• 07-JAN-2015

Dakar 2015, 3rd stage: Gerard de Rooy finishes third after severe battle


  • All three Iveco rally trucks make it to the finish
  • Hans Stacey and Pep Vila not far behind De Rooy

After Monday’s intense heat with temperatures rising above 50 degrees, the Dakar teams faced a very challenging stage again on Tuesday from San Juan to Chilecito. But all three Iveco rally trucks made it to the finish, with a positive 3rd place position for Gerard de Rooy. Hans Stacey also finished in the top ten, in 9th place, followed by Pep Vila in 11th.

The route to Chilecito was short at 284 kilometres, but featured difficult rocky terrain together with mountains that made it increasingly harder on brakes and tyres. This is reflected in the average speed. On Sunday the average speed was 116 km/h, while it was a mere 82 km/h yesterday.

Right from the start Gerard de Rooy was the fastest again, as was the case on Monday. However, strong competition for first place came from Nikolaev (Kamaz). At the finish however, it was Mardeev (Kamaz) who came through with a strong final offensive winning the stage with a 1:51 minute advantage over Karginov. De Rooy crossed the line in third position, 4:30 minutes after Mardeev.

Mardeev now leads in the overall ranking with an advantage of some 8 minutes over Loprais (MAN), Karginov (Kamaz) and Nikolaev (Kamaz). Gerard de Rooy and his Iveco Powerstar are 9:52 minutes behind Mardeev followed by teammate Hans Stacey who stands at 12:42 minutes behind.

Gerard de Rooy: “It was really hard today, again. The truck suffered some very big bumps and one of the tyres was destroyed due to the rocks. Luckily we had no problems at all with the Iveco Powerstar,” said De Rooy at the finish. “We started with a minor navigation error at some 50 kilometres into the stage. I had a Kamaz truck behind me and just when (my navigator) Jürgen told me to turn, the Patrol emitted a loud noise and I missed the corner. Fortunately we were able to reverse within a few metres and the mistake did not cost us too much time.”

Hans Stacey: “We had some delay at the start of the stage because we could not overtake a jeep. When we finally passed it after 70 kilometres we suffered loss of engine power. So our technicians will have to perform repairs throughout the night. The last 200 kilometres of the special proved to be the greatest obstacle to making it to the finish. In the end we are more or less satisfied about the results, but we’ll press down even harder on the pedal tomorrow.”

Results Day 3

1.     MARDEEV                    KAMAZ                         3h19m06s

2.     KARGINOV                   KAMAZ                         +00:01:51

3.     DE ROOY                     IVECO                          +00:04:30

4.     LOPRAIS                      MAN                             +00:07:00

5.     SOTNIKOV                    KAMAZ                        +00:07:32

6.     KOLOMY                      TATRA                          +00:07:56

7.     VIAZOVICH                   MAZ                             +00:08:32

8.     NIKOLAEV                    KAMAZ                         +00:08:52

9.     STACEY                       IVECO                          +00:12:47

10.  VAN GINKEL                 GINAF                          +00:21:30

11.  VILA ROCA                   IVECO                          +00:23:59

 Overall ranking

 1.     AIRAT MARDEEV        KAMAZ 4326                 8h26m22s

2.     ALES LOPRAIS            MAN TGS                     8h34m17s        +00:07:55

3.     ANDREY KARGINOV   KAMAZ 4326                 8h34m20           +00:07:58

4.     EDUARD NIKOLAEV    KAMAZ 4326                 8h34m29s         +00:08:07

5.     MARTIN KOLOMY        TATRA 815                    8h34m44           +00:08:22

6.     SIARHEI VIAZOVICH    MAZ 5309RR                 8h35m14s         +00:08:52

7.     GERARD DE ROOY     IVECO POWERSTAR      8h36m14         +00:09:52

8.     HANS STACEY            IVECO POWERSTAR     8h39m04          +00:12:42

9.     DMITRY SOTNIKOV     KAMAZ 4326                 8h42m58           +00:16:36

10.  MARCEL VAN VLIET    MAN TGS 480               8h53m03           +00:26:41

11.  PEP VILA ROCA          IVECO TRAKKER          8h58m58           +00:32:36

More info available at www.iveco.com/dakar

Turin, January 7, 2015