• 12-JAN-2021

  • Turin, January 12, 2021



Cursor X, the innovative Multi-power, Modular, Multi-application and Mindful 4.0 power source concept by FPT Industrial, was one of the recipients of the prestigious 2020 Good Design Award.

Founded in Chicago in 1950 by Eero Saarinen and Charles and Ray Eames, and currently managed by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, Good Design remains the oldest and the world’s most recognized program for design excellence worldwide.

First presented at Tech Day 2018, Cursor X represents a symbol of how FPT Industrial conceives innovation: an engine concept “designed for Planet Earth”. Jointly developed by FPT Industrial’s team together with CNH Industrial Design Center, Cursor X is strongly identified by its four Ms: four main features that shape the architecture, logic and operational mode of the power unit of the future.

Multi-power: any energy, any mission

The Cursor X concept would adapt to provide the most suitable solution for the customer’s business and mission, whether based on Natural Gas internal combustion, hydrogen fuel cell electric generation, or on battery-stored energy.

Modular: one engine, customized performance

The power source concept would be the same size as an internal combustion engine, with a modular architecture that allows easy assembly, vehicle integration, servicing and full scalability.

Multi-application: endless possibilities

Thanks to its wide range of options, the Cursor X is designed to supply energy for traction, auxiliary systems, implements and PTOs to any kind of industrial vehicle or machine – from delivery vans to buses, from small dozers to crawler excavators, from specialty tractors to combines.

Mindful: introducing a new era

The power source concept has been designed to have self-learning capability and to provide a significant amount of information for further hardware and software design developments. It could be equipped with processors and sensors that recognize anomalies, analyze wear and tear and predict maintenance needs.

“We take an enormous pride in receiving the 2020 Good Design Award”, says David Wilkie, Head of the CNH Industrial Design Center. “Designing a concept engine is really something special. It is completely reimagining the engine as we know it. Creating a clean robotic appearance that reflects the technology within. A wireless approach inspired by connectivity and how it can be applied to engine management. Beautiful yet functional. The award is a testament to the conceptual work done and to our ‘Leonardesque’ commitment to realizing innovative, ideas to illuminate our future. With Cursor X we can tune the powertrain solution to achieve a unique set-up for each mission, each vehicle, each machine. Thanks to its modular approach, the Cursor X is ready to become the protagonist in every mission, inspiring the next era.”

“We are all more than happy that the 2020 Good Design Award jury recognized our unique engine concept ‘designed for Planet Earth’”, stated Egle Panzella, Brand Equity, Sustainability, and Heritage manager of FPT Industrial. “In the future we can imagine engine be part of the external body of the vehicle and it should be beautiful, not only performing. Cursor X is a new powertrain unit, capable of using any available and above all sustainable energy source. Cursor X can run on full Battery Electric. It can also be a Natural Gas Plug-in Hybrid powertrain and with the Hydrogen Fuel Cell you have 800 km autonomy for long haul heavy-duty missions.”

Since December 2020, FPT Industrial Cursor X power source concept is permanently exposed at Green Pea in Turin, the first green retail park in the world, of which FPT Industrial is one of the main partners.

Turin, January 12, 2021