economic sustainability, the vehicle generates Total Cost of Ownership savings of up to 10%. Natural gas is also markedly less expensive than diesel, since it enables fuel costs to be reduced by up to 40%.

The showcase area for medium and heavy vehicles: Stralis and Eurocargo, savings Champions

Iveco is acutely aware of the importance of innovation as a driver for change and for the development of sustainable mobility solutions, and as such, has long chosen to provide customers with cutting-edge products which offer superior reliability, optimal performance, technological excellence and a favourable cost-benefit ratio. All of this is designed to enable Iveco to provide both large transport operators and retail customers with a product offering which ensures maximum efficiency in terms of fuel consumption, thus maximising productivity and above all reliability, whilst reducing maintenance costs and cultivating an excellent price-performance ratio.

Iveco launches the all new Stralis Efficiency Package, a series of innovations aimed at reducing total operating costs for hauliers on three key fronts: fuel consumption, maintenance costs and a broader product offering.

Iveco's strategy for reducing fuel consumption targets two crucial factors: the vehicle and the driver. Consistent with the lineage of EcoStralis that continued with the Stralis Hi-Way Euro VI, Iveco today brings further reduction in fuel consumption equal to 2%, bringing total savings to 4.5% compared to Euro V version. Such performance is guaranteed by TÜV, one of Europe's leading centers of technical certification.

These results have been achieved by introducing new enhancements and include Eco-Roll, which is available with automatic transmissions, improved thermal management of the engine and the use of innovative low-viscosity oil. Eco-Roll is a feature that allows the vehicle to use inertia to its advantage when travelling on gentle downhill slopes. The system evaluates the road slope and "disengages" the powertrain if necessary, thus putting the vehicle into neutral. At the end of the slope, the system calculates and selects the optimal gear, thus re-establishing normal vehicle operation.

Improved thermal management of engine oil, in combination with the introduction of a new synthetic lubricant, SAE 0W-20, has made it possible to increase drive efficiency, further improving fuel economy.

All Stralis vehicles with Cursor 11 and 13 engines will feature these enhancements.

Whilst these improvements impact vehicle performance, others concern driver performance: an efficient driving style permits fuel savings that are equal to or higher than any technological solution. Driving Style Evaluation (DSE), already successfully introduced on Stralis tractors equipped with Cursor 11 and Cursor 13 engines, is now also available on 4x2 and 6x2 rigid vehicles, and it will soon be extended to vehicles fitted with Cursor 9 engines. Iveco developed DSE in order to enable the driver to improve their driving style in real time. It acts as a fully-fledged, cost-efficient, on-board driving instructor.

The system processes the data acquired and provides two types of feedback in order to improve driving style: an assessment of actual driving style, displayed on the screen with a clear and intuitive graphic, and suggestions for reducing fuel consumption. This system helps to achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption, generating 5% savings for expert drivers and up to 12% for drivers with less road experience.

DSE is being offered in conjunction with Driver Attention Support (DAS), which constantly monitors the driver's level of awareness. It processes the movements of the steering wheel, and if it detects distraction from the road, it alerts the driver with an audible and visual signal. With regards to maintenance costs, the replacement interval for the particulate filter (DPF) has been extended from 450,000 to 600,000 kilometres for Cursor 11 and 13 engines, making Iveco Best-in-Class.

In addition to driving style, the vehicle’s innovations can generate average total operating cost savings of € 4,500 over three years, based on an average annual mileage of 150,000 km.

A further novelty on the stand is about the new MICHELIN X® LINE™ Energy™ tires, allowing up to 3% fuel efficiency in the typical long haulage mission. This result is due to leading-edge technologies about tire architecture, compounds and tread pattern, delivering minimum rolling resistance without any comprise on other performances. These new tires will be commercially available as original equipment from 2015 with the first double-A labelling in fuel consumption for trucks.

The heavy range vehicles showcased on the Iveco stand include the Stralis Hi-Way AS440S48T/P with Efficiency Package and the Stralis Hi-Way AS260S42Y/FS. The offering also comprises a Stralis Hi-Road LNG AT440S33T/P model and a Stralis Hi-Road Super Light AT440S40T/P.

Iveco presents the Eurocargo Euro VI: a medium range vehicle with numerous achievements, reinforced by reliability and flexibility, making it a multi-purpose vehicle that can be adapted for every mission type. Europe’s favourite “medium range”, a veritable icon in its segment for its versatility, sets another record today by combining the cutting-edge innovation with superior power and optimised fuel efficiency through the exclusive HI-SCR technology.

