• 03-JUN-2014

New Daily 2014: two vehicles in one for the best ever



A completely new vehicle range, which offers one of the best solutions in its category in terms of: load productivity, as best-in-class for loadspace volumes and superior capacities, comfort and driveability equal to that of passenger car’s interior, and further improvements in fuel efficiency.

The New Daily 2014 in short: a completely revamped heir to a tradition of excellence

The third generation of the Iveco Daily has arrived on the European market, delivering the perfect blend of tradition and innovation: a fully-fledged generational leap that marks an important milestone for Iveco. The New Daily impresses with a concrete and professional solution to the needs of even the most demanding customers: two vehicles in one for the best Daily ever, in a perfect balance between cutting-edge innovations and the continued evolution of the Daily’s strong heritage.

The working companion of choice for transport professionals, the new vehicle is presented as being convenient and practical to use as a light van, whilst continuing to offer the maximum reliability, efficiency and versatility that have always made the Daily a reference point for the sector. While 80% of components have been redesigned, the New Daily has preserved its classic ladder frame chassis structure, which has long been a key part of its DNA and ensures its sturdiness, versatility and durability over time, including maximum bodybuilding flexibility for chassis cab versions.

The design efforts of the company focused on both versions of the vehicle, chassis cab and van, with an ambitious objective: consolidate leadership in both sectors, whilst further improving ergonomics, driving comfort, driveability and handling. The two new vehicles in one concept was thus created: a restyled Daily chassis cab version and a completely new Daily van, with a focus that favours the latter, where performance in terms of handling and carrying capacity has improved from every aspect thanks to optimised loadspace abilities and ease of use with a more accessible load platform.

The capacity of the van has been strongly enhanced by revising the ratio between wheelbase, total length and the carrying length: this led to the creation of the new 18 and 20 m3 models (offering the best loadspace in their category) and the 10.8 m3 version (the best in its category for load efficiency, an indicator that measures the ratio between the length of the load compartment and the total length of the vehicle).

Thanks to the new architecture, with longer wheelbases and reduced rear overhang, the New Daily guarantees excellent driveability without compromising its consolidated agility in confined spaces.

The new front suspension QUAD-LEAF, standard on all models up to 3.5 tonnes, constitutes the excellent blend between the two previous single- and twin-wheel versions, guaranteeing increased load carrying capacity of the first and ground clearance and maximum allowed payload on axles of the latter.

For the single-wheel models, the rear suspension has also been redesigned, which has yielded two important improvements: a decrease in the height of the load platform by approximately 55 millimetres to facilitate vehicle loading and unloading, and a reduction of oversteer in load transfers when cornering. The combination of the new front and rear suspension systems, and the new longer wheelbases for the van produce a dynamic, category-leading performance in terms of safety and stability.

The third generation of the Daily is also focused on business requirements and offers a considerable reduction in fuel consumption compared with the previous model, with a significant improvement in vehicle running costs, together with the best performance in the category offering a wide range of engines, transmissions and axle ratios.

But that is not all: the comfort of the vehicle has also been greatly improved. The driver of the New Daily can benefit from a more comfortable and quieter interior compartment that guarantees the driving position and sensations typical of a premium automobile, as well as a multitude of closed and open storage compartments. The ergonomic design of the controls is at the top of its category, the sound insulation has been improved, the air conditioning system is more efficient and driving comfort is excellent in all load conditions.

The Daily is a “global” vehicle: more than 2.6 million Daily vehicles have been sold to date in over 110 countries worldwide. It is produced at the Iveco Suzzara plant, near Mantova in Italy, and at the Iveco Valladolid plant in Spain. The company has recently made substantial investments in these plants to renew the production lines.

These facilities have each obtained the silver medal from the esteemed World Class Manufacturing (WCM) programme, one of the top manufacturing standards in the world, achieving some of the highest scores in their class. This integrated model looks at overall plant organisation and is applied to all production areas to optimise results through continuous process and product quality improvement, with particular attention to the management of environmental issues and the elimination of production waste.

The New Daily in detail

Strength, robustness and versatility, the tradition continues

The ladder frame chassis is a vital element in the vehicle’s robustness and modularity: the load carrying structure of the chassis with a C-profile, made from high-resistance steel, is guaranteed to be long-lasting and afford maximum bodybuilding flexibility. This solution is the ideal support for every type of Daily configuration, allowing the vehicle to be more easily converted than the box-frame version, and makes it the only vehicle in its category capable of reaching a gross vehicle weight of up to 7 tonnes. The chassis confirms the excellent basic design of a top-of-the-range commercial vehicle.

