• 13-JAN-2015

New Daily range grows in 2015



Fresh off the back of its success in winning the International Van of the Year Award 2015, Iveco is expanding its next generation New Daily range with a series of additional models and features coming to market during 2015 – further elevating Iveco’s position in the marketplace as offering the most comprehensive and modern light commercial vehicle line-up.

New Daily 4x4

During 2015 Iveco will be adding a range of dedicated on/off-road 4x4 models, building on its reputation for go-anywhere light commercials. The new models will be ideal for companies which hope to take advantage of all the benefits of the New Daily, but which have a requirement to operate on challenging terrain. The New Daily 4x4 is designed to undertake the toughest missions; it’s able to tackle uneven ground, steep gradients and slippery tracks – and replaces a generation of Daily 4x4 models last introduced in 2009.

The New Daily 4x4, which will be available for delivery during Q2 2015, is targeted at those customers with a requirement to work off road every day, from utility companies and construction firms to agricultural operators and forestry teams; it provides a platform which can be relied upon in all weathers and conditions.

The class-leading payload capacity and the Daily’s record of off-road performance means that users can be confident that they will enjoy outstanding performance from the New Daily 4x4. Customers will be able to choose between two gross vehicle weight models (3.5 and 5.5 tonnes), with a choice of wheelbases (3,050mm or 3,400mm) and either a three-seat day cab or six-seat factory-fitted crew cab.

Operators will benefit from the same excellent design features which are enjoyed across the award-winning New Daily line-up. In 4x4 guise, the cab is mounted high on the chassis frame to allow for maximum ground clearance and suspension travel. Underrun protection is provided at the rear of the chassis to guarantee protection in the event of a rear end collision. This feature can also be swivelled upwards and locked into position in order not to compromise off road operation.

Every New Daily 4x4 is fitted with central and rear differential locks as standard, with a front differential lock available as an option.

The New Daily 4x4 will be powered by a Euro VI 3.0 litre engine which is capable of producing up to 170 hp between 3,000 and 3,500 rev/min and up to 400 Nm of torque between 1,250 and 3,000 rev/min. A transfer box provides for high, low and neutral drive ratios, selectable with the vehicle in motion and, for on and off road conditions, selectable with the vehicle at rest. Overall this ensures Daily has a choice of 24 forward drive gears (12 for mixed routes and 12 for off-road routes) and four reverse gears.

All New Daily 4x4s will be delivered with on/off road 9.5 R 17.5 tyres as standard, but customers have the option to select dedicated off road 255/100 R 16 rubber as an option at the time of ordering.

New Daily Natural Gas

2015 also sees Iveco introduce the New Daily Natural Gas model line-up, available to order in the UK and Ireland with immediate effect. Designed to operate in the local markets on compressed natural gas (CNG) or on compressed bio-methane (CBM), these new models build upon Iveco’s extensive experience in the gas powered vehicle market.

The New Daily Natural Gas models are ideally suited to companies which are seeking to reduce their environmental impact, whilst benefitting from a proven alternative fuel technology.

With its Euro VI certification, New Daily Natural Gas models are ideal for urban operators which have to work within Low Emission Zones, whilst the reduction in operating noise of 5 dB(A) compared with its diesel equivalent gives fleets greater flexibility with night-time and early morning deliveries.

Moving to CNG / CBM as a fuel will also help the company’s bottom line with the New Daily Natural Gas able to deliver significant fuel cost savings versus vehicles operating on diesel.

As with the previous generation of CNG / CBM-powered Daily, New Daily Natural Gas models are fitted with a small petrol tank reserve, allowing an additional range of up to 50 miles in a de-rated engine mode, in the event of running out of gas. The vehicle range, whilst operating on natural gas, can vary between models, with extended range tanks available for longer wheelbase vehicles.

Operators can select from many Natural Gas models, starting from 3.5 tonne van and chassis cabs with single or twin rear-wheels up the 7 tonne van and 7.2 tonne chassis cabs.

Hi-Matic automatic transmission

Iveco is also launching the new Hi-Matic automatic transmission into the UK and Ireland, following its global preview at the IAA Show 2014.

Developed with ZF, it is the first eight-speed automatic transmission to be applied to a vehicle range in this class and is a perfect match for the New Daily, which features powerful and efficient engines offering up to 205 hp.

The ZF eight-speed automated transmission was originally launched on the BMW 7-series and has become the industry standard transmission in the premium car market, with other customers including Maserati, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Range Rover.

New Daily owners selecting the Hi-Matic automated transmission will benefit from a four per cent reduction in fuel consumption and a 4 kg weight saving versus the previous generation AGile gearbox. The introduction of eight speeds makes it is easier for drivers to ensure that they are always in the optimum operating range, which helps to maximise driving comfort and improves fuel consumption. This new transmission also changes quicker and more precisely than even an expert driver, needing less than 200 milliseconds for a gear shift when greater acceleration is required. Its wider range compared to the traditional six-speed transmissions also allows for a quicker and more precise gear change.

The driver has the option of choosing between Eco mode, during which smooth and low speed gear changes are carried out to keep fuel consumption to a minimum – and Power mode, which carries out gear changes at higher speeds for enhanced performance. There is also a third option – Manual mode – which permits sequential shifting via the gearstick.

The Hi-Matic has been proven the best in its class with a score of 8.5 using the SAE ranking benchmark, which measures every aspect of performance from hill starts to sequential gear change comfort. It has also been praised for its exceptional flexibility, efficiency and fuel economy standards.

The towing strength of the previous generation of transmission has been retained, with the ability to tow loads up to 3,500 kg and guaranteeing optimal acceleration even from a standing start on an incline, assisted by the Hill Holder system (the anti-rollback system for uphill starts) that comes as standard with all New Dailys. Hi-Matic is suitable for use on Dailys operating with up to a 10.5 tonne gross combination weight (GCW).

The Hi-Matic transmission can be specified on models from 3.5 to 7.2 tonnes, and with engine options including the 106 hp and 126 hp 2.3 litre engine, as well as on 3.0 litre engines at 170hp (light-duty & heavy-duty variants) and 205 hp.

Watford, January 13, 2015