• 11-SEP-2019

  • Turin, September 10, 2019



A girl surfing aboard an engine as though she were riding a wave, looking out at the horizon: this is one of the various images developed by creative hub Toiletpaper formed by the artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari created to interpret and represent the FPT Industrial C16 1000 marine engine. Already a Guinness World Record holder powering the fastest Diesel boat on water, in this artistic framework, the engine becomes the springboard to go beyond imagination limits and reach new challenging and unprecedented goals.
The FPT Industrial C16 1000 becomes the symbol of a unique partnership between creativity and engineering, design and innovation. Astonishing and colorful are attitudes that FPT Industrial treasures and as such this collaboration with Toiletpaper demonstrates the Brand’s continuation upon an artistic path started in 2018. Last year, the partnership took up the challenge to display the Brand’s most powerful Natural Gas engine, Cursor 13 NG, in a sustainable environment, represented by a real jungle, full of plants, bushes, leaves, and parrots, highlighting its sustainability features.

Cattelan and Ferrari explain: "We have always been enchanted by the power and the shape of powertrains in general. When FPT approached us asking to freely portray two of its most powerful and sustainable engines, it was a unique challenge for us and great fun as well. Through Toiletpaper’s surreal eyes, FPT engines come to life: Toiletpaper captures their soul and transform them, making the engines the central player of our world.”
Toiletpaper is a magazine and creative project founded by Cattelan and Ferrari in 2010. It is characterized by the absence of text and the abundance of pictures which combine advertising and fashion with a witty and ironic language.
This year, one of Toiletpaper’s latest star subjects is the FPT lndustrial C16 1000 engine, recognized for its best-in-class performance and compactness, encapsulating both the art of Toiletpaper and the innovation and commitment to design of FPT Industrial. The images from this collaboration are being exhibited on the FPT Industrial stand at the Cannes Yachting Festival (September 10th to 15th).
Cattelan and Ferrari's Toiletpaper is a longtime partner of Italian design brand Seletti. Together they produce design objects that mix the best from the two brands. This latest collaboration with FPT Industrial sees Seletti produce a capsule collection that repurposes Toiletpaper’s FPT images onto everyday objects. The cushions from this special collection will be available for sale at FPT Industrial’s online store from the end of September.

Colorful, innovative, unique: these objects represent a new direction for FPT Industrial, which continues to navigate through the art world, which is notably far from that of its natural, industrial habitat, and infuse innovative ideas into the Brand by choosing irreverent, clever and yet profound partners such as Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s Toiletpaper.
“This artistic collaboration represents the strong link between our Brand and art, and a journey to humanize FPT Industrial, which we began last year. This aim of this journey is to further connect FPT Industrial and our values with our customers and partners,” explained Carlo Moroni, Head of Brand Communication for FPT Industrial. “For this reason, we are very proud to present our collaboration with Toiletpaper: the latest step forward in this new direction”.
Turin, September 10th, 2019