• 20-APR-2016

New Daily Euro 6, Business Instinct: the best partner for growing your transport business with its revolutionary “DAILY BUSINESS UP”



The New Daily Euro 6 builds on the strengths of the Daily family and introduces DAILY BUSINESS UP, the exclusive connectivity feature designed by Iveco that makes it the perfect partner to develop transport businesses

The new generation Daily Hi-Matic Euro 6 family offers a uniquely wide range of engine ratings up to 210 hp and 470 Nm, and with the new intelligent EcoSwitch PRO system it further raises the bar on fuel efficiency

New Daily Euro 6 Highlights:

  •  Up to 8% fuel savings
  •  Up to 12% maintenance and repairs costs savings
  •  A comfortable and silent cabin with 4 dB noise reduction and a new world of connectivity with DAILY BUSINESS UP to make the most of the driver’s time 
  •  Extended Daily Hi-Matic Euro 6 family with 5 engine ratings
  •  Uniquely wide range of 4-cyl engines from 120 to 210 hp
  •  Choice of Euro 6 engine technologies to match customer missions

After the new Daily launched in 2014 has taken the markets by storm and collected awards across the world, today Iveco raises the bar even further with the New Daily Euro 6 and its revolutionary DAILY BUSINESS UP application. Leveraging on its strength, versatility, performance and durability heritage, the new Daily Euro 6 introduces new features that use technology to push the boundaries of performance, raise comfort to a new level, deliver more connectivity and lower its Total Cost of Ownership, reflecting its Business Instinct and making it the perfect business partner.

New Daily Euro 6 soars in high altitude launch

Iveco chose the amazing station of the SkyWay Mont Blanc on top of the Helbronner peak as the venue for the press launch of the New Daily Euro 6, making this the highest altitude Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) launch ever.

Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, explained: “We chose this amazing venue because it is all about the values we at Iveco are building our future on. It is our belief that a business to succeed must embrace the challenge of Sustainability, and the SkyWay is living proof that it can be done, that it is possible to develop zero impact solutions in the most extreme locations. This is the greenest cable cab in the world: it uses the most advanced technologies and designs to achieve an environmental performance very close to a Zero Energy Building. Just like the Daily uses technology to maximise fuel efficiency and cut down on consumption and emissions, minimising its environmental impact. So, it is here on the Roof of Europe, 3,500 meters above sea level, that we present the best LCV ever, the new Daily Euro 6.

The best Daily ever gets even better

The New Daily Euro 6 builds on the success of the New Daily launched in 2014, ‘the best Daily ever’, which was crowned “International Van of the Year 2015” and has collected awards across the world – from Germany, where it was named “Best Commercial Vehicle up to 3.5 ton” and “Best KEP Transporter 2015” and the Daily Hi-Matic won the “Innovation Award for KEP Transporter 2015”, to Chile, where it received the recognition of “2016 Best Commercial Vehicle”.

The New Daily Euro 6 delivers unrivalled performance day after day with its new and powerful 2.3 and 3.0 litre engines developing as much as 210 hp and 470 Nm at the top of the range. It further improves fuel efficiency, with savings up to 8% compared to the previous Euro 5 models thanks to its advanced driveline technologies. The low maintenance and repair costs due to the extended service intervals and long-lasting components result in additional savings of up to 12%. With the new application, called DAILY BUSINESS UP, the driver is always connected and enjoys the benefits of having a Driver and Business Assistant on board.

Productive comfort in a professional work environment

The New Daily Euro 6 introduces new features that further raise the levels of comfort and functionality of the cab. The cabin is even quieter than in previous models, with the noise level reduced by 4 decibels, improving the vehicle’s acoustics and sound recognition by 8%.

The comfortable interiors feature a new leather steering wheel, blue seat covers and new textile foam headrests. The layout has been revised to include up to 18 storage compartments strategically placed around the cab for greater accessibility. The functional dashboard introduces new features designed to create a connected professional workstation. The new Digital radio (DAB) integrated into the dashboard offers all the main DAB and FM features with all the multimedia and phone management functionalities expected on a high-end vehicle. A practical cradle can hold mobile 3 devices of different sizes and can double as a clipboard. Two easily reachable USBs make it possible to enjoy multimedia contents through the new DAB radio and to charge mobile devices. An optional inductive charger is also available for smartphones featuring the latest technologies. With all these features, the cabin provides a professional environment where driver and passengers can work productively in full safety.

A great environment which is always connected with a new level of on-board connectivity

To make the most of the time spent in the cab, the new Daily Euro 6 is the first light commercial vehicle to take on-board connectivity beyond the concept of infotainment, turning it into a true professional work tool with the exclusive dedicated application called “DAILY BUSINESS UP”.

