• 23-APR-2018

FPT Industrial Lifecycle Solutions for Connected Engines


FPT Industrial will not only be taking its engines and innovations to Intermat (Paris, 23-28 April 2018, Paris Nord Villepinte, Hall 5A) but also a new concept of “Connected Control Station”. This is the concept behind FPT Industrial’s engines development strategy.

FPT Industrial identifies itself as a Lifecycle solutions provider: meaning that FPT Industrial takes care of every customer long before and after the sale. The way FPT Industrial does it is simple: it provides pre-sales consultancy, a wide selection of services and best-in-class products.

FPT Industrial begins its relationship with customers by providing them the opportunity to choose from a wide range of pre-sales services. First, the Brand supports its clients by helping them pick the right engine. This step is facilitated with the help of a Product Configurator, a digital tool capable of managing 15.000 different product configurations. Furthermore, the FPT Industrial Customer Management Team works together with the R&D Centers to optimize engines according to Customer needs. FPT Industrial's seven R&D centers are fundamental to the value delivered to customers, especially because of their global presence, which keeps the Brand close to its customers, no matter where they may be.

In order to ensure the right installation, proper use and maintenance of the engine, FPT Industrial provides customers a Commercial & Technical Training School that teaches them how to properly manage the product.

Since the beginning of 2014, FPT Industrial’s Technical Training School has organized over thousands courses, customized on the listeners needs: OEM, dealers, mechanics, diagnostic specialists, all received a training guide and specific training courses. These are made available before the engines’ effective start of production, in order to update the service network and the customers with the latest engine characteristics and guidelines. Customers can receive a training guide and training courses via web, skype or in person at one of our Global Training Centers or at a customer location. FPT Industrial also trains customers and Network Dealers to allow them to be able to train their respective service networks and service points.

FPT Industrial provides attentive care in order to better respond to customer needs. FPT Industrial Quality department is always in contact with customers to provide assistance, identify solutions (thanks to on-field Service Engineers) and work with a continuous product improvement prospective. That’s why FPT Industrial Quality Key Accounts and Dealer Zone Managers are always ready to answer on-field needs.

Engines are becoming connected: customers can manage their fleet by locating and tracking their engines and by monitoring them in real-time, which avoids downtime. Plus, using the Engine Serial Number customers can access a fully responsive, digital multichannel platform, where it’s possible to find all necessary service documentation.

FPT Industrial has also improved its Customer Care service, which is open 24 hours a day for 365 days per year. FPT Industrial works for customers satisfaction using its Customer Control Room: a unique space where all requests are managed and tracked until they’re fully resolved. Here, in fact, the inquiries can be made using the FPT Industrial toll-free number (European Number: 00 800 00378000) –, and the FPT Industrial website. In order to further improve the customers’ experience, FPT Industrial provides a remanufacturing program service. This service is provided for, engines, turbochargers, starters, alternators, injection pumps and other parts can be remanufactured using the latest technologies.

Finally, customers can rely on the wide network that FPT Industrial has built over the years: 90 dealers – which can be found using the Dealer Locator service on the FPT Industrial website – and more than 900 service points are ready to help and to answer to any inquiry. This Network is always connected to the FPT Industrial Engine Technical Help Desk, using an advanced ticketing system so that responses to customers’ needs are in the language of the local market and resolutions are monitored.

Turin, April 23, 2018