• 14-OCT-2013

FPT Industrial Launches PoST



Global innovator FPT Industrial has introduced a new online Powertrain Sales Tool (PoST), to further help its partners and dealer network configure products from its class-leading line-up.

The new digital portal covers the vast on-road, off-road, marine and power generator product offering. Across the FPT range, over 15,000 possible engine configurations will be stored on PoST, together with 2,350 different options.

PoST will provide a new, easy-to-use resource to quickly find or create solutions to match customers’ demands for any application, even for those requiring the most stringent on and off-road emission regulations. This includes a wide choice of ATS kits mufflers, with different sizes and layouts, AdBlue tanks with capacity from 27 to 156 litres, as well as several other accessories such as radiators, monitor and control systems, and grid heaters for cold start applications.

“We work closely with all of our customers to provide them engines and solutions to best suit their exact requirements; the new Powertrain Sales Tool, entirely developed by FPT ICT to best tailor it to our business needs, will make that process faster and easier, allowing our partners and dealer network encompassing nearly 100 countries to further leverage on our leading technology”, said Mr Massimo Rubatto, FPT Industrial Vice President of Sales.

​Turin, October 2013