• 17-DEC-2014

FPT Industrial at POWER-GEN International 2014



FPT Industrial, manufacturer of market-leading powertrains for on and off-road vehicles, marine and power generation applications, marked another chapter in its global expansion at Power-Gen International on 9-11 December 2014. The Orlando, Florida, event was the first time FPT Industrial displayed at a power generation show in the United States.

Within the Orange County Convention Center, the supplier of G-Drives, open and soundproof gensets showcased its new N67 engine, developed to meet North America’s Tier 4B emission regulations through FPT Industrial’s innovative High Efficiency Selective Catalytic Reduction (HI-eSCR) solution.

“We are proud to continue FPT Industrial’s international expansion by exhibiting at Power-Gen International, our first power generation event in the USA,” said Joseph Schaffer, General Manager and Technical Director at FPT Industrial North America. “Innovation is in our DNA and we work continuously towards addressing the industry challenges to improve performance and reduce complexity, while at the same time lowering emissions and total cost of ownership. The N67 is yet another example of FPT Industrial’s expertise in providing efficient solutions that also meet new emission standards, such as Tier 4B requirements in North America”.

Mandating an 80% reduction in Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emissions versus previous regulation, Tier 4B has been introduced in 2014 for prime power applications delivering more than 130kW, to be later extended to other power ranges. FPT Industrial’s patented solution to meet Tier 4B legislation is HI-eSCR, which operates without Exhaust Gas Recirculation or DPF and is based on high efficiency SCR, a system proven on more than 450,000 engines since it was pioneered by FPT Industrial at its Research & Development Centre in Arbon, Switzerland, in 2005. HI-eSCR, equipped with an electronically governed exhaust flap, delivers high specific power and reduced operating costs over the product lifecycle, ensuring NOx conversion efficiency of more than 95% compared to 80-85% of its rivals. The aftertreatment system is maintenance-free thanks to the absence of DPF and thus does not require any active regeneration phase.

N67 engine

The N67, part of FPT Industrial’s class-leading NEF Series, is a 6.7-litre, six-cylinder in-line engine featuring Common Rail injection system and a waste gate turbocharger with aftercooler. This compact engine delivers a stand-by power output of 227 kWm at 60 Hz and complies with Tier 4B regulations through the use of the HI-eSCR technology, ensuring the operating cost leadership versus main competitors using an EGR+DPF+SCR solution, and guarantees best–in-class service intervals of up to 600 hours.

FPT Industrial’s global offering for power generation applications

With customer requirements, competitive cost of ownership and maximum value from products as company priorities, FPT Industrial’s offering for power generation applications adheres to emission regulations without compromising performance. Engines are available with Stage II, Stage IIIA, Tier 3, Tier 4A and Tier 4B emission certifications, and in non-emissions certified versions.

The power generation offering of FPT Industrial includes bare engines, G-Drives and Gensets, covering main applications, such as emergency services and self-generation, special groups, plants and after sales services.

FPT Industrial’s power generation line-up is based on the F5, NEF and Cursor series, ranging from 31 to 490 kWm.

  •  The F5 Series, a four-cylinder, 3.2-litre engine, covers a power range from 31 to 56 kWm
  •  The NEF Series includes a 4.5-litre engine with four cylinders and a 6.7-litre engine with six cylinders, covering a power range from 46 to 227 kWm
  •  The Cursor Series, a six-cylinder engine is available in a 8.7, 10.3 and 12.9-litre versions, covering a power range from 195 to 490 kWm

FPT Industrial not only supplies major OEMs, such as Generac, Himoinsa and Aggreko, but has extended its product portfolio with a wide offering of customised configurations. They are completed with either open or closed power sets, equipped with sub-frames, generators and control panels.

Turin, 17 December 2014