• 19-SEP-2018

IVECO and Johnston Sweepers present sustainable zero-Diesel CNG sweeper based on Eurocargo NP that delivers zero Particulate Matter emissions


IVECO and Johnston Sweepers present a new sustainable zero-Diesel sweeper on IVECO’s Diesel-free/Low Emissions Area stand at the 2018 edition of the IAA Commercial Vehicles (IAA) exhibition.  
The new VS651 CNG truck mounted sweeper is based on a 210 hp IVECO Eurocargo Natural Power truck equipped with a sweeper body engineered by Johnston in collaboration with IVECO to be powered solely by CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). It combines the vehicle’s one CNG engine with a hydrostatic transmission developed by Johnston, so that no Diesel is used to operate the sweeping equipment, resulting in a dramatic reduction in emissions compared to traditional truck-mounted sweepers. This new vehicle addresses the issue frequently found in the transport industry, where a very clean truck is equipped with a body that has a system operated by an additional engine that is less regulated or even unregulated. The three tanks mounted behind the cab hold 420 litres of CNG, enough to complete a full sweeping shift.  
Leeds City Council in the UK is one of the first local authorities to introduce the latest Johnston VS651 CNG to its fleet, as part of the council’s Clean Air Initiative which aims to have all vehicles on its fleet running on CNG or other alternative fuels by 2020. Urbaser in France has also ordered 26 of the new CNG machines to sweep the City of Paris, in preparation for a ban on diesel vehicles manufactured before 2005 during 2019, with a total ban coming into force in 2024.  The order is the largest so far for the new sweeper, and demonstrates the drive towards reducing air pollution in cities all over the world.
Johnston Sweepers has been manufacturing road sweepers in Dorking, Surrey for more than 75 years, and today is one of the world market leaders in street cleansing vehicles. Johnston exports over 70% of its sweeper production to more than 80 countries worldwide, helping to keep city streets from all over the world cleaned.
Hanover, 19 September 2018