• 03-MAR-2016

GT Trax takes to the floor with Iveco Stralis



Guest Truck & Van delivers powerful 26-tonne Stralis rigid with HI-SCR technology – featuring custom bodywork and rear-mounted crane for laying temporary road surfaces

Outdoor flooring and equipment specialists GT Trax has taken delivery of its first Iveco heavy truck. The Cambridgeshire-based company’s order for the Stralis Hi-Road AT260S46Y/FS-D rigid followed the introduction of a new heavy roadway system to its product range which could not be transported by the company’s existing vehicles.

The new truck will be used to deliver , install, remove and collect the temporary roadway system which will be utilised by those in the construction and outdoor events industries. The roadway provides a safe passage for vehicles across otherwise inaccessible areas such as construction sites and muddy fields.  

Graham Crisp, GT Trax Financial Director says: “As this was a major investment for us, we had conversations with several truck dealers and manufacturers before placing the order. Iveco came out as the clear winner based on the suitability of the Stralis, our confidence in Iveco’s HI-SCR engine technology and the fantastic support we received from the dealer.

“Mark Beetlestone at Guest Truck & Van went out of his way to ensure the truck was equipped with everything we needed for this unique application. It’s without doubt the most specialist vehicle we’ve ever ordered.”

The 26-tonne 6x2 rigid has been specified with a rear-steering axle and full air-suspension to increase manoeuvrability on sites with restricted access. The Stralis also features alloy wheels, extended range fuel and AdBlue tanks, alloy air reservoirs, xenon headlights and air-suspended driver and passenger seats for maximum cab comfort.

The Hi-Road sleeper cab also includes Iveconnect – an integrated satellite navigation, infotainment, fleet management and telematics system which allows GT Trax to communicate with its drivers, while having access to accurate location information at any time. The system also includes a comprehensive Driving Style Evaluation tool, which acts as a fully-fledged, cost-efficient, on-board driving instructor to assess driving style and provide suggestions for reducing fuel consumption. Plus, it allows the driver to communicate directly with Iveco’s 24/7 Assistance Non-Stop call centre in the event of an incident, resulting in a rapid response from the closest Iveco dealer.

The new Stralis is powered by Iveco’s Cursor 11 engine and is capable of producing up to 460 hp at 1,900 rev/min, plus 2,150 Nm of torque at 925 rev/min which is delivered to the wheels by the EuroTronic automated transmission – manufactured for Iveco by ZF.

The Cursor 11 engine uses Iveco’s patented HI-SCR technology to meet stringent Euro VI emission limits without the need for regeneration. This is a major benefit as it reduces the downtime which vehicles utilising EGR may experience on a regular basis during regeneration phases. This optimises the energy efficiency of Iveco’s Euro VI technology as no fuel is utilised to burn particulates and no energy is lost to cool down exhaust gases, whilst there is also no risk of damage to the road surface nor application restrictions.

Also helping to reduce fuel consumption is Iveco’s Fuel Efficiency Package, incorporating an Eco-Roll function – which looks for opportunities to shift into neutral on downhill stretches – plus a new engine oil management system and low viscosity engine oils to further boost engine efficiency.

The new Stralis Hi-Road is finished in a bespoke red and white livery and mounted with a flatbed body built by TH White. It is also equipped with a rear-mounted Palfinger crane for loading and unloading sections of track, plus front stabilisers to ensure that the vehicle remains stable during lifting.

For maximum flexibility, GT Trax has also taken delivery of a matching, purpose-built Adcliffe tri-axle drawbar trailer, allowing the vehicle to operate at a maximum gross train weight of up to 44 tonnes.

GT Trax is a privately owned company specialising in supplying a range of products for outside events and construction sites. These include outrigger pads, temporary roadways and walkways, trench cover plates, ground protection mats, and cable and hose ramps. In addition to these, the company also provides the events industry with a range of marquee flooring, temporary structures and picnic style tables on a rental basis. Particular emphasis is placed on the sustainability values of the products in the GT Trax fleet.

Basildon, March 3, 2016