• 01-OCT-2013

FPT Industrial at the 53RD Genoa International Boat Show



FPT Industrial will be present at the 53rd International Boat Show in Genoa on 2-6 October with its range of marine engines for both commercial vessels and pleasure craft. The established manufacturer produces market-leading diesel engines for the marine industry, ranging from 20 to 825 hp, along with propulsion, control and monitoring systems.

Including models meeting Tier 3 requirements, a broad line-up makes it possible to equip a variety of vessels, including speed boats such as the FB Design models for coastal patrol, and passenger transport boats such as the typical crafts “vaporetti” of Venice, along with recreational motor boats and sailing yachts of all sizes.

Sporting success, both in competition and in durability and speed records, combined with constant research and development have led to the production of a new range of engines from 650 to 1000 hp under an agreement with Caterpillar.

Featuring unparalleled technical characteristics, the engines can be coupled to shaft-line propulsion systems, Stern Drives, ZF POD Drives and sail drives.

At the 53rd International Boat Show in Genoa, FPT Industrial is exhibiting the following engines on Stand M63 of the Engines Area:

  •  C13 825 (six-cylinder, 12.9-litre, 825 hp) for pleasure
  •  C90 650 (six-cylinder, 8.7-litre, 650 hp) for pleasure
  •  N67 570 (six-cylinder, 6.7-litre, 570 hp) for pleasure
  •  N67 280 (six-cylinder, 6.7-litre, 280 hp) for pleasure and professional use
  •  S30 SD 230 (four-cylinder, 3.0-litre, 230 hp) for pleasure

The following accessories and transmissions will also be featured on the stand:

  •  Stern Drives
  •  POD Drives
  •  Inverter
  •  Deluxe Digital panel and electronic remote control for boats


The exhibited C90 650 and C13 825 models at the show, offering a capacity of 8.7 and 12.9-litres respectively, will be the base for the future Caterpillar Cat® C8.7 and Cat® C12.9 engines.

These new models will have an output from 650 to 1000 hp and will be equipped with a second-generation Common Rail fuel injection system and innovative air supply management techniques to achieve high density and very high torque at low speed.

Compact layouts are another important advantage, saving space on-board and allowing the installation of powerful units in modestly-sized engine rooms.

The engines will be available in several configurations, all complying with Tier 3 emission regulations, while the agreement between the two engine manufacturers will offer customers the most advanced engines and a comprehensive technical support service.

NEF N67 570

A class-leading engine in every aspect, the NEF N67 570 offers a power-to-weight ratio of 1.14 kg/hp, power-to-capacity ratio of 84.4 hp/litre and a volume-to-power ratio of 1.31 dm3/cv.

Created to meet EPA Tier 3 requirements in the U.S. market, this in-line, six-cylinder engine has a capacity of 6.7-litres, four valves per cylinder, second generation Common Rail injection technology and turbocharging with a Waste Gate and intercooler.

The engine block and ‘ladder frame’ structural strengthening have proven their reliability in many speed and durability contests. The NEF family also includes six-cylinder diesel units offering 370, 400, 450 and 480 hp.

NEF N67 280

Cost management and broad diversification applicable with both light commercial and recreational uses are the main keys to the NEF N67 280 becoming a best-seller in the FPT range.

A blend of tradition and technological progress are the main ingredients of this modern engine. It combines tried and tested construction philosophies such as six cylinders inline, two valves per cylinder and the mechanical management of injection in fully automated, modern production systems with computer controlled coupling.

This ensures impressive economy, minimal vibrations and emissions, and supported by impressive service intervals.

S30 230 SD Engine

With 230 hp, this is the most powerful unit of the F1 Series and is presented complete with Stern Drive. All versions of this 3.0-litre, four-cylinder engine use a sophisticated, second generation Common Rail injection system, full electronic management and are characterised by high power and torque at low engine speeds.

Offering low fuel consumption and reduced emissions, the reliable engine is well-known for its use in on-road applications, with three different types of Stern Drives available for recreational use.

NEF Series: POD drive range (370 - 500 hp)

When compared with traditional shaft propulsion systems, the compact and lightweight ZF POD Drive system ensures greater efficiency, optimised cruising speed, up to a 15% improvement on fuel economy, emission reductions of up to 30%, and savings on the total cost of ownership.

Thanks to the control system and the adoption of SmartCommand Joystick Manouvering System (JMS), POD Drive also ensures considerable improvements, not only in terms of acceleration and stability when turning, but also manoeuvrability and trim angle.

Reduced noise and vibrations are the basis of comfort while navigating and the entire system is capable of guaranteeing this, through the use of elastic damping units and submerged exhaust gases being expelled through the propeller hubs.

Security is ensured with a specific design to provide the separation of parts in the event of a collision with submerged bodies as part of total hull integrity, along with the protection of the foot and propellers from accidental contact with floating debris.

Also of note is the ease of use of the JMS device. Thanks to the joystick, docking manoeuvres and steering the boat is simple, performed with a flick of the wrist.

Deluxe Digital Panel

The digital graphic panel introduced by FPT Industrial for the full marine range enables the monitoring of engines and many other on-board parameters.

This modern display, which allows the simultaneous management of two engines, adopts the best technologies and features distinctive elements monitored through 64 digital and analogue interface ports.

With a large storage capacity, these include specific functions of trip computing, consumption, percentage of power used, maintenance intervals, diagnostic management, calibration of alarm thresholds and data transmission for remote monitoring via optional satellite.

Electronic remote control

Featuring an innovative design and high-quality stainless steel AISI 316, FPT Industrial’s new electronic remote control offers functionality to adjust trim tabs and manage the trolling function.

With a reduced number of components, the easy to use product features modularity, with drive-by-wire technology, a large number of motor and gear-box combinations, simple initial configuration of the system a range of up to 60 metres from the base station.


The 4000 Series (from 0.7 to 2.2-litres)

Compact, lightweight, and easy to install and maintain, the 4000 Series offers advanced technological solutions, such as injectors, Fully Overhead Controlling Systems (FOCS Series) technology and the innovative Compact Heavy Duty (CHD Series) injection systems. With sail drive propulsion, the 4000 Series is ideal for sailing boats up to ten metres or pleasure and commercial boats of six metres.

The F1 Series (3.0-litre)

The four-cylinder engines of the F1 Series use a sophisticated, second-generation Common Rail injection system, are fully electronically managed and characterised by power and torque at low speed, low fuel consumption and low emissions.

The range of three sail drives allows for the application of this engine on any type of planing or semi-planing light pleasure boats of up to eight metres.

The Cursor Series (8.7 to 12.9-litres)

Dedicated to yachts and sport fishing boats up to 18 metres, the Cursor Series engines ensure high power through electronic Common Rail injection on the C90 and an Electronic Unit Injector pump system on the C13. All six-cylinder, in-line Cursor Series engines are equipped with turbocharging and after-cooled air.

The NEF Series (3.9 to 6.7-litres)

With its many four and six-cylinder aspirated and supercharged variants, ranging from 85 to 570 hp, the NEF Series is most representative of FPT Industrial’s products in the recreational marine industry. The compact engines are available with both mechanical and electronic Common Rail power supply systems, and ideal for cruisers and yachts of up to 12 metres, delivering high performance and low environmental impact.

​Genoa, October 2013