The New Daily van: the new architecture

The repositioning of the Daily in the single-wheel van segment is one of the most important objectives behind the vehicle’s design. The New Daily improves all performance areas of single-wheel vans. The load carrying efficiency has been optimised through the improved balance between the vehicle’s main dimensional elements: wheelbase, total length and useful length. The available wheelbases have been revised and now include 3,000, 3,520 and 4,100 mm, with the last two available with both a short overhang and a long overhang.

With the new longer wheelbases, the New Daily can offer a new range of load carrying volumes. The new 18 and 19.6 m3 models are the best in their category in terms of available loadspace and the 10.8 m3 version is the best in terms of load efficiency, an indicator that measures the ratio between the length of the load platform and the total length.

This version also represents the most important growth opportunity for Iveco in the largest market segment for vans: 38% of vans sold in Europe have a loadspace between 9 and 11 m3. Today, the New Daily with a 10.8 m3 loadspace is the best-in-class in terms of efficiency of load volume capacity (0.57) and driveability with a turning circle of 11.9 m.

GVW of the van models range from 3.3 to 7 tonnes with vehicle loadspace volumes ranging from 7.3 to 19.6 m3. The van comes in heights of up to 2,100 mm, so that even tall users can stand upright in the loading compartment. External lengths range between 5,040 to 7,500 mm, while the load compartment starts from 2,600 mm up to 5,100 mm.

The lowering of the load platform by 55 mm has also made loading and unloading the vehicle easier and quicker. The height of the load compartment is among the best in the rear-wheel drive van category.

The New Daily van is the only vehicle with a GVW of up to 7 tonnes and load carrying capacity of up to 4,000 kg that allows the same volumes to be transported with fewer trips, thus reducing costs and increasing productivity. All of these features make it the vehicle of choice for transport professionals, both for distribution and for all applications that require large volumes, excellent performance and durability under pressure.

The New Daily chassis cab models

The range of chassis cab models is the largest on the market, with gross vehicle weights ranging from 3.3 to 7 tonnes, the wheelbase from 3,000 to 4,750 mm and total vehicle lengths of up to 6,190 mm. The new 4,100 mm wheelbase and single-wheel version combines excellent driveability and a 4,500 mm bodybuilding surface, whilst preserving the distinctive qualities of the Daily and enhancing driveability.

The New Daily chassis cab model is the only vehicle in its class with a useful load carrying capacity of up to 4,700 kg. Maximum load on front and rear axles is also at the top of the category. The 146 HP engine on twin-wheel versions is now also available with a 2.3 litre capacity and variable geometry turbocharger, improving payload capacity by more than 60kg, whilst offering enhanced fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Better handling and driveability

The new architecture with long wheelbases and reduced rear overhang has improved the balance and handling of the New Daily van without compromising its extraordinary agility in tight spaces. Its turning circle (11.9 m) is the best in its category.

A new front suspension system has been developed in order to fully exploit the potential of the new vehicle. It improves comfort and driveability, and will be adopted as standard on both van and chassis cab versions.

The new QUAD LEAF front suspension is based on a double quadrilateral arrangement with traverse leaf springs that produces excellent results in terms of containing dimensions and masses. This new front suspension, standard for all models up to 3.5 tonnes, is the best combination between the characteristics of the two previous versions thanks to several characteristics:

  • maximum permitted load of 1,900 kg (+100kg)
  • height from the ground for the chassis cab versions of 175mm (+45mm)
  • increased load capacity (+60 kg vs MecTor)

The new van line-up wheelbases focus mainly on the single-wheel versions. They contribute - in combination with the new suspensions - to deliver great enhancements in terms of stability and reaction response, allowing for lateral acceleration similar to that of a well-performing automobile, equal to 0.74 g.

The front suspension system has also been restyled with a dual quadrilateral arrangement and a torsion beam. The QUAD-TOR suspension system, available on twin-wheel versions, has been adapted for heavy usage and can carry a maximum axle load of 2,500 kg (2,100 kg for versions up to 5 tonnes). This solution, which uses a torsion beam as a flexible element, is a unique feature in the sector and has been one of the Daily’s strengths since it was first launched.

The rear suspension system on single-wheel versions has also been revised and its geometry has been recalibrated in order to minimise oversteer and increase the damping efficiency of the shock absorbers. A weight reduction of 8 kg in comparison to the previous model, along with a loading compartment lowered by 55 mm make the New Daily a top level competitor in the rear wheel drive vehicle market .