DAILY BUSINESS UP can act as the customer’s Driver Assistant with features such as the Driving Style Evaluation (DSE) system, the professional navigation system by Sygic and the Interactive User Handbook. The app also serves as the driver’s Business Assistant, helping to optimise the fleet’s efficiency with Fleetwork and to keep track of scheduled services. The app also takes care of customer assistance, providing a direct link to Iveco Assistance Non Stop, the 24/7 roadside assistance service. All these features contribute to the New Daily Euro 6’s lower Total Cost of Ownership and a healthy bottom line for the customer.

The New Daily Euro 6 also introduces a new way of delivering connectivity that doesn’t require the installation of any equipment in the vehicle; drivers are able to communicate with the vehicle and its engine through their own smartphone or tablet, with DAILY BUSINESS UP. Bluetooth connection with the vehicle is automatically established through the new Digital radio and in a few seconds the New Daily Euro 6 becomes a connected professional workstation.

Raffaele Di Donfrancesco, Iveco Daily Business Line Director, commented: “The exclusive new DAILY BUSINESS UP is a further demonstration of the new Daily Euro 6’s Business Instinct and its ability to anticipate and meet our customers’ business requirements. This innovative app serves as a driver assistant, providing real-time driving suggestions which result in significant fuel savings. It also creates a seamless connection between our customers’ back office and their vehicle, which becomes a fully functional mobile office. DAILY BUSINESS UP will give our customers a competitive advantage to develop and grow their businesses.”

Absolute driving pleasure with the new generation Daily Hi-Matic Euro 6 family

The New Daily Euro 6 offering also includes the class-exclusive Hi-Matic family, which offers ultimate comfort and all the benefits of safety, performance and productivity with features such as the ergonomic multifunctional lever and self-adaptive shift strategy. It also benefits from the intelligent EcoSwitch PRO system that knows exactly when to step in without intervention from the driver, recognizing if the vehicle is loaded or not, reducing fuel consumption and further lowering emissions with no compromise for the customer’s productivity. This vehicle is an example of how Iveco puts the driver at the core of its design process, improving productivity and providing absolute driving pleasure. The new generation Daily Hi-Matic product family has been extended to include a wider range of models to meet all business needs.

Sustainable technology at the service of transport operators

The New Daily Euro 6 range offers two four-cylinder engines, with displacements of 2.3 and 3.0 litres, power ranging from 120 to 210 horsepower, and torque from 320 to 470 Nm – all this with considerable fuel savings of up to 8% (on NEDC cycle), compared to the previous Euro 5 models.

Iveco’s engine strategy leverages on its leadership in engines and SCR technology: it is driven by its aim for excellence and will introduce RDE (Real Driving Emissions) ready hardware well in advance of the new regulations that will be mandatory starting from 2020.

The Daily offers two 4-cylinder engines with a displacement of 2.3 and 3.0 litres, which guarantee top performance in the extensive range of missions that use gross vehicle weights going from 3.3 to 7.2 tons. It also features the exclusive patented MULTIJET II system, which optimises combustion.

The optimized 3.0-litre F1C engine, tested over 20,000 hours on test bench and over 1.5 million kilometres on the road, features Selective Catalytic Reduction technology that controls NOx emissions and new injectors that help to optimise combustion and to lower Particulate Matter at engine out. This enables it to develop all the power needed for the most demanding high mileage and heavy-duty missions with remarkably low fuel consumption, long maintenance intervals and thus low operating costs.

The brand new 2.3-litre F1A engine has been reengineered from the oil-sump up. By using modern materials and virtual optimisation Iveco has been able to reduce the engine’s weight by 6%. By reducing friction, further optimizing the cooling and MULTIJET II injection system, installing a variable displacement oil pump, and other such improvements, fuel consumption has been cut by 8% on the NEDC cycle.

Tested over 35,000 hours on test bench and over 1.3 million kilometres on the road, F1A’s combination of these technical interventions, together with a slightly higher displacement compared to Iveco’s competitors, and a Low Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation system ensure that the engine has naturally reduced raw emissions, which only require a simplified after-treatment system.

Then, on the next step of the new Daily Euro 6, at the beginning of 2017, the F1A engine will feature SCR technology. With this solution, Iveco, a pioneer with over 25 years of SCR experience, takes the lead and will be ready for 2020 Real Driving Emissions limits three years before they come into force.

And, confirming its Business Instinct, the new Daily Euro 6 has the flexibility to maintain availability of Low Pressure EGR on models featuring the F1A engine for customers with low mileage missions who prefer this solution.

In terms of performance, new features such as the Variable Displacement Oil Pump and Variable Geometry Turbine on the F1A engine, the EcoSwitch PRO, the lighter engine, and the reduced friction in engines and axles, further contribute to the Daily’s outstanding fuel economy, low running costs, and high power and torque.

