• 01-MAR-2016

FPT Industrial Enlarges its Power Generation Portfolio with 2 New Engines at Middle East Electricity



FPT Industrial has extended its range of power generation solutions to now support applications from 31 kW to 582 kW with the launch of two new G-Drives at Middle East Electricity. The new Cursor 16, based on award-winning architecture, providing up to 582 kW, enlarges FPT’s portfolio at the top end of its power range, while the S8000 satisfies lower power requirements with an output of up to 36 kW.

Energy solutions provider FPT Industrial developed the Cursor 16 G-Drive to offer up to 582 kW, delivering the power of a 18-litre engine within the architecture of a 13-litre one. The six-cylinder engine is derived from the award-winning 2014 Diesel of the Year and delivers excellent load acceptance, best in class fuel consumption, service intervals and quiet running, and being the most compact G-drive on the market, it is the only 600 kVA in a 400 kVA package.

It’s the only 16-litre on the market that has been specifically designed to withstand off-road missions and has had over 22,000 hours of bench validation to prove its durability and reliability. It has heavy duty and high resistant components, such as steel pistons and a compact graphite iron (CGI) cylinder head rather than cast iron.

Total cost of ownership is reduced thanks to best in class fuel consumption that is 11% better than the competitor average, delivered through second generation Common Rail fuel injection system with pressures of up to 2,200 bar and a displacement right-sizing approach. This is supported by best in class oil service intervals of up to 600 hours, while it also boasts the smallest oil system capacity on the market that is 38% smaller than the competitor average.

The Cursor 16 has best in class quiet running due to its double re-entrant bowl piston design that optimizes the combustion process and minimizes the output of engine noise. It is also the most compact G-Drive on the market at 32% smaller than the 16-liter competitor average. At 2,300mm x 1,105mm x 1,600 mm, it is the smallest on the market, allowing FPT Industrial to pack a 600 kVA within the casing of a 400 kVA.

Available as standard, it also has a dual speed mode with the capability to operate it both in 50 Hz (1,500 rpm) or 60 Hz (1,800 rpm).

At the lower end of the range the S8000 G-Drive combines a high power output with lower cost of ownership in a compact design. The 2.9-litre, three-cylinder, naturally aspirated engine has been developed to FPT Industrial’s renowned reliability standards and best in class maintenance intervals of up to 600 hours, while offering excellent fuel consumption that’s on average 6% better than its four-cylinder competitors. Its reduced complexity and compactness (11% smaller than a four-cylinder engine equivalent) delivers an effective solution for all emergency and prime power applications that do not require compliance to emission regulation.

The new S8000 and Cursor 16 G-Drives were unveiled at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE, on the first day of the world’s largest power event, Middle East Electricity (MEE), which runs until 3 March 2016 and can be seen on FPT Industrial’s stand in Hall Sheikh Saeed 3, S3, stand E40, alongside a selection of solutions from its power generation offering, including bare engines, G-Drives, soundproof and open gensets from the NEF Series range.

S8000 NA specification

Architecture: In-line 3-cylinder engine

Intake: Naturally Aspirated (NA)

Injection: Mechanical injection, rotary pump with electronic speed governor

Valves per cylinder: 2

Displacement (l): 2.9

Bore (mm): 104

Stroke (mm): 115

Flywheel: 11” ½

Flywheel housing: SAE 3

Power range (rated kW): 32-36

Service interval (hrs): 600

C16 TAA specification

Architecture: In-line 6-cylinder engine

Intake: Turbocharged Aftercooler (TAA)

Injection: Heavy duty Common Rail (up to 2,200 bar)

Valves per cylinder: 4

Displacement (l): 15.9

Bore (mm): 141

Stroke (mm): 170

Flywheel: 14”

Flywheel housing: SAE 1

Power range (rated kW): 559-582

Service interval (hrs): 600

Dimensions (mm) L / W / H: 2,300 / 1,105 / 1,600

Turin, March 1, 2016