Safety standards have also been enhanced with the New Daily. Aside from the standard Electronic Stability Program (ESP), the New Daily introduces high-technological content, such as the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), that emits an acoustic signal when the vehicle departs from the marker lines of a lane without activating the signal indicators. The system is extremely effective in preventing accidents caused by distractions or drowsiness.

The New Daily range of engines and performance

New Daily customers can select between 2.3 or 3 litre engine capacities, two fuel types (diesel or compressed natural gas) and 9 power outputs ranging from 106 to 205 HP. The engines are available in a Euro5b+ version with EGR or in a Euro VI version with a mixed EGR + SCR system. The post-treatment system is compact and is located at the height of the chassis without impacting on carrying space. On the Euro VI versions, the new generation common rail system allows injection pressures of up to 2,000 bar. The range is finished off with the 136 HP Natural Power version, which reduces the cost of fuel, pollutant emissions and noise impact. All the transmissions are six-speed, including the Agile automated gearbox, which can be used in automatic or sequential mode.

Profitability: the New Daily offers the best fuel economy ever

The New Daily presents important technology that aims to save fuel: fuel consumption on average can decrease by 5%, and can further decrease based on the selected application and model. The aerodynamics have also been enhanced, especially on van models, with the drag coefficient (Cx) reduced by 6% (from 0.335 to 0.316).  

Through a simple button on the dashboard, the new EcoSwitch function allows engine mapping with the availability of reduced maximum torque (especially suitable for reduced load conditions) and a 5km/h restriction on the vehicle’s top speed.

The Smart Alternator is an operating mode for the alternator which allows for the recovery of kinetic energy from the vehicle during release and deactivates the absorption of power in battery-charging conditions.

EcoMac is an operating logic control for the automatic air-conditioning system which optimises the operation of the compressor depending on the actual passenger compartment cooling requirements, while taking account of the perceived equivalent temperature.

The measures to optimise fuel consumption are rounded off with solutions aimed at reducing friction, such as reduced tangential load piston ring seals, low viscosity engine oil and low rolling resistance tyres.

In the van configuration, a 7 tonne New Daily offers more than 4 tonnes of useful load carrying capacity and almost 20m3 of useful loadspace. The new architecture has reduced the total mass: up to 40 kg less than the previous model. A further advantage can be obtained by selecting rear air suspension, available on all versions. On chassis cab models, the upper level of the load platform is completely flat with no encumbrances, which ensures maximum bodybuilding ease and flexibility.

Additionally, on both versions, the improvement in aerodynamics and the technological solutions adopted on the vehicle (from the EcoSwitch to the intelligent alternator) allow total fuel savings of up to 5%. This involves a significant reduction in the vehicle’s total running costs.

Exterior design: new and functional

The Iveco “ family feeling ” makes its debut on the New Daily. The vehicle design has been completely renewed and once again allows the Daily to stand out for its strong personality, distinctive style and attention to detail.

The front-end stems from the composition of different modules: the glazed surface of the windscreen, framed by black pillars, continues seamlessly into the side windows and joins with the band created by the headlamps and the grille at the height of the mirrors. The bonnet stands out between the two modules like a floating expanse: its encompassing shape and dimensions facilitate access to the engine compartment. Lower down, the bumpers stretch to the robust wheel arches and assist road holding with their horizontal design.

The New Daily features a design as sophisticated as any car, but it has its own, clear identity which it proudly displays because its shape is closely linked to its function. The headlamps are in a raised position and retracted to avoid damage in the case of minor impacts. The continuous line between the headlamps and the front grille descends to highlight the energy and road-holding. The bands which encase all the sides protect the body and aesthetically separate the lower section with the mechanical parts from the upper section which is dedicated to the cab and the load compartment. The larger glazed area makes the interior compartment feel brighter and increases vertical visibility, and the new style improves vehicle aerodynamics.

Interior design: the new concept of comfort driving

The cab interior has also been completely redesigned to make it an even more pleasant environment for the driver and crew to be in, thanks to a space developed to increase visibility, ergonomics and sound insulation. The new dashboard, completely redesigned to enhance vehicle ergonomics, seat and steering wheel, allows the driver to adopt a similar driving position and have a similar experience to that offered by a premium automobile. Specifically, all controls and storage pockets were designed with the idea of making them easy to reach from the driving position, including five closed compartments, three cup holders, as well as tailor-made compartments for everyday items, such as mobile phones and tablets.          