The wide engine line-up also includes clean-running versions: the Daily Natural Power, which runs on Compressed Natural Gas, providing an advantage in urban areas with restricted traffic for its clean and quiet operation, and the Daily Electric, the silent, zero-emissions version.

The best partner for the transport business with low Total Cost of Ownership

All the new features contribute to lowering the New Daily Euro 6 Total Cost of Ownership. The vehicle bristles with features that result in excellent fuel economy: from the Variable Geometry Turbine on models ranging from 140 to 180 hp that ensures a more efficient use of the engine, to the new EcoSwitch PRO intelligent system that automatically reduces torque when needed without driver intervention, reducing fuel consumption with no compromise to productivity.

These innovative solutions, together with the efficient engine and driveline technologies, result in an outstanding reduction in fuel consumption: up to 8% compared to Euro 5 models. In addition, as much as 15% of fuel can be saved by the driver following the real-time suggestions of the Driving Style Evaluation system (DSE).

Maintenance intervals have been extended to 50,000 km through the use of longer lasting components and consumables, resulting in 20% more uptime between services. The optimised braking system with new, tougher brake pads is more efficient and durable. All this, together with the harmonisation of maintenance interventions resulting in more vehicle uptime, adds up to a significant reduction in maintenance and repair costs: up to 12% depending on the vehicle’s mission.

The most versatile vehicle and perfect partner for bodybuilders

The Daily is the most versatile vehicle in its class with the widest line-up in the industry ranging from 3.3 right up to 7.2 tonnes of gross vehicle weight, and from 7.3 m3 up to 19.6 m3 cargo volumes. The exceptional versatility and variety of versions available – van, semi-windowed van, chassis cab, chassis cowl and crew cab – opens up a wealth of possibilities for a wide variety of missions.

In addition, the load-bearing structure with ‘C’ shaped, special steel cross-members is the best platform for bodybuilders to adapt for very diverse missions, such as Camper, Ambulance, Carrecovery or Garbage-collection. This outstanding versatility is further extended with the introduction of the new 5,100 mm wheelbase on the 7 tonne model, which maximizes the possible body length for the chassis cab versions and adds even more adaptation opportunities for bodybuilders.

Daily Minibus Euro 6: moving people in luxurious comfort

The extensive range of Daily Minibus Euro 6 models offers a solution for a wide variety of passenger transport missions: tourist to travel in comfort and style, intercity with a category-leading passenger capacity and school buses specifically designed for student transport. The 6.5-ton version at the top of the range is the best standard vehicle in its class in the market, with a capacity of up to 22 passengers and ample luggage space. Like the other models in the Daily family, it is available with a choice of Diesel, Natural Power and Electric engines. In addition, the Daily Euro 6 Hi-Matic family also includes the minibus version. The Daily Minibus Euro 6 shares the performance and low operating costs of the other models in this product family, offering luxurious comfort and a stylish environment for people transport missions.

Made in Suzzara, Home of the Daily

The New Daily Euro 6 is manufactured at Iveco’s production plant in Suzzara, Italy, which is entirely focused on this product family. The facility relies on World Class Manufacturing (WCM) processes to manage the high degree of complexity that comes with producing the very wide Daily range, which has as many as 11,000 product variations. WCM is a methodology that aims to create error-free processes in order to achieve zero defects, zero waste and zero accidents. It is a continuous improvement process that centres on the involvement of every operator involved in production. The Suzzara plant introduced WCM in 2007 and in just five years achieved Silver Medal certification, which attests to the high levels of quality it delivers.

Iveco invested in the Suzzara facilities in preparation for the introduction of the New Daily Euro 6 to further enhance its responsiveness to the markets’ demand.

Beyond the product

The new Daily Euro 6’s Business Instinct extends beyond the product: it is also about helping our customers run their business easily and efficiently with the right accessories, financing, technical support, after-sales service and 24/7 breakdown assistance, which is now even easier to access through DAILY BUSINESS UP.

Iveco is able to help customers develop their business with tailored financing for the Daily Euro 6, like the Daylease, a bundle offer which includes the vehicle, maintenance and repair contract and financing package with monthly instalment.

New Daily Euro 6: Business Instinct for the transport industry

The Daily Euro 6 is the latest arrival in a product family that has a long history of leading the way in light commercial transport and carries a reputation for innovation, strength and great customer satisfaction. With its Business Instinct it has known how to anticipate the needs of transport businesses. Pierre Lahutte concluded:We have sold over 2.8 million Daily vehicles since the first model rolled off the line. With the new Daily Euro 6 we aim to add considerably to this number. The best Daily ever just got even better.” 

Mont Blanc, 20 April 2016