• 31-OCT-2019

  • Turin



FPT Industrial, the CNH Industrial Brand dedicated to the design, production and sale of industrial powertrains, set a new milestone. Its N60 NG engine is the green power under the hood of the first firefighting vehicle powered with Natural Gas in the world, the Magirus Compact class (H)LF 10.

Thanks to FPT Industrial, Magirus can implement its long-term strategy to produce a comprehensive range of reliable, environmentally friendly firefighting vehicles.

The Magirus’s "Innovative Drive Line (iDL)" series, which includes the (H)LF 10, can benefit from the latest developments of FPT Industrial in the field of alternative powertrain technology for its innovative firefighting vehicles. The first CNG-powered fire engine, unveiled in Ulm, Germany is a direct result of this and is already in production, offering a practical solution to fire departments and local authorities across the globe in their quest for more sustainable municipal vehicles.
The (H)LF 10 is built on the renowned IVECO Eurocargo "Natural Power" 4x2 chassis, and has a capacity of 420 liters of CNG. The vehicle has a range of up to 300 kilometers or a pump operation of up to four hours. The CNG installation conforms to the latest and most stringent safety guidelines with the Natural Gas engine offering significant benefits in terms of reducing both NOx and CO2 emissions. The interior design of the fire engine reinforces its sustainable credentials with additional heating for the crew compartment powered by Natural Gas, a hydrogen generator together with battery-powered fans and rescue devices.

The Magirus vehicle equipped with the N60 NG engine by FPT Industrial Together, FPT Industrial and Magirus have raised the bar in the development and manufacture of sustainable firefighting vehicles, creating a powerful, low-emission machine to meet increasing demand from municipalities and public organizations, who have increasing focus on utilizing environmentally friendly solutions.
FPT Industrial has a long history in developing and commercializing Natural Gas engines. Since pioneering the technology more than 25 years ago, the Brand has produced more than 50,000 NG engines, running on both Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). There are some 28,000 NG-powered vehicles from CNH Industrial’s truck and bus brands IVECO and IVECO BUS on the road today, making them the absolute European leaders in this segment. Furthermore, New Holland Agriculture and CASE Construction Equipment are pioneering the use of methane in the off-road segment.

N60 NG Specifications
Architecture:6 cylinders in-line
Injection System:Stoichiometric MPI
Air Handling:Waste Gate Turbo
Max Rated Power:204 hp @ 2700 rpm
Max Torque:750 Nm @ 1400 rpm
Turin, October 31st, 2019