The "smart" space management, the sound insulation created through the use of sound-absorbing materials and the more efficient control of the air-conditioning system make life on board extremely comfortable in all load conditions and whatever the mission.

This aspect is enhanced further by the wide range of info-telematics which improves the general quality of being on board. In particular, the IVECONNECT platform allows the driver to manage an infotainment system that includes radio, MP3 player, Bluetooth, rear view camera and satellite navigation each activated via a dashboard mounted touch-screen.

The most extensive range in the category

The New Daily, which is consistent in its pursuit of offering customers an array of solutions suitable for any type of mission, confirms a highly articulated and diversified range which can offer more than 8,000 different combinations between the chassis, engine and the mechanical parts on:

  • 6 gross vehicle weight variants, starting from 3.3 and reaching up to 7 tonnes;
  • useful payload (including the driver) of up to 4,700 kg and up to 3,500 kg towing capacity;
  • 3 wheelbases, 5 lengths and 3 internal heights for the van range;
  • 6 wheelbases and body length options from 3 to 6.2 m for the basic range (chassis cab, chassis crew cab..);
  • 9 loadspace volumes from 7.3 to 19.6 m3;
  • 9 engines from 106 to 205 hp , with record torque levels up to 470 Nm;
  • turning circle of 11.9 m;
  • overall length of load compartment exceeding 5.1 metres;  
  • 15 storage compartments in the cab, 5 of which are closed;
  • more than 40 different factory-fit options available.

The New Daily range includes vans, semi-window vans, chassis cabs, chassis crew cabs, chassis cowls and minibus versions.

The variable section chassis makes the New Daily the perfect base for bodybuilders, providing sturdiness and maximum support for heavy loads; in addition, it guarantees a build that will endure a long life in service and makes all bodybuilding installations much easier. All these advantages are part of the prestigious assets that the Daily has to offer and are essential to Iveco customers as they result in reliability and long-term savings with high residual value.

But there's much more: this structure makes the New Daily ideal when positioning CNG (compressed natural gas) cylinders for powering the Natural Power version and is already suitable for battery positioning on the electric or hybrid versions. All of this without infringing on space in the load compartment.

Daily Minibus: all the advantages of the New Daily for passenger transport

The New Daily Minibus will also be available in a variety of versions to meet the needs of customers who operate in the passenger transport sector, both in urban areas and for rapid transfers outside of urban networks.

Iveco Bus, one of the European leaders in this sector, proposes the New Daily as the result of an important design project that goes well beyond solutions to comply with Euro VI imposed emission levels and has led to the creation of an entirely new vehicle, combining the well-known qualities of the Daily with the competence of a leader in the collective passenger transport sector.

The entire production process has been optimised thanks to new methods and control systems, but above all thanks to the introduction of a new production line entirely dedicated to Minibus production at the Suzzara, Italy plant,

The new generation of Daily Minibuses offer all the advantages of the New Daily, which include new architecture, a new range of longer wheelbases, new interior and exterior designs, a new driving position with ergonomic dashboard, all in four different versions for four main types of missions: interurban, tourism, urban and school.

The on-board safety and well-being of the driver and passengers is a main priority for Iveco Bus. The driver can rely on safety systems, such as ESP and LDWS, and on a level of comfort and driveability that are second to none. The new driver’s seat with lowered seating position and smaller steering wheel allow for improved vehicle handling.

Passenger comfort is guaranteed thanks to new and modern interiors, designed to make even the longest journey pleasant with improvements to climate control systems and ventilation, along with the further allocation of air suspensions for a smoother ride.

Among the main new features, the new top-of-the-range 6.1 tonne version with a longer 4,100 mm wheelbase seats up to 22 passengers, plus the driver and a chaperone / tour guide (this is the most that a vehicle in this category is able to carry) and 30% extra space in the luggage compartment compared to previous versions.

The New Daily Minibus is available in the following versions: Line, Tourys, Citys and Pop:

  • Daily Line is the most versatile version, ideal for interurban routes or as a school bus. It is available in three different lengths with two types of doors, different passenger layouts, seats up to 22 passengers and comes with specific optionals such as a wheelchair ramp.
  • Daily Tourys is the touring bus version that is similar to a grand tourism vehicle both in terms of comfort and style. The “family feeling” between this version and the range of large tourism buses from Iveco Bus is even more evident. The vehicle features all new floor and ceiling trim and comes with other features such as LED lights and individual climate control vents.
  • Daily Citys is the model exclusively designed for transport in small urban and suburban areas. Also available as a CNG version, the vehicle features a double central door and a rear door with wheelchair access thanks to a dedicated ramp.
  • Daily Pop is the school bus dedicated to the Italian market. Available in diesel and CNG versions, it has a maximum seating capacity of 45 passengers for primary school and 32 for high school use.

