• 22-OCT-2014

FPT Industrial powers ASJA’S new Microgenerators, presented at Verona Smart Energy EXPO



FPT Industrial powers the new range of TOTEM micro-cogenerators, presented at the Verona Smart Energy Expo on 8-10 October 2014 by Asja, a leading energy producer from renewable sources.

TOTEM micro-cogenerators, which are equipