• 05-APR-2017

IVECO opens new Delivery Centre for trucks and buses in Ulm to offer tailored delivery services to its customers


IVECO inaugurated its new Delivery Centre located in its manufacturing, testing and training facility in Ulm. The new centre will enable the brand to offer customers and fleet owners all-round care when taking delivery of their vehicles with added value services such as training for their drivers and maintenance instruction

The new Delivery Centre extends the existing facilities on IVECO’s Ulm manufacturing site, which celebrates this year the 100th Anniversary of the first truck rolling out of the Magirus workshop in Ulm

IVECO inaugurated its new multifunctional Delivery Centre on the site of its plant in Ulm, home to the Magirus fire-fighting vehicles and Competence Centre for Fire Protection. The centre is dedicated primarily to owners of heavy-duty truck and bus fleets based in Germany, and will also serve owners of other IVECO products as well as customers from Austria and Switzerland.

IVECO and Ulm have been linked for more than 150 years through the subsidiary Magirus. For the past 100 years, Ulm has stood for excellence in manufacturing diesel-powered trucks. To mark this anniversary, IVECO is opening a new multifunctional delivery centre right next to the production and development facilities in Ulm – which employ more than 1500 staff – offering customers the opportunity to turn the delivery of their new vehicle into an exciting and added-value experience.

IVECO will offer fleet owners an individually tailored delivery experience that can include comprehensive advice on the vehicle’s operation and features, or instruction on how to obtain the most fuel-efficient performance and maintain low Total Cost of Operation throughout the life cycle of the truck or bus on delivery. The customer’s delivery experience can also offer training for their drivers at the well-equipped Ulm Training Centre.

In designing the delivery experience for individual customers, IVECO can also avail itself of the other advanced facilities located on the site to include a visit of the cutting-edge Magirus fire engine manufacturing plant and the Fire Brigade museum. Truck racing enthusiasts can also enjoy the Schwabentruck Team display, which boasts a 1300 hp truck in its permanent exhibit.

Pierre Lahutte, IVECO Brand President, commented: “At IVECO we know that truck owners need more than a high performance, quality product: they need the added-value services that will help them operate their vehicles most efficiently from day one, and minimise their Total Costs of Ownership. The new Delivery Centre is part of our overall approach to meeting this requirement: it will enable us to ensure fleet owners and drivers know how to take full advantage of all the features of our vehicles right from the moment they take delivery. Our approach to helping our customers run their fleets effectively is comprehensive: we look at every stage in our Business Partnership with them to identify the points where we can further add value.”

Also in this complex is the Customer Centre that adapts vehicles to suit the specific requirements of individual customers. The facility’s 90-strong team modify some 1800 vehicles every year – of these, around 25% are highly specialised vehicles for customers such as the German or Swiss Armed Forces. The Customer Centre now also adapts around 220 buses a year. A lot of them are models from the highly successful Crossway range, a favourite of customer DB Regio, the largest bus operator in Europe, which has purchased more than 800 units in three years.

Another important facility at IVECO’s Ulm site is the proving ground, where it carries out extensive testing on its heavy-duty trucks and buses, putting them through their paces on the demanding test track.

At the inauguration event, IVECO displayed a selection of its diesel offering and showcased the wide offering alternative-drive vehicles. The award winning New Stralis NP – the first gas-powered vehicle designed for long-distance transport – was on display on the test track flanked by a Daily Electric and a Eurocargo CNG. Also exhibited was a selection of its IVECO BUS market-leading alternative traction offering of buses: a 19-seater Daily Tourys Electric, a fully electric, zero-emission, 12-metre Heuliez GLX ELEC city bus, and an Urbanway Hybrid bus, the vehicle of choice for shuttle services.

Ulm, 5 April 2017