New IVECO T-WAY: the toughest vehicle engineered for the most extreme off-road missions

  • 28-APR-2021

  • Turin



IVECO completes the IVECO WAY heavy range with the new off-road truck designed and engineered for the toughest missions in the  most extreme conditions, which takes over from the legendary TRAKKER. 

The new IVECO T-WAY introduces a new HI-TRONIX automated transmission with functions specifically developed for off-road mobility. The new rear disc brakes, heavy-duty rear suspension system for Tandem axles, lower kerb weight and a host of features such as the HI-TRACTION system, together with the high connectivity, digital services and high-comfort cab add up to outstanding efficiency and profitability.

IVECO now offers a complete, renewed line-up for off-road missions with the new IVECO T-WAY and the IVECO X-WAY.

IVECO presented today the new IVECO T-WAY heavy off-road vehicle to its dealer network and representatives of the international trade press in a live digital event. The IVECO T-WAY builds on the heritage of robustness and reliability of the brand’s long lineage of champion off-roaders. It introduces state-of-the art technological solutions to exceed all expectations in productivity, payload capacity, safety and driver comfort. These characteristics of extreme toughness, high performance and reliability are clearly expressed by the theme of the advertising launch campaign: “TREAT IT BAD”.

IVECO took an innovative approach to the virtual launch specially designed for the IVECO Live Channel.  It offered participants a unique experience, telling an immersive story made up of a mix of video content and live interactions. It took the guests on a journey of discovery through IVECO’s off- road world and unveiled the latest-born in its long lineage of legendary trucks.

Luca Sra, Chief Operating Officer IVECO Truck Business Unit, said: “Today we open a new chapter in IVECO’s extraordinary off-road history with the launch of the IVECO T-WAY, heir to the throne of the  TRAKKER  as  the  ‘strongest  of  the  heaviest’.  This  extra-strong  vehicle,  a  true  champion  of performance, sturdiness and durability, will further consolidate IVECO’s presence in the heavy off-road sector. The IVECO T-WAY completes the renewal of our heavy IVECO WAY range, which is now one of the freshest, richest and most innovative on the market.”

Thomas Hilse, IVECO Brand President, stated: “We have shaken up the industry with the on-road IVECO S-WAY. Today, we are doing it again in the off-road sector. We are about to take trucking into the future in this segment too, and the future is now, with the IVECO T-WAY. We designed the IVECO T-WAY with the ambition to set new standards in robustness, reliability, efficiency, handling, body- fitting flexibility and connected services and design, a ‘must’ for an Italian brand. The name says it all: T for Tough!” 

“T” FOR TOUGH: designed and engineered for robustness and reliability

The  IVECO  T-WAY  has  been  designed  to  offer best-in-class performance  in  every  off-road mission. It stands out for its off-road performance, robustness and torsional rigidity. It carries over from its predecessors the legendary robustness of the high-resistance steel chassis with a 10 mm thick frame, with a Rail Bending Moment at the top of the segment at 177 kNm. The front axle has a maximum capacity of up to 9 tonnes.  Hub reduction on the rear axle is standard to maximize strength and performance. The new heavy-duty rear suspension system for Tandem axles optimises vehicle weight and improves off-road performance with greater ground clearance and a better departure angle.  

The IVECO T-WAY delivers all the power needed for traction and PTO with IVECO’s reliable and efficient Cursor 13 engine (13 litres) that develops up to 510 hp exceeding the Trakker’s performance by 10 hp. For lighter-weight configurations, it is also available with the Cursor 9 engine. 

The engines are coupled with the proven 12- and 16-speed HI-TRONIX automated gearbox, which now also features new functions specifically intended for off-road mobility. They include a Hill Holder function to help departure on steep slopes, Rocking  Mode to help recover  traction in slippery conditions, and Creep Mode for ultra-low speed when idling. For the on-road sections of the mission, the IVECO HI-CRUISE system further enhances the transmission’s efficiency. It includes predictive gear shifting, predictive cruise control and an eco-roll function that uses the vehicle’s inertia when travelling downhill. With these new algorithms, HI-TRONIX delivers the perfect gearshift strategy for every application.

