• 16-MAR-2016

Iveco and SMET launch a strategic partnership for the supply of 330 low environmental impact vehicles



Iveco has delivered 10 Stralis trucks powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to logistics services provider SMET. Thanks to a three-year agreement with Iveco for a total of 330 trucks, the company will be able to rely on a renewed fleet to provide increasingly sustainable transportation.

Iveco will deliver 330 Stralis trucks to integrated logistics provider SMET under a three-year agreement to supply low-environmental impact vehicles. At least 25 percent of the vehicles will be powered by LNG.

The first 10 LNG-powered Stralis (AT440S33T/P) were presented to SMET at a delivery ceremony which took place on Friday, 11 March at the Iveco ARA dealership in Parma. Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, and Domenico De Rosa, SMET Chief Commercial Officer, were present.

Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, said: “Today's delivery is testament to Iveco's far-sighted outlook. For more than 25 years, the company has focussed its investments on technological solutions with a low environmental impact, with particular attention to natural gas, which is currently the best alternative to diesel. Our vehicles powered by natural gas are also 100 per cent compatible with Bio-CNG and Bio-LNG, so they are capable of providing carbon-neutral transportation. This is why Iveco and CNH Industrial are actively supporting the development of bio-methane throughout Europe, and particularly in Italy, where all the necessary conditions for this revolutionary fuel to become available in the near future are in place.

The 10 vehicles that have been delivered – all powered by LNG – are equipped with a 330 hp Iveco Cursor 8 C-LNG Euro VI engine, a 510-litre cryogenic LNG fuel tank and four 70-litre CNG tanks that ensure a range of more than 750 km.

Using LNG-powered vehicles has many advantages in terms of environmental sustainability and profitability for customers. They reduce particulate emissions (down by 95 percent compared to diesel), and cut NOx to a minimum (down by 35 percent). LNG-powered vehicles also limit vehicular emissions of carbon dioxide by 10 per cent – or by up to 100 per cent when bio-methane is used. The noise level is notably lower – on average by 5 dB(A) – and fuel costs cut by at least 10 per cent compared to diesel engines.

SMET’s focus on environmental protection led to Iveco’s selection as the company’s ideal partner for sustainable transport. This agreement was facilitated by Iveco’s Mecar dealership in Nocera Superiore (SA).

Noach Dror, CNH Industrial Transport Logistics Vice-President, added: “For the fifth year running, CNH Industrial has been confirmed as industry leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for Europe and the world. For us, sustainability is an essential element when making business decisions, since it also has an impact on the environment, on our people and on the communities in which we operate. CNH Industrial is pursuing the strategy of implementing solutions with reduced emissions in all the main logistics routes by 2018. From April onwards, SMET will use the Stralis LNG to supply the Suzzara factory from within the Turin area: this is the first strategic implementation in Italy”.

The other key player in Iveco’s agreement with SMET is the AS440S48T/P-model Stralis truck, which are traditional drive and outfitted with a 480 hp Iveco Cursor 11 Euro VI engine and the state-of-the-art HI-SCR catalytic reduction system. This exclusive technology ensures excellent engine combustion, as only air is introduced. Emissions control is guaranteed by the after-treatment system, with no need for exhaust gas recirculation. The exclusive HI-SCR system – a result of Iveco's technological experience – offers a simple solution to the challenge of reducing polluting emissions set by the Euro VI standard without adding complex components, without chemically polluting the engine and systems connected to it, and without reaching excessive temperatures. The added advantages are lower weight and greater system reliability.

In economic terms, HI-SCR is very advantageous for Iveco operators, as a reduction in the total cost of ownership generates a rapid return on the capital investment in the Euro VI technology.

Turin, 16 March 2016