• 12-JAN-2017

A fleet of Magelys coaches will transport all of the teams during the Handball World Championship in France!


Official operator, Transdev, will use 44 Magelys coaches to transport the teams representing the 24 nations, competing from 10 to 29 January 2017, in 84 matches, across eight different cities.

The 25th Men’s Handball World Championship will take place in France, gathering together teams from 24 nations.

As part of this significant contract, Transdev will place an exclusive fleet of 44 Magelys coaches at the disposal of the French Handball Federation, which will provide all the transport within the eight French cities chosen to host the group stages, last sixteen matches, quarter-finals, semi-finals, final and the President’s Cup*.

As part of this global handball gathering, IVECO BUS has offered its client, Transdev, a tailored support package for the duration of the Championship.

The Magelys touring coach, the flagship of the IVECO BUS range, was crowned “International Coach of the Year 2016” by a jury of 22 journalists from the professional European press.

The Magelys’ elegant design oozes dynamism, and ensures travel is always a pleasure thanks to the on-board comfort, completely new feeling of space and the panoramic visibility that its roof side glazing panels offer its passengers.

Its powerful 400 HP Cursor 9 engine is compliant with Euro VI emissions regulations thanks to a HISCR selective catalytic reduction system. This patented technology optimises combustion, as the engine only draws in fresh air. Emission treatment is courtesy of an after-treatment system, downstream of the engine which does not use exhaust gas recirculation.

Magelys also boasts extremely high levels of both active and passive safety. For example, its robust self-supporting structure is hardened in a cataphoretic coating to ensure long-lasting protection against corrosion. It is designed to pass the R66/01 rollover test, an international regulation which ensures passengers receive maximum protection if the vehicle overturns. Magelys is also equipped with the latest technological innovations such as the LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) and AEBS (Advanced Emergency Braking System) automatic braking.

Sylvain Blaise, Vice-President of IVECO, responsible for global operations for IVECO BUS, states: “We are delighted that our flagship product, the Magelys, has been chosen to transport the teams, as it is designed and manufactured in this host country. Commitment, performance and team spirit, these are the values we all share!”

*The group stages will be held in Nantes (Group A), Metz (Group B), Rouen (Group C) and Paris (Group D), each requiring six Magelys coaches.

The last sixteen matches and quarter-finals will take place in Lille, Albertville, Montpellier and Paris, each of which will use four Magelys coaches.

The semi-finals and final will be held in Paris with four Magelys coaches respectively. 

Finally, the President’s Cup, in which eight teams will complete for places 17 to 24, will take place in Brest, with eight Magelys coaches reserved for the occasion.

January 12, 2017