The new Tector 5 and 7 Euro VI engines are the only ones in this segment to offer HI-Escr technology thereby positioning themselves at the top of their category, supplying elevated and consistent performance. The new range includes three new Tector 5 models – with 160, 190 and 210 HP – and four Tector 7 models, with 220, 250, 280 and 320 HP. The displacement of the Tector 5 and Tector 7, four and six cylinders respectively, has been increased to obtain optimal versatility for various applications. The engine power of the Tector 5, with a displacement of 4.5 litres, has been increased by 13%, permitting the vehicle to reach 210 HP. The performance of the Tector 7 engine, with a 6.7 litre capacity, has also been improved with variants up to 320 HP thanks to a 7% increase in power.

The introduction of these innovative new features has had a positive effect on the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership - the cost of managing the vehicle), Iveco's real “focus” when designing all the vehicles in the range. For the average vehicle carrying out varied missions which will alternate between urban, inter-urban and motorway travel, the efficiency of the HI-SCR system allows drivers to maintain unchanged the equivalent consumption (diesel + Urea). The HI-SCR system technology provides improved performance on inter-urban missions, with a 2% reduction in fuel consumption. Furthermore, across all missions, the upgrading from the 6 cylinder 220 HP Euro V to the new 210 HP 4 cylinder Euro VI brings a reduction in fuel consumption equivalent to 4.5%.

Eurocargo is the medium-weight vehicle suitable for all applications, thanks to the unrivalled range of engine powers, wheelbases, capacities, transmissions and suspensions available. The flexibility of the Eurocargo is undisputed and it is a model that continues to be a point of reference for competitors. The vehicle is able to carry out all of the principal missions in its category: from distribution to the transport of refrigerated goods, from construction to municipal services; as well as being a specialist for meeting the demands of the market: from fire protection to waste collection and the transport of people.

The model on display at the Hanover trade show is a Eurocargo 4x4, model ML150E28 WS.

The off-road expo area: Trakker and 560 hp Euro VI Astra H9

The stars of the off-road expo area are the Trakker 8x4 and the Trakker which took part in the latest edition of the Dakar rally. Iveco's quarry and construction site vehicle can operate on impracticable, uneven terrain, withstanding constant stress and offering incredible performance. Iveco has created the perfect vehicle for heavy work in terms of productivity for the customer, with superior design, robustness and functionality.

Trakker's characteristics, both sturdy and versatile at the same time, as well as the many customisation options, make it possible to configure a vehicle able to satisfy any transport and construction need.

The Trakker features ZF gearboxes which embody both ergonomics and performance. These include the Ecosplit 9- and 16-speed manual gearboxes, both equipped with a "servo-shift" servo-assist system which offers a more comfortable and safer driving experience, and the Eurotronic 12- and 16- speed automatic gearboxes, with gear selector built into the steering column switch, which improves driver comfort.

The Trakker comes with the reliability of the Cursor powertrains which guarantee power and durability in the long run; and are designed to ensure excellent performance, contained TCO and superior driver comfort.

The Trakker showcased at Hanover is the new AD 340T40B model, equipped with the Cursor 9 400 hp engine with VGT. This all-new model affords performances comparable to that of a vehicle equipped with a Cursor 13 410 hp engine, whilst reducing vehicle mass by 250 kg with the same configuration. This solution is particularly suitable for the transport of concrete, when the useful load of the vehicle is essential for the productivity of the construction industry.

The off-road offering in Hanover continues with the Astra brand, which is exhibiting the new HD9 Euro VI equipped with the 560 hp Cursor 13 engine. The model on display is a HD9 8x4 84.56. Robust, versatile and simple: this is how we can sum up the character of one of the most specialized ranges of off-road vehicles designed for heavy duty work in the oil, mining, quarry and exceptional loads sectors. This is a vehicle with an original and resolute design that, thanks to its excellent performances in terms of engine power and maximum torque and the renowned structural robustness of the chassis, make Astra the ideal partner for those who demand the most under any operating conditions.

The entire kinematic chain is designed to handle the most challenging missions: the 560 HP, Cursor 13 Euro VI engine, with state-of-the-art HI-SCR system, achieves a maximum torque of 2500 Nm. Moreover, the action of the variable geometry turbine (VGT), that allows high torque values to be maintained for a wide range of engine speeds, helps increase the performances of the engine itself providing punch and pick-up under any conditions.

The real strong point of the Astra vehicles is its chassis, built out of special steel with the highest level of resistance and high elasticity, thanks to the two flat beams running parallel to each other for the entire length with a C section (320 x 90 x 10mm) and joined to each other by crosspieces. With the highest Rail Bending Moment (R.B.M.) compared to competitors' vehicles, Astra's chassis is renowned for its ability to transport heavy loads on any terrain conditions, reducing torsion stress and ensuring great stability even with very high centres of gravity.

