• 18-APR-2013

The new Iveco website is live



​A new look for iveco.com​. The Iveco website now sports an updated graphic and technical redesign providing online visitors from the transport sector with faster and more effective accessibility. The site contains all of the latest information and new services dedicated to customers as well as those interested in learning more about Iveco and its commercial vehicles.

The many new features are readily available through all digital platforms from desktop computers to smartphones and touchscreen tablets. Among these features are the production configuration options which allow users to design their ideal vehicle. The “Truck Configurator” options available from the “select vehicle” menu lets users equip the various models with their preferences. Once the user has selected their desired vehicle range they are given the chance to personalise the version by choosing the gross vehicle weight, axle configuration, engine power and suspension types.

The “Mission Configurator” feature provides users with the most suitable vehicle for their specific requirements. The user enters the mission type (based on distance: long haul, regional or urban); task and average cargo weight, the Mission Configurator then provides an accurate analysis with vehicle results that match these terms.

The Total Cost of Ownership calculator is another important tool that represents an appealing strategy for businesses. The calculator determines the expenses related to the management and maintenance of a commercial vehicle throughout the duration of its lifespan. It is able to synchronise different cost elements in order to obtain a sum that realistically meets operation costs. This is achieved by asking users to insert their personalised data in the provided parameters.

A section dedicated entirely to social media tops off iveco.com’s new features by sharing contents from the world of Iveco. Followers can view the company’s latest news on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, accessing these channels directly through the website.

The web area for the Italian market of iveco.com​​ is the first to present this redesign, which will soon be available for the company’s other regions. The new website was realised in collaboration with Bitmama and Cluster Reply. Bitmama, a web agency formed via a joint-venture between Reply and Armando Testa, is responsible for the creation of the site’s new creative content. Cluster Reply, a company specialising in the creation and implementation of solutions dedicated to new and digital media communication channels, is responsible for managing site development.

In just a few short days, the new website has received record online visits. 700 vehicles were configured, 1,200 vehicle specification sheets were downloaded and 450 catalogues were consulted in the first week alone.

Iveco.com received over 620,000 unique visits in 2012, with a total of 2.5 million page visits.

With the launch of this redesign also comes a new press site ivecopress.com​​. The new graphic design, new contents and numerous cross-platform integrations allow navigation across various multimedia channels. The objective of this revamped press site is to provide media professionals with clear, comprehensive and easily accessible services and materials.

The result is a virtual pressroom that permits the media to download all information contents related to Iveco, along with updated images and multimedia. The site also includes a new search engine, mail alert to receive news in real time and accessibility through any type of digital device.

Turin, 18 April 2013