The New Daily Camper: maximum comfort even on the longest journeys

The qualities and values inscribed in the DNA of the New Daily also make it the perfect base for a camper or motorhome. A vehicle that rides the crest of technology in all aspects, from comfort to technology, power and environmental friendliness, promises carefree holidays to customers that choose campers built on the base of an Iveco.

Iveco technology guarantees power and flexibility from engines at the top of their category, which combined with rear traction and differential locking offer maximum drive, especially on slick terrain especially in low-grip conditions.

The vehicle offers maximum comfort even for the longest journeys. The ergonomic seating position and controls, along with the adjustable steering wheel (45 mm longitudinal adjustment space), help reduce driver fatigue and boost concentration. Thanks to the wide viewing angles, through both the windscreen and rear-view mirrors, featuring wide-angle and large dimensions, the driver can handle the vehicle in complete safety, even with larger motorhomes.

Comfort also integrates technology. Among the most innovative info-telematics solutions, the vehicle may be equipped with a handsfree phone and radio controls on the steering wheel that allow the driver to make phone calls via Bluetooth® and listen to music from CDs, MP3s or via a USB connection. Upon request, optional Iveco navigation solutions are also available, which in addition to the previously described features add a large 7'' touch screen along with a rear-view camera feed and the Iveco satellite navigation system, typical of a truck, whcih allows the driver to set the weight and dimensions of the vehicle.

Comfort is also ensured by the technology applied to the suspensions: the rear suspension can be equipped with an air suspension that electronically controls the vehicle’s weight distribution to optimally absorb vibrations, thus guaranteeing stable and low-noise driving. The structure of the steel frame, the same concept seen in Iveco heavy vehicles, ensures a high-level of build sturdiness and permits for bodybuilding - from the more compact versions to the more luxurious motorhomes - of a robust vehicle. The offer is among the broadest available on the market with versions ranging from 3.5 to 7.2 tonnes and single- or twin-wheel versions, 4 engines and a choice of 3 transmissions.

Iveco has developed new versions that are specific to the leisure vehicle sector with a GVW of 4, 5.6 and 7.2 tonnes on twin wheel versions.

New Daily 2014, Strong by Nature, the communication campaign

“ Strong by Nature ”: this is the claim that accompanies the New Daily campaign around the world. A vehicle that stands out for its strength and durability, further reinforces itself with an important step in its evolution, whose acclaimed history has seen many successes to date. A vehicle, that since 1978, has shown its ability to impress: the strength is in its DNA, but today the New Daily demonstrates its full power in an even more astounding manner.

In short, this is the concept at the centre of the New Daily advertising campaign which principally focuses on the vehicle’s striking appearance, portraying it is a true star, evoking all of its strong points for the world of professional business from the van to chassis cab and minibus versions.

The vehicle launch colour is Boreal Metallic Blue, which draws inspiration from an extraordinary natural phenomenon bringing to mind the colours of the sky and ocean, iconic symbols of strength and beauty. This creative element, centred on the concept of the strength of nature, and is also linked to Iveco's commitment to environmental sustainability. This is a responsibility that Iveco reinforces every day with its production of alternative fuel vehicles.

Iveco has also created a new original application devoted to the New Daily for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Available in the Apple App Store and in Google Play, in English, Italian, Spanish, French, German and Polish, the NEW DAILY App features an intuitive interactive menu that allows the user to discover the innovations introduced in the new vehicle models along with all of the services that Iveco offers its customers. Among the main functions are 360° tours of the vehicle interiors and exteriors, a comprehensive product configurator and X-ray imaging of the most advanced technical specifications.

Iveco spare parts and service assistance

A network that includes more than 4,800 dealers and workshops around the world, of which over 2,000 are in Europe, offers all owners of Iveco commercial vehicles professional and immediate service, a deciding factor for customers.

Following hot on the heels of the New Daily, the Daily Club offers a unique opportunity dedicated to customers that wish to enjoy exclusive privileges throughout the entire life-cycle of their vehicle. Simple online registration at www.dailyclub.iveco.com​ grants users complete access to aftersales information and services including new initiatives, special offers, previews of national promotions, events, product novelties, discounts on spare parts and accessories and much more.  