The simple structure of the vehicle, both electrical and mechanical, permits the assembly of the most demanding outfittings and facilitates maintenance work under any conditions and in any place.

Iveco Bus: excellence in passenger transport

Iveco Bus is a major player in the field of public transport, and among the leading bus and coach manufacturers in Europe. Iveco Bus designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of vehicles that meets all the needs of public and private operators: school, intercity and tourism coaches (Crossway and Magelys models); standard and articulated city buses, including BRT dedicated versions, with a strong leadership in clean technologies such as CNG and Hybrids (Urbanway and Crealis models); minibuses for all passenger transport missions (New Daily models) and chassis for bodybuilders (Eurorider, Daily, Euromidi models).

Iveco Bus employs over 5,000 people across two production units, in Annonay (France) and in Vysoké Myto (Czech Republic). The extensive Iveco Bus and Iveco service network guarantees assistance around the world wherever an Iveco Bus vehicle is at work.

By attending the Hanover Show, also Iveco Bus intends to convey its strengths in terms of innovation, such as sustainable mobility, technological excellence, reduction of total cost of ownership and high added value for the customer in terms of quality, comfort, design and profitability. One of the undisputed stars of the 2014 Hanover Show is the New Daily Minibus, available in several different versions. This vehicle satisfies the needs of all customers operating in the collective passenger transport sector, whether for interurban, tour or school bus services.

Iveco Bus, one of the European leaders in the sector, is proud to present the New Daily Minibus, the best-in-class for capacity.This new model is the crowning achievement of a major design project, with a focus not only on complying with Euro VI-imposed emission levels, but also on the provision of an innovative new vehicle which combines the renowned qualities of the Daily with the expertise of one of the industry leaders in the passenger transport sector. New methods and control systems have led to the optimisation of the entire production process, with the greatest impact coming from the innovative production line at the Suzzara plant in Italy, entirely dedicated to the manufacture of the Minibus.

The new generation of the Daily Minibus offers all the advantages of the New Daily, including new architecture, a new range of longer wheelbases, new interior and exterior design and a new driver's seat with ergonomic dashboard, across four different models for four main activity types: intercity, tourist, urban and school transport.

The on-board safety and comfort of both the driver and passengers is a top priority for Iveco Bus. The driver can rely on safety systems, like the ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and the LDWS  (Lane Departure Warning System, an important safety aid for preventing the involuntary crossing of lanes on the motorway and the driver nodding off), and on an unrivalled degree of comfort and driveability.

The lower position of the new driver's seat and the smaller steering wheel make vehicle handling much easier and more enjoyable. New, modern interiors are tailored to passenger comfort, and are designed to make even the longest journey pleasant, with improvements to the climate control and ventilation systems, whilst the improved air suspension system offers a much smoother ride. Innovative new developments include the top-of-the-range 6.1 tonne version with a longer 4,100 mm wheelbase which seats up to 22 passengers plus the driver and a guide (the maximum seating capacity for this class of vehicles) and 30% more storage capacity in the luggage compartment compared to previous versions.

The New Daily Minibus is available in the following versions: Tourys, Line, Citys and Pop. The New Daily Minibus Tourys is similar to the Gran Turismo vehicle range both in terms of comfort and style, with an even more pronounced "family feeling" with this wide Iveco Bus range. The vehicle features all-new floor and ceiling trim and comes with other features such as LED lights and individual climate control vents.

The Daily Line is the most versatile version of the Minibus, ideal for interurban transport or school bus services. Available in three different wheelbases with two door types and different seating layouts, the vehicle seats up to 22 passengers and can be equipped with optional equipment such as a wheelchair ramp.

The Daily Citys has been exclusively designed for transport in small urban and suburban areas. Also available in a CNG fuelled version, the vehicle features a central double door and a rear door with wheelchair access via a dedicated ramp.

The New Daily Minibus Pop is the school transport vehicle dedicated to the Italian market. Available in diesel and CNG versions, it has a maximum seating capacity of 45 primary school or 32 high school students.

The Daily Minibus exhibited on the Iveco stand is a 60C17 Tourys and features a 4,100mm wheelbase (vehicle length of 7.50m) and GVW of 6.1 tonnes. The vehicle is fitted with a F1C 3.0 litre 170 HP engine, rear pneumatic suspension, automatic air conditioning, tinted double-glazed windows, 19 reclining seats + an extra seat for a guide, individual LED spotlights, passenger USB ports on the longitudinal sides, complete audio/video system with DVD player, 17’’ LCD screen, refrigerator and a 2.5 m3 rear luggage compartment.

