• 26-SEP-2013

Fall protection and rope rescue with MAGIRUS by turntable ladders - a safe choice thanks to certified anchor points and the new cage-mounted attachment bar MAGIRUS SAFETY PEAK



Fire brigades often have to operate in fall endangered areas. Whether when opening the roof after a fire or in order to clear weather damages - turntable ladders in many cases provide the ideal possibility for belaying fire fighters with a top-rope system (the rope is coming from above to avoid a fall).

Furthermore, turntable ladders ensure that people can be rescued quickly and savely, e. g. a basket stretcher with the patient can be pulled up with ropes from a construction site.

Such applications are demanding high mechanical strength of the anchor points. Therefore, in the past acceptances were granted with a great deal of effort for each individual rescue technology.

In order to even better support the fire brigades in their important work, MAGIRUS as leading producer of turntable ladders carried out intensive tests and in addition has had certified the anchor points by an independent authority.

In future anchor points as standard

As of now, all MAGIRUS turntable ladders are serially equipped with certified anchor points for rope rescue and fall protection based on EN 795: two on the top ladder section and two on the turret for belaying up to two persons or to a static load of up to 500 kg.

NEW: MAGIRUS Safety Peak

Furthermore, in cooperation with high-angle rescue workers MAGIRUS developed the MAGIRUS Safety Peak also EN 795 certified. This optional cage-mounted attachment bar can be installed in case of need and offers two anchor points that can easily be operated from inside the rescue cage to belay up to two persons or a static load of up to 300 kg.

Solution for retrofitting

MAGIRUS turntable ladders are built for a notably long service life. Even after the sale, MAGIRUS is supporting its customers. For this reason, the scope of investigations has been extended onto the complete MAGIRUS CS production range (Computer Stabilised). All MAGIRUS turntable ladders manufactured since 2002 can be retrofitted with anchor points on the turret and at the top ladder section.

26 September 2013