A complete range of spare parts

Iveco original spare parts are guaranteed thanks to a stringent selection process of the top suppliers and raw materials, detailed conformity tests and reliability checks along the entire production and distribution chain. Eight warehouses in Europe use innovative technology to act as a single virtual distribution hub that is able to manage more than 350,000 items with top-level performance. Iveco employs an integrated supply chain system that ensures the availability or delivery of spare parts within 24 hours, tracked from entry into the warehouse all the way to the local dealership.

Thanks to experience gained in recent decades, with the careful selection of materials and suppliers and the use of cutting-edge technologies and processes, Iveco is also able to breathe new life into used engines, gearboxes, turbochargers, injectors, and many other components providing new products with a valuable complementary offering.

Iveco remanufacturing is an industrialised process that observes the technical specifications and production standards for all original spare parts. Rigorous tests certify the highest quality, guaranteeing Iveco remanufactured spare parts a lifespan and emissions rating equal to their new counterparts. As confirmation of the high standards that these spare parts guarantee are the maintenance schedules and warranty conditions that are identical to those of new spare parts.

Value Line, the new spare parts line, is also available, which was established through a collaboration between Iveco and Magneti Marelli to respond to demands from the owners of the oldest Daily vehicles with limited remaining lifecycles. The line allows the customer to choose from the main spare parts families that are more frequently used for scheduled maintenance, such as filters, brake pads, belts, bulbs and batteries, making it the perfect combination of convenience, quality, safety and efficiency.

The offer includes IVECO ALL IN ONE, the all-inclusive maintenance pack formula that has a clearly defined flat fee and which includes spares and work costs.

Aftersales services

Iveco also ensures an important assistance service program for the New Daily. The Iveco Elements repair and maintenance contracts provide coverage for maintenance and repairs along with a modular and flexible warranty extension that is able to satisfy all needs to support the vehicle's value over time.

An important advantage of this service is that all spare parts used are guaranteed to be of original equipment standard, plus customers can be confident in the skill of the Iveco dealer network technicians. The extreme flexibility of Iveco’s Elements contracts ensures particularly advantageous service. The customer has the option of selecting the service levels which best suit their type of business, safe in the knowledge that costs are fixed and under control.

Furthermore, in order to maximise vehicle efficiency, Iveco also proposes additional improvements with regards to the maintenance plan. These include extending the replacement interval of the fuel filter from 40,000 to 80,000 km, the pollen filter from 1 to 2 years and the duration of the coolant for the entire life-cycle of the vehicle.

The Assistance Non Stop (ANS) hotline service offered by Iveco can be answered in 10 different languages and is available 24/7, 365 days a year; customers need only dial the international free-phone number, allowing for complete confidence when travelling across Europe. During repairs, the control centre checks on work progress and guarantees that the vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible.

Iveco also adopts the most advanced computerised diagnostic tools in the dealer workshop and on the road. The evolved EASY platform, allows the customer to perform the diagnosis of the various electronic control units in the vehicle by electronically connecting them with the Iveco expert centre via the TELESERVICES software. This allows representatives from the expert centre the ability to operate as if they were there on-site with the customer.

A renewed line of accessories

The new line of accessories dedicated to the New Daily is extremely well-rounded and offers maximum quality materials and production processes; increased safety for vehicle operators, drivers and other road users, plus a wide selection of customisations to meet every need whilst complementing vehicle aesthetics.

The load compartment flooring on the New Daily can be removed easily thanks to the turning lock, which still remains firmly in place during use thanks to the high quality of the materials used. The panels provide the van with the best protection possible as they are extremely resistant to humidity, chemical agents and scratches. The luggage compartment, which includes a wide range of accessories, adapts perfectly to all configurations and wheelbases. The New Daily also features a complete protection system: it contains a "pushbar" and side protection bars to increase both active and passive safety of the vehicle and pedestrians in case of incident.

Characterised by a bold style, the Iveco aerodynamic roof spoilers are made from innovative material and are easily installed atop the vehicle roof. They are adjustable and do not require removal to replace the roof-top lamps. They also constitute an excellent solution to decrease fuel consumption on chassis cab models without compromising style and aerodynamics.

Financial services from Iveco Capital

Iveco Capital assists clients in choosing the financial product best suited to the operational, economic and tax profile of their company. Iveco Capital services are available from all Iveco dealers. Thanks to synergies with parent company CNH Industrial and the Group’s alliance with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions (Europe's largest leasing company), Iveco Capital is in turn able to propose conditions offering even more advantageous services which were conceived and developed to meet the specific needs of commercial transport.

Turin, 3 June 2014