• 28-NOV-2016

Iveco auction breaks solidarity record for UNICEF: the All Blacks-themed Magelys coach and Stralis XP Emotional Truck raised in excess of Euro 230,000


  • The handover of the keys to the vehicles bearing the colours of the New Zealand team auctioned on Charity Stars to raise funds for Unicef took place today, in Paris, after the All Black's last European match
  • Patrick Galtier placed the winning bid for the Stralis XP "Emotional Truck", while Massimiliano Cialone, of Cialone Tour S.P.A., secured the Magelys All Blacks
The auction sale of the New Stralis XP All Blacks "Emotional Truck” and Magelys used to transport the players during their European tour raised a record 230,000 Euro for Unicef, the United Nations Children's Fund that promotes and protects the rights of children throughout the world, contributing to improving their quality of life.

Patrick Galtier, General Manager of Transports GALTIER, won the bid for the New Stralis XP All Blacks "Emotional Truck". This family business based in Roquefort in the Aveyron is the largest logistics company in the region, with a fleet of 85 vehicles, and its activities include the transport of goods and fresh produce at controlled temperature.

CIALONE TOUR S.P.A., an Italian business established in 1895 that has over 100 years of experience in the passenger transport sector, acquired the luxurious Magelys All Blacks. It took 25 competitive bids in a row, but in a passionate finale to the auction it won and so its fleet will boast this unique bus.

The auction started on Tuesday 25 October and ended on Monday 21 November. This charity initiative took place under the aegis of the partnership between Iveco and the New Zealand team: from 6 to 27 November, Iveco is the All Blacks' European Supporter and provides the team with six Iveco vehicles – two Magelys and four Daily Hi-Matic mini-buses – to transport the players and the staff for the duration of the 2016 European tour.

The handover ceremony for the keys of the two auctioned vehicles took place today in Paris in the presence of some All Blacks' players, of the UNICEF staff and of Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, who stated: "We are very proud of the amount we raised, exceeding the target price for both vehiclesIveco partnered with the All Blacks in a solidarity gesture that will benefit Unicef to the tune of over Euro 230,000. I would like to extend my thanks to Massimiliano Cialone and Patrick Galtier in particular, who placed the winning bids for the Iveco All Blacks and who, thanks to their contribution, helped our Champions support the very important cause of children’s education in South Africa".

The All Blacks "Emotional Truck" is the New Stralis XP version dedicated to the New Zealand team that seals the great partnership between the three-times rugby World Champions and Iveco. The vehicles' look was conceived and executed by the CNH Industrial Design studio, which focussed on vehicle customisation in particular, with the judicious use of the New Zealand team's livery and visual elements. The "Emotional Truck" version celebrates the performance of the New Stralis XP, the most reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle on the market, designed to reduce CO2 and the total cost of ownership (TCO). The brand-new engine, the top-of-the-range gearbox, the tried-and-tested HI-SCR technology, coupled with last-generation predictive GPS functions and the all-new complementary services, ensure fuel economies of up to 11.2 %, as confirmed by the tests recently performed by the German certification body TÜV. The extraordinary performance in terms of TCO and reduction of CO2 emissions make the New Stralis XP a true T O2 champion.

The All Blacks Magelys, in its "Lounge" version, transported the New Zealand team during its autumn European tour: 12.8 metres long, it is equipped with a central glass pavillion that complements the side corridors. Its Iveco Cursor 9 engine, with a capacity of 8.7 litres, develops a power of 400 HP, with torques ranging from 1,700 Nm to 1, 250 rpm. This engine is coupled with an automated ZF AS-Tronic gearbox. The vehicle was completely customised for the team, with 46 comfortable leather reclining seats - 8 of which arranged around two gaming tables at the rear of the vehicle - to provide a greater level of comfort to the players. The equipment includes several options, such as a Lavazza coffee machine, a fridge, toilets, Wi-Fi connection, a GPS, a multi-media audiovisual system with two LCD screens and USB sockets for each pair of seats.

Paris, 28 November 2016