New Daily: the smart vehicle that future-proofs the customer’s business

  • 01-JUN-2021



IVECO breaks new ground with the new Daily Air-Pro family, featuring the unique intelligent pneumatic suspension with smart electronic controls an industry first that enhances driving comfort, protects the vehicle’s driver and load, and adapts to the requirements of the mission.

The New Daily takes connectivity and collaboration to a new level with IVECO Driver Pal through Amazon Alexa voice commands. The new vocal companion enables the driver to interact with the vehicle and with the driver community via voice commands, delivering a safer, stress-free, comfortable driving experience.

The state-of-the-art engine technology and after-treatment system ensure full Euro 6-D Final and Euro VI-E compliance in real conditions and for life (Conformity Factor =1) ahead of regulations. The optimised 2.3-litre engine delivers up to 6% fuel savings and enhances the Daily’s versatility with up to 15% torque increase for demanding applications.

IVECO presented the New Daily to its dealer network and the international press in a live digital event streamed  on  its  IVECO  Live  Channel  platform. The  latest  evolution  of  the  Daily  family  of  light commercial vehicles breaks new ground, introducing new adaptive and intelligent solutions that take interaction and collaboration with the driver and owner to a new level, turning the vehicle into a true companion in business success. 

Thomas Hilse, IVECO Brand President, said: “With the New Daily we move to the next level and go smart. It offers a level of innovation with no equivalent on the market. It brings on board best-in-class comfort  and  safety,  extraordinary  flexibility  and  mission  focus,  together  with  a  substantial  TCO reduction and a constantly expanding portfolio of IVECO ON services. For us at IVECO, improvement is a never-ending process when we reach one goal, we immediately start working on the next one. We never stop.”

Davide Diana, IVECO Light Business Line Director, stated: Every Daily generation has set new standards, and this has made of Daily ‘a Brand within the IVECO Brand’ with enduring success. Today, the Daily leads the European chassis cab sector and, with the Daily 7-ton version, the high-payload sub-segment. It is true to its sustainability vocation, being the point of reference in alternative-fuel LCVs. The New Daily enters the LCV market in a year where it is expected to rise to the highest level in history. Registrations have consistently grown over the last 3 quarters, with IVECO following the same trend.”

The key trends in the commercial vehicle industry have driven the latest evolutionary push of the New Daily. It builds on its core values of versatility, robustness, durability and performance, which have made it a favourite in its segment for more than 40 years. It introduces innovative, customer- centred solutions that make it a supremely adaptive, interactive, collaborative and connected vehicle the most innovative LCV in its generation and the customer’s smart companion.

The New Daily anticipates customer demands in a commercial vehicle industry that is changing fast, with the Covid-19 pandemic having amplified and accelerated existing trends. The last-mile delivery sector has experienced a boom, as consumers dramatically increased their reliance on e-commerce and delivery services during lockdowns. This shift in shopping habits is expected to be permanent to some degree with the easing of restrictions with a consequent growth in the demand for light commercial vehicles. Connectivity has become a necessity in every area of everyday life personal and professional and vehicles must meet this requirement. Sustainability and clean air have acquired even more urgency, leading to increasingly challenging vehicle emissions standards. Public incentives are supporting the development of new infrastructure, with a consequent recovery in the construction sector, which is set to benefit significantly the Daily chassis-cab.

AIR-PRO intelligent suspension: a uniquely smooth and comfortable drive

The New Daily introduces the revolutionary AIR-PRO pneumatic suspension, which continuously adapts to the condition of usage to deliver a uniquely smooth and safe ride for driver and load. The exclusive AIR-PRO  Continuous  Damping  Control  (CDC)  unit  reacts  almost  instantly  to  road disturbances, calculating every 10 milliseconds the ideal pressure on each shock absorber to deliver the best dynamic reaction. The lower vibrations, reduced by 25% contribute further to a supremely comfortable driving experience.

The AIR-PRO intelligent system also adapts to the driver’s requirements and puts them in control of the suspension’s behaviour. They can choose to prioritise comfort with the Soft setting; select Load to optimise handling and roll control in full load conditions; or leave it to the system’s self-adapting parameters with the Auto setting. The AIR-PRO suspension adapts to the vehicle load, reducing the roll angle by 30% in bends, enhancing the driver’s safety and protecting the load.

