• 27-AUG-2014

Iveco at Caravan Salon 2014 in Düsseldorf



The New Daily will be one of the protagonists at the 2014 “Caravan Salon”, the world’s leading international show for motorhomes and caravans. Held from 30 August to 7 September at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre in Germany, more than 30,000 fans of caravan holidays are expected to attend. The annual event has over 580 international exhibitors from the caravan and motorhome sector and is an important event for companies that operate in the sector to highlight their latest products. 

The focus of attention on the Iveco stand is the New Daily Camper version, the third generation of the Iveco light commercial vehicle that was recently launched into the European market. Two models of the New Daily will be on display - a 7.2 tonne chassis cowl version built on a 4750 mm wheelbase and with a 170 HP engine, as well as a 5.6 tonne chassis cab model built on a 4350 mm wheelbase and powered by a 205 HP engine. In addition, the new 8-speed HI-MATIC automatic transmission, designed to ensure maximum efficiency, uncompromising performance, and maximum driving comfort, will be making its début at the event. The stand will also have a 10 tonne Eurocargo Euro VI chassis cowl built on a 4815 mm wheelbase and featuring a powerful 250 HP engine.

The New Daily Camper: maximum comfort even on long journeys

The third generation of the Iveco light commercial vehicle features distinctive new styling and innovative technology to aid maximum efficiency, driveability and comfort. The New Daily, which is well suited for use as a recreational vehicle, has been designed and developed as the ideal base platform for the campervan and motorhome market. Its ladder frame chassis with side members is synonymous with strength, versatility and durability, affording maximum flexibility to bodybuilders. This ensures New Daily is well suited to everything from the more compact versions to the most luxurious motorhomes. 

New Daily stands out for offering gross vehicle weights from 3.5 to 7.2 tonnes – including also a new 5.6 tonne model, the only one in its class - and a maximum permissible load on the front axle of up to 2,700 kg. 

New Daily stands out from the previous generation Daily range for featuring 80% new bodywork components, with a new design that highlights its strong personality and distinctive style. The front-end stems from the composition of different modules: the wide surface of the windscreen, framed by black pillars, continues seamlessly into the side windows and joins with the band created by the headlamps and the grille at the height of the mirrors. The bonnet stands out between the two modules like a floating expanse: its encompassing shape and dimensions facilitate access to the engine compartment. Lower down, the bumper stretches to the robust wheel arches and underlines the aerodynamic design of the vehicle. The headlamps are in a raised position and set back in order to prevent damage in the event of minor impacts, and the larger glazed surface makes the cab brighter and extends the vertical view.

Inside the vehicle, the driver and passengers are enveloped by a new elegant dashboard, which is ergonomic and full of storage compartments, making it an excellent travelling companion.

As far as comfort is concerned, an essential characteristic for those who use a recreational vehicle, the New Daily provides excellent performance, also for the longest journeys: the ergonomic position of the controls and the seat, with multiple adjustments, the inclination of the steering wheel (45 mm longitudinal adjustment) with a small diameter for a more car-like driving experience, the new instrument panel that has been further improved to ensure maximum visibility and features such as cruise control to reduce driver fatigue and aid concentration. 

Iveco technology guarantees power and flexibility with engines at the top of their class. All of the diesel engines are equipped with a particulate filter (DPF) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) as standard, and comply with Euro5b+ emission standards. The full range of engines for the New Daily Camper line-up includes engines with power outputs of 126 to 205 HP, with record maximum torque values, up to 470 Nm.

The vehicle can be fitted with a radio with steering wheel controls that allow you to make hands-free calls using Bluetooth® and to listen to MP3 music using the CD player and a USB connection. The Iveco navigation solution is also available upon request, which, in addition to the features previously described, adds a large 7'' touch screen. This truck-based system offers the ability to set parameters specific to the vehicle, such as gross vehicle weight and overall size dimensions, to ensure only routes suitable for the vehicle are proposed. A rear-view camera also aids safety while manoeuvring.

The new HI-MATIC automatic transmission

A major innovation is the new HI-MATIC 8-speed automatic transmission that establishes high standards of flexibility, efficiency and fuel economy, ensuring maximum travel comfort. HI-MATIC changes quicker and more precisely than even an expert driver, needing less than 200 milliseconds for a gear shift when greater acceleration is required. 
With a torque of up to 470 Nm and thanks to the electronic control of the gear changes, HI-MATIC – the first 8-speed automatic transmission to be applied to the commercial vehicle sector - is perfect for the New Daily and for its high performance engines which offer up to 205 HP.

Thanks to the availability of the 8 speeds, HI-MATIC provides a wider range compared to the traditional 6-speed transmissions, allowing for a quicker and more precise gear change. The ability to selecting the optimum gear for the current engine speed ensures it is always in its ideal operating range, which results in improved acceleration, maximum comfort and lower fuel consumption.

The electronic management allows the driver to select the best driving mode for the various requirements of the route. In particular, there are two settings that can be selected by the driver: Eco mode, during which smooth and low speed gear changes are carried out to emphasise comfort by reducing fuel consumption to a minimum, and Power mode, through which the transmission carries out quicker gear changes and at higher speeds, ensuring a precise engagement of the gears for enhanced driving performance.

The new automatic transmission is perfect for towing, guaranteeing optimal smoothness and pick-up when accelerating. A Hill Holder system, fitted as standard on the New Daily, also prevents the vehicle rolling backwards when pulling away on an incline.

Eurocargo Camper

The Eurocargo range provides an excellent base for converting the vehicle into a camper. Flexibility and adaptability are the main characteristics of the Eurocargo, thanks in part to its sturdy frames and wide variety of options available. In designing the Eurocargo, Iveco has paid great attention to the choice of components, such as the engines, transmissions, brakes, and electronic systems, for which Iveco relies on partners of excellence.

Thanks to its ease of handling, driving comfort, and high performance, Eurocargo is at home on any type of road (city, highway, off-road), and it is at the top of its class with regard to fuel efficiency, emissions, and operating costs. The full range affords maximum bodybuilding flexibility, including campers and motorhomes, with gross vehicle weights of 7.5, 8, 9, 10, and 12 tonnes, plus a choice of two ‘Tector 5’ engines with 190 or 210 HP, and three ‘Tector 7’ engines with 220, 250 or 280 HP.

The services

For a carefree holiday, Iveco’s Assistance Non Stop (ANS) has multilingual professional operators available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Using a universal free-phone number you can receive technical help on European roads at any time.  The ANS control centre proactively checks on the progress of any repair work and guarantees a rapid service to get the vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. If repairs take more than 24 hours, Camper customers will be able to use the services of a hotel, a courtesy car, or arrange for the return home of the passengers or the continuation of the journey and the recovery of the repaired vehicle. Small repairs, except from routine maintenance work, can often be carried out at the customer's home, or on campsites or at other holiday destinations.

27 August 2014