PRODUCTIVITY AND EFFICIENCY: the fully connected truck with even bigger payload

The IVECO T-WAY has been designed for efficiency and productivity, with a host of features, a lower kerb weight, and new telematics features and digital services. It offers a new fuel-saving solution for  missions  that  require  an  occasional  All  Wheel  Drive  (AWD)  capability:  the HI-TRACTION hydrostatic drive system for 6x4 rigid and articulated models. It operates at speeds of up to 25 km/h and is automatically activated to provide additional hydraulic front-wheel traction when needed. It delivers significant benefits in terms of fuel consumption and payload compared to the AWD solution. The low kerb weight has been further reduced by 325 kg compared to the Trakker with the new design of the tandem support on the rear axles, which is now a single-piece casting component.

The IVECO T-WAY features the best-in-class connectivity that is the hallmark of the WAY range through  the  standard Connectivity  Box. The  connectivity  system  provides  telediagnostics  and predictive maintenance. It also enables fleet managers to monitor remotely the performance of every vehicle at all times to ensure maximum efficiency. The constantly expanding portfolio of IVECO ON connectivity-enabled services is focused on maximising the customers’ productivity and the vehicle’s durability, as well as minimising unplanned downtime.

EXTREME FLEXIBILITY: the most conversion-friendly off-road truck

The IVECO T-WAY is set to become a favourite of body builders for its extraordinary flexibility. With both rigid and articulated versions, it has the widest offering of driveline options on the market: Partial Wheel Drive on 6x4 rigid and articulated and 8x4 rigid models; as well as All Wheel Drive on 4x4 and 6x6 rigid and articulated, and on 8x8 rigid versions. The All Wheel Drive range has been extended with new 4-, 4.2- and 4.5-metre wheel base models, which can transport special loads with no modification to the chassis.

The new HI-MUX electric and electronic architecture is fully compatible with the latest-generation control systems. The new PTO line-up includes a new high-performance sandwich PTO that delivers up to 2,300 Nm torque.  

This extreme versatility, width and depth of range, and extensive choice of variants makes the IVECO T-WAY the perfect truck for all types of bodies and vocational missions.

IVECO T-WAY: cab design centred on driver comfort and safety

The cab of the IVECO T-WAY shares the driver-friendly design of the IVECO WAY range, with its sleek, aerodynamic lines. Available in two versions AD short cab and AT long cab with standard or high roof it is focused on functionality to facilitate the driver’s daily work. The entire driver area has been created to provide a practical and easy-to-live-in environment. The comfortable and ergonomic driver’s seat, together with the new-concept multi-function steering wheel, ensure excellent driver comfort. 

Driver safety is paramount in the harsh conditions typically faced by the IVECO T-WAY. The vehicle is designed to provide maximum protection, with safety features which far exceed the type-approval requirements. The new braking system features EBS as standard, full disc brakes are available on PWD models, and new ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems) are available across the range.

IVECO’s complete off-road offering: the new IVECO T-WAY together with the IVECO X-WAY

The IVECO T-WAY and IVECO X-WAY make up IVECO’s full off-road line-up, which is the most complete and renewed range for off-road applications on the market. 

The IVECO X-WAY heavy range is ideal for applications where the truck works 90% of the time on the road, and is capable of tackling the last mile off road to reach the job site. It is designed for flexibility, with an extensive choice of chassis, cab and axle variants. It is built for robustness and reliability in a wide variety of applications, and has all the safety, comfort and efficiency features of an on-road vehicle. It is the perfect vehicle for markets with strict limits on total weight, and consequently where payload drives productivity – in particular the SuperLight version, which delivers the highest payload in its class. 

IVECO WAY RANGE: a complete line-up with a solution for every heavy-duty mission

Today’s launch completes the IVECO WAY Range, which now offers an extensive heavy line-up of first-rate vehicles for every mission:

         IVECO S-WAY: the best performing and most efficient on-road heavy truck in its category.

         IVECO S-WAY Natural Power: the first natural gas heavy truck designed for long haulage.

         IVECO  X-WAY:  the  “perfect  crossing”  of  IVECO’s  long-haul  excellence  and  off-road robustness.

         IVECO T-WAY: the toughest vehicle on the heavy market that takes performance, reliability and versatility to the extreme.