• 10-OCT-2013

FPT Industrial China has Received the ‘Environmental Friendly Award’



FPT Industrial will be present at the 53rd International Boat Show in Genoa on 2-6 October with its range of marine engines for both commercial vessels and pleasure craft.

Last September, FPT Industrial received the “Environmental Friendly Award” for its HIeSCR technology at the ‘2013 China Automobile and Parts Industry Innovation Development Award’ held by Automobile and Parts magazine at the Tongji University.

The award was given to FPT Industrial for its outstanding research capability and achievements in developing an innovative solution to reach the world’s most restrictive emission limits ever, in particular Euro VI and Tier 4B.

Developed at FPT Industrial’s R&D facility in Arbon, Switzerland, in 1991, the FPT SCR technology has always provided solutions offering lower fuel consumption and higher specific power output for an array of applications, including on-road, construction and agricultural vehicles, as well as power generation.

Through the system, NOx compounds formed during the combustion process are reduced within the exhaust by the additive AdBlue, which converts it to molecular Nitrogen N2 and water vapour.

Spanning the NEF and Cursor families, engines with SCR are available to power a variety of machinery, with four and, six -cylinder units ranging in capacity from 3.9 to 12.9-litres and output from 75 to 497 kW.

Taking SCR to the next level, FPT Industrial has now developed the High Efficiency SCR (HI-eSCR) , a state-of-the-art ‘SCR Only’ solution, reducing NOx emissions by over 95%, with increased combustion efficiency negating the need for the use of recirculated exhaust gasses (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) (depending on the emission levels).

Apart from the prestigious award won in China, SCR engines have featured in award winning vehicles, such as the Iveco STRALIS HI-Way (International Truck of the Year 2013) and the Case IH Steiger® tractors (in 2012 they set new industry records for fuel efficient power in the Nebraska Tractor Test).

The HI-eSCR technology is the result of extended investments in R&D through the years by FPT Industrial and shows its commitment to future growth. Since entering the Chinese market, FPT Industrial has continuously increased its resources to support the local business growth with success. A success not only recognized by the ’Environmental Friendly Award’, but also by the recognition of our key-customers, such as Beijing Public Transport, who power their busses with FPT engines, of our strength in environmentally friendly solutions.

​Shanghai/Turin, October 2013