At Hanover, Iveco Bus also presents a Crossway Low Entry (LE), part of the Crossway family which is the undisputed leading range in intercity buses in Europe: since its launch in 2006, over 20,000 Crossways have been sold to many of the major European passenger transport operators, and have always met with great customer satisfaction.

The 13 metre Crossway displayed on the Iveco stand is a LE city version for Deutsche Bahn, equipped with a Tector 7, 285 hp, with 45 seats.

The Crossway LE is equipped with a driver's cab which complies with EBSF/VDV requirements; the application of these regulations, the main objective of which is to ensure high levels of driver comfort and safety, has led to a complete redesign of the Crossway LE driver's seat, with mobile dashboard and adjustable depth.

The driver’s cockpit in the IVECO BUS fully meets the required ergonomics, workplace accessibility, heating, and ventilation parameters, and it is one of the best in terms of visibility and internal noise level.

The Crossway Euro VI range demonstrates its versatility, from interurban to school transportation, with three new optimised lengths (10.8m, 12m and 13m) and comes in five versions:

  •  LE (Low Entry), approved for urban and intercity versions;
  •  Pop, exclusively for school transport applications. Thanks to an innovative seat concept, the 13 metre Crossway offers a capacity of 63 seats, and is the only vehicle of its size on the market to provide this: whilst continuing to provide excellent handling and manoeuvrability;
  •  Line, for short and medium length intercity routes;
  •  HV (High Value), equipped for top-of-the range comfort;
  •  Pro, the perfect solution for regional transport and combined transport applications, combining increased accessibility and comfort.

Considered to be a real "money maker" due to its versatility and profitability, the Crossway Euro VI further strengthens its status as industry leader in terms of accessibility, manoeuvrability and comfort. The Euro VI also offers greatly improved on-board comfort, cutting noise inside the vehicle by over 50%. Already recognised by professionals as "the best driving seat on the market in terms of ergonomics for the driver", the new Crossway Euro VI version is even more comfortable and spacious, with an increased length of 10 cm.

The Iveco Service area dedicated to aftersales

Aftersales service is one of the key factors which influence buyers when choosing a vehicle. The Iveco Service area at the Hanover Show aims to demonstrate the company's service excellence and to gain recognition as a loyal, unwavering business partner for all customers.

Indeed, a substantial portion of Iveco's stand is devoted to the world of aftersales service, with an offering which encompasses original equipment new and re-manufactured spare parts to help customers to maintain the residual value of their vehicle over time, plus a wide range of modular and flexible servicing-repair and extended warranty contracts and exemplary service designed to meet our customers' every need.

Iveco’s aftersales services have been conceived to maximise the vehicle uptime and reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

This year, the Iveco service area will be brought to life in a range of innovative ways, with a view to engaging customers by offering a complete experience which centres round the quality of the products and services provided by the manufacturer, optimising business profitability. This "virtual tour" starts with the reproduction of a spare parts warehouse where visitors can appreciate the quality of the original products and of the logistics services, leading all the way to the interiors of a New Daily Service Van, equipped with the most sophisticated diagnostic tools for quick and effective road-side repair, managed by highly qualified personnel.

On the occasion of the IAA 2014 Hanover Show, Iveco, as member of the CNH Industrial Group, débuts the new packaging and identity of spare parts carrying the “CNH Industrial Genuine Parts logo”, with the aim of enhancing the CNH Industrial brand globally, leveraging the strength of each of the 12 brands which make up the group in order to standardise and optimise the management of over 5 million spare parts, as well as affirming the quality and performance of its original spare parts.

Starting from October, dealerships representing the 12 CNH industrial brands will receive original spare parts under a new guise, as “CNH Industrial Genuine Parts”. This launch has been accompanied by a major communication campaign, with a slogan proclaiming “Together we are stronger”; and it is this slogan, along with a strong brand image, that symbolically conveys the origins of this project and the advantages of the new identity.

Furthermore, Hanover will also serve as the stage for Iveco to première the “Iveco Service Pack”, a three-year servicing contract for all Iveco Daily vehicles with between three and eight years of service life. With the new “Iveco Service Pack”, Iveco Daily owners will benefit from a simple and inexpensive maintenance contract, while the dealer will be able to take advantage of a tool which serves to increase customer loyalty to the authorised network.

Finally, as part of its commitment to establish a close and lasting relationship with its customers, Iveco supports all New Daily purchasers with the newly-conceived “Daily Club” plan, a unique opportunity dedicated to customers who want to enjoy exclusive privileges on purchasing their vehicle and throughout its service life. Special offers, events, new products, discounts on spare parts, accessories and services, and many other advantages will be reserved for members of this club throughout the year.

​Turin, 24 September 2014