• 16-FEB-2017

IVECO launches Truck Stations across main European transport routes to keep freight transport businesses on the road


  • IVECO launch a dealer specialisation programme to ensure superior standards for customers through the introduction of IVECO Truck Stations
  • IVECO Truck Stations are located along the main European transport routes and will guarantee fast and efficient service
  • Service support is provided at every Truck Station by a team of highly trained and experienced IVECO technicians using the most advanced diagnostic tools
  • IVECO Truck Stations are easy to find with the Dealer Locator app which can also provide 24/7 contact to Assistance Non-Stop, the IVECO Non-Stop mobile app or the vehicle’s on-board telematics
  • Truck Stations support IVECO’s Uptime Guarantee, a brand promise for New Stralis XP and NP customers
IVECO has launched an accreditation programme for its network, enabling dealers with a specialised and highly efficient workshop dedicated to the specific needs of heavy truck fleets to become an IVECO Truck Station. These dealer sites have completed a rigorous set of standards covering all business areas, including expert staff training, extended opening hours and higher parts availability.

By the end of 2017 IVECO will have set up a network of 250 Truck Stations across Europe, to ensure that heavy truck drivers are always close to and able to access the full services of the nearest IVECO Truck Station quickly. Through IVECO Truck Stations, the customer will benefit from the Uptime Guarantee, a brand promise for all customers taking delivery of the New Stralis XP or NP, the TCO2 Champions.

At IVECO Truck Stations, repairs are carried out by specialised, highly trained and experienced IVECO technicians using the most advanced diagnostic tools. Truck Stations guarantee the availability of the necessary spare parts, thanks to IVECO’s efficient stock management and logistics, which rely on advanced tools such as Parts Retail Inventory Management and the new Dealer-to-Dealer ordering system to ensure the right parts are delivered to the right place at the right time for its heavy truck customers.

IVECO Stralis XP and NP will benefit from a ‘priority lane’, which gives them precedence for receiving technical support. And the Truck Stations go beyond the support typically associated with workshops, including providing tyre servicing and truck washing facilities. They also offer a comfortable waiting room with TV for drivers, free Wi-Fi, drinks machine and access to shower facilities. Truck Stations also have arrangements in place with local hotels for providing accommodation, including a transfer facility to and from the dealership. To ensure these levels of service are maintained, every Truck Station will be subject to an annual audit to retain its certification.

Truck Stations across Europe offer extended opening hours, with drivers able to make contact with the Truck Station during these hours via the Assistance Non-Stop Freephone number, the IVECO Non-Stop mobile app or the vehicle’s on-board telematics system. Directions to the nearest Truck Station can be provided on a smartphone or tablet using the Iveco Dealer Locator, which geo-locates the driver’s current position and provides directions through its navigation function.

Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, commented: “Our ambition is to provide the best service to our customers together with our Uptime Guarantee promise. With the Truck Station project we aim to create a specialised heavy truck service network on the main transport corridors across Europe. This project will improve our service performance for our heavy truck customers. We are in the process of appointing more service points as Truck Stations and plan to have 250 in place all around Europe.”

Summary of Iveco Truck Station services:

Top quality repairs: Experienced Iveco staff equipped with the most advanced diagnostic tools
Top staff: Best heavy truck sales and aftersales teams
Extended opening hours: Always available
Proximity: Located along the heavy truck customers’ major routes
Parts availability: Specific plans ensure the right spare parts availability in the right places
Priority lane: Priority for technical support
Additional services: Tyres, truck wash facilities, affiliated hotels and much more.

The first IVECO dealers to be appointed as Truck Stations in the UK include:
  • Acorn Trucks, Dartford
  • AM Phillip, Broxburn (Edinburgh)
  • Aquila Truck Centres, Avonmouth, Bristol
  • Glenside Commercials, Caerphilly
  • Guest Truck & Van, West Bromwich
  • Guest Truck & Van, Thetford
  • Haynes Trucks, Ashford
  • Hendy Van & Truck, Southampton
  • IVECO Retail, Croydon
  • IVECO Retail, Hayes
  • IVECO Retail, Reading
  • Kerr & Smith, Glasgow
  • North East Truck & Van, Billingham
  • North East Truck & Van, Blaydon-on-Tyne
  • North East Truck & Van, Immingham
  • North East Truck & Van, Carlisle
  • NI Trucks, Belfast
  • Northern Commercials (North), Brighouse
  • Northern Commercials (North), Manchester
  • Northern Commercials (South), Dunstable
  • Northern Commercials (South), Northampton
  • Northern Commercials (South), Hildenborough
  • Sherwood Truck & Van, Alfreton
  • Walton Summit Truck Centre, Preston
Basildon, February 16, 2017