• 04-OCT-2016

New Eurocargos tip up at SHB Hire


SHB Hire has taken delivery of Iveco’s latest generation New Eurocargo rigids – selecting the Iveco medium trucks on the back of the previous model’s proven performance in the fleet.

National vehicle hire and fleet management firm SHB Hire has continued the expansion of its fleet with Iveco, ordering its first six New Eurocargo tippers. The International Truck of the Year 2016-winning tippers follow the delivery of 280 Daily light commercials into service already this year. 

Supplied by Hendy Van & Truck, the tippers are expected to remain in service at SHB for the next five years and were selected based on the proven performance of existing Iveco vans and trucks across the fleet. SHB Hire is one of Iveco’s largest national customers, taking delivery of more than 700 Daily and Eurocargo vehicles during 2015. 

Derek Lowis, National Truck Fleet Manager at SHB Hire, says: “We operate hundreds of Eurocargos and they perform really well for us; we’re confident this new model will be no different. 

“Compared against the previous generation Euorcargo these new trucks are quieter, more fuel-efficient, more comfortable and even more manoeuvrable, which is perfect given they will spend a lot of time working in urban areas. The specification of the 75E16K tipper is also spot-on for our needs.” 

SHB Hire values consistency across its fleet, and its workshop staff have built up a comprehensive technical knowledge of the Iveco marque. “We put warranty work through the Iveco network and receive great service. Our team has a strong rapport with the local dealer contacts across the country and the aftersales support we get complements the service we provide to our own customers.” 

Key to the performance of the New Eurocargo trucks is Iveco’s HI-SCR technology for meeting Euro VI emissions limits. It is perfect for hire fleets as no action is required by the driver to operate the system and there is no need to make periodic stops for DPF forced regeneration. The system also benefits from improved fuel efficiency and extended maintenance intervals – with oil service intervals of up to 150,000 km, and a DPF change interval of up to 600,000 km. Iveco’s HI-SCR engines are also typically less complex and lighter than rival power plants – resulting in a healthy payload advantage. 

SHB Hire is based in Romsey, Hampshire, but operates from 14 key rental locations across the UK. Its portfolio includes vehicles ranging from cars and light commercials to heavy trucks and plant. SHB Hire also has the largest 4x4 hire fleet in Europe as well as the biggest selection of tippers, crane lorries, utility vehicles and golf buggies in the country. 

Basildon, October 4, 2016