• 08-JUN-2015

Magirus Presents Groundbreaking Innovations at the Interschutz 2015 in Line with the Company’s Vision “One Life Makes the Difference”



M68L – the world’s highest turntable ladder / New innovations and classics in the company’s new turntable ladder design / Over 4,000 square meters of Magirus innovations in Pavilion 32

Visitors to the Interschutz 2015 trade show in Hanover from June 8th to 13th will be greeted by the prominent Magirus “M” at long-established company Magirus’s booth. Here they will find more than 30 vehicles over a space of 3,000 square meters – including world’s firsts in the field of turntable ladders like the M68L, the M34L-H heavy-duty turntable ladder, the Magirus AirCore, and the new Magirus Team Cab. Each day visitors will be able to marvel at the new innovations in action during simulated rescue shows carried out on a presentation tower.

One very special highlight is the M68L – the highest turntable ladder in the world. With its seven piece ladder set, it offers an astounding working height of 68 meters, as well as excellent overreach thanks to the advanced Vario jacking system. In this context, Magirus didn’t simply add an additional ladder section to the top, but redeveloped the lower portion of the ladder set.

Just as noteworthy as the world’s highest turntable ladder is the M32L n.B., the new low-profile turntable ladder. While making use of Magirus’s modern turntable ladder design, the highly specialized engineers reinvented a classic. The result is a turntable ladder vehicle which combines high standards when it comes to safety, comfort, and design with a total vehicle height of approx. 3 meters and a total width of 2.40 meters. This combination of state-of-the-art vehicle technology with revolutionary turntable ladder design is trend-setting on a global scale.

Another world’s first is the M34L-H “heavy duty” turntable ladder. It is designed primarily for company and industrial fire departments as well as NFPA clients. The new swivel-mounted 500 kg rescue cage for up to 5 people, a Magirus Team Cab, and a water cannon on the front side of the cage with a capacity of up to 4,000 liters per minute all set standards.

In addition, the company will also present new vehicle concepts for Magirus AirCore, a high powered turbine primarily used for fire extinguishing work in tunnel shafts as well as forest and  industrial fires, and the Rescue Loader RL500, used for transporting obese people and heavy loads. Advancements were made and a variety of new features added to the Magirus MultiStar based on the experience and input from over one hundred fire departments around the world.

Magirus’s new turntable ladder design, which can be seen on all the turntable ladder vehicles the company is exhibiting at the show, is impressive when it comes to both appearance and safety. All of the new innovations which the company designed and implemented are focused on offering firefighters greater comfort and increased safety. For example, the company developed a special illumination concept with high-performance, anti-glare LED lamps which ensures that the site is particularly well illuminated, especially at night.

And the new Magirus Team Cab also shows that Magirus knows what's important to firefighters – the team should enjoy the greatest possible level of safety as well as modern comfort with sufficient space. The cabin also serves as a safe haven during longer operations. Its design is based on a comprehensive international study on ergonomics. The goal was to develop a cabin that meets fire department needs and makes it possible to equip vehicles with cabins of various sizes.

Magirus breaks new ground in the field of rope-assisted rescue. Different sets of gear and newly developed products were designed with the goal of standardizing and simplifying workflows during rescue operations as well as protecting rescue team members from collapses. This increases safety and accelerates preparation for operations. For example, Magirus is also presenting the “Safety Five” product concept, an automatic securing device which can be used to secure five people simultaneously in areas at risk of collapsing.

“When firefighters save lives, they cannot afford to make any compromises. Which is why we also cannot make any compromises when it comes to providing firefighters with the best technology and tools. Every advancement we make, regardless of how hard to achieve, will pay off in the end. One life makes the difference,” says General Manager Antonio Benedetti, emphasizing the company’s commitment to continuously developing groundbreaking innovations.

​Ulm, June 8, 2015