• 16-JUN-2016

Iveco launches the New Stralis NP: a revolutionary gas truck for sustainable long-haul transport



The New Stralis NP is the first natural gas truck specifically designed for long-haul operations. It is the only truck that can run on Compressed or Liquid Natural Gas, or a blend of the two, to deliver the power rating, comfort, transmission technology and fuel autonomy to suit long-distance haulage missions.

The New Stralis NP features a new engine that delivers 400 hp and 1,700 Nm torque, equal to its diesel equivalent and 17% more than its best competitor. The 12-speed automated gearbox dramatically increases durability, reduces costs and improves driving comfort. The Hi-Way cab provides a functional environment with all the comforts needed for a long-haul mission.

With a range autonomy of up to a maximum 1,500 kilometres, the New Stralis NP breaks new ground, making natural gas a viable solution for all missions all the way up to international long haulage. The clean fuel it runs on means it can access urban centres with increasingly stringent restrictions on noise and emissions.

Iveco launches the New Stralis NP, which runs on Compressed and Liquid Natural Gas, and is the most sustainable international transport truck ever. It is a true breakthrough product with several industry firsts.

It features the new Iveco Cursor 9 Natural Power Euro VI engine, the first of its kind to deliver the same power and torque output as its diesel equivalent. It is the first natural gas truck with a 12-speed automated gearbox: the Eurotronic transmission guarantees lower fuel consumption and greater driving comfort. In the LNG-only version the New Stralis NP has a record range autonomy of 1,500 km. It also features the Hi-Way cab, which was introduced on the “International Truck of the Year 2013” Stralis Hi-Way, and is greatly appreciated by customers for the functionality and comfort it offers on long-distance missions.

Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, commented: “Iveco was the first manufacturer in the world of commercial transport to understand, in 1991, the potential of natural gas. We have introduced in the market natural gas versions of trucks, vans and buses. As a result, today we have a running parc of more than 15,000 gas vehicles in Europe. The New Stralis NP builds on Iveco’s extensive expertise to take a step into the future: it is the first true long-haul gas truck in the market that offers an alternative to diesel vehicles and the most sustainable long-distance transport truck ever”.

The improvements introduced in the New Stralis NP contribute to a 3% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership compared to the previous model, which already had fuel pump costs up to 40% lower than its diesel equivalent.

Best-in-class performance

The new 8.7-litre Iveco Cursor 9 Natural Gas engine leverages on the stoichiometric solution Iveco developed 25 years ago, which has come to be the most proven and reliable technology in the market. The performance has been further improved with important engineering upgrades: re-profiled intake ports increase fuel economy, injectors and rail have been modified to allow a higher fuel injection pressure for a best-in-class performance, and a new high-flow 3-way catalyst minimises noise and consumption.

The engine delivers the same output of 400 hp and 1,700 Nm torque as its diesel equivalent, resulting in best-in-class weight-to-power ratio, power density, service intervals, and quiet operation. It generates 17% more power and 6% more torque than its best competitor.

The 12-speed automated gearbox lowers the New Stralis NP’s fuel consumption and adds to its driving comfort. The bigger capacity of the fuel tanks lengthens the range autonomy of the LNG-only version to the record level of 1,500 km. The New Stralis NP delivers this exceptional performance with the same payload as its diesel equivalent.

Best-in-class TCO reduction

The simple after-treatment system with no AdBlue, no particulate filter and no active regeneration significantly reduces maintenance requirements and costs. In addition to the TCO-reducing features of the diesel models, the New Stralis NP offers outstanding driving comfort & safety with the integrated hydraulic retarder, hill holder function and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) as standard. With the new Stralis NP, Iveco is taking the gas trucks out of the niche market dimension into that of a volume market.

Iveco’s new generation services are offered as standard on the New Stralis NP: the exclusive Uptime Guarantee, which gets the vehicle back on the road within 24 hours in case of breakdown, carrying out repairs at the nearest Iveco Truck Station, and Iveco’s Fuel Consultancy Services that include TCO ₂ Reporting and Advising.

Best-in-class comfort: the Hi-Way cabin

The New Stralis NP features the long-distance Hi-Way cabin, which was introduced in the “International Truck of the Year 2013” Stralis series and has since become a favourite of haulage drivers. This high-roof cab is designed around the driver to provide a perfect working environment conducive to maximum productivity in the most demanding long-haul missions. With an internal height of about 2 metres and a volume of over 10 cubic metres, it is the biggest and most comfortable cab in the gas truck category.

The Hi-Way cab offers the best-in-class in all the elements that make up liveability: quiet internal environment, climate control, storage compartments, infotainment, driving ergonomics and night accommodation, with a choice of one or two beds. It can be specified with all the most important infotainment and comfort features. The ergonomic and functional dashboard is laid out so that all the controls are within easy reach without moving away from the seat’s backrest for maximum safety and comfort.

Madrid, 16 June 2016