The AIR-PRO suspension makes loading and unloading operations easy and efficient, adjusting the height of the vehicle chassis in less than 10 seconds. A memory function also enables the operator to memorise the alignment with usual loading bays, making it even easier to get the vehicle ready. 

The AIR-PRO intelligent system is easy to manage via a dedicated rotary switch on the dashboard and new, intuitive TFT graphics. 

IVECO Driver Pal through Amazon Alexa: the driver’s voice companion

The New Daily features IVECO Driver Pal, the pioneering vocal and digital driver companion that enables  the  driver  to  bring  their  digital  life  on  board,  interact  with  their  vehicle  and  the  driving community, and access IVECO's connected services through voice commands via Amazon Alexa. 

IVECO Driver Pal offers two unique skills developed with AWS Professional Services and Alexa Auto team. The first one, MYIVECO, enables the driver to check the health status of the vehicle, set and manage the navigation system, request assistance if needed, and ask for driving style tips to save fuel and travel safely. 

IVECO Driver Pal takes the Daily’s connectivity to a new height, enabling easy access to the IVECO ON connected services developed to support the customers’ business proactively and effectively.

A second unique skill, MYCOMMUNITY, puts the driver in communication with the driver community. They can exchange advice, and ask for help to avoid unplanned stops and delays with information about traffic congestion and other disruptions. Automatic translation resolves the language barrier. 

New manual transmission: comfortable driving experience with best-in-class shiftability and precision

The New Daily introduces a new 6-speed manual transmission that offers an excellent driving experience with best-in-class shiftability and precision engagement. This will make it a favourite for drivers in urban missions, who will benefit from greater comfort on long days behind the wheel.

The new transmission will also contribute to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It has been possible  to  couple  the  2.3-litre  engine  with  the  same  clutch  as  the  3.0-litre  engine,  improving robustness in the toughest missions and increasing durability by up to 18%. The new transmission will require no oil change, as the interval has been extended to 350,000 km, contributing to a further reduction in maintenance and repair costs of up to 4%. 

New memory foam seats: adapt to the driver to provide supreme comfort

The New Daily features entirely new seats with central pads of the cushion and backrest, and the headrest in memory foam an industry first for Light Commercial Vehicles. The foam moulds to the body, distributing the weight evenly, reducing pressure peaks by up to 30%. This results in supreme comfort and protects from back pain. The side sections have been thickened with 15mm of high-density foam to improve lateral containment, enhancing safety and the driving experience. Taller people will be more comfortable the 20 mm longer and 15 mm thicker front cushion, which provides better support for their longer legs. The seat side carter and levers have been redesigned to make it easier to get on and off the vehicle, ideal for door-to-door and parcel delivery missions that require frequent exits.

Unique engine line-up: performance and sustainability in every mission

The New Daily remains true to its reputation for versatility with its extensive engine line-up. It is the only vehicle offering two engines optimised to deliver the best performance in every mission. The 2.3- litre F1A with power ranging from 116 hp to 156 hp (available in light- and heavy-duty homologation), and the 3.0-litre F1C with power ratings from 160 hp to 207 hp. The 2.3-litre F1A engine stands out for its fuel economy, achieving up to 6% fuel savings in WLTP cycle compared to the previous model. The new manual transmission has enabled a torque increase of up to 15%, improving the New Daily’s performance  in  demanding  applications  and  enhancing  its  versatility  for  body  builds  with  PTO requirements. The New Daily remains true to its sustainable vocation with the 3.0-litre CNG engine, which delivers a powerful and responsive performance with 136 hp and 350 Nm torque. 

The New Daily complies with Euro 6-D Final and Euro VI-E standards, achieving Conformity Factor 1 (CF=1) ahead of regulations. This means that it meets the emissions limits in real conditions and for the life of the vehicle. It uses a double SCR after-treatment system that has been entirely redesigned to occupy the same spaces as in the previous models, so that it has no impact on the vehicle’s body- ability, preserving the Daily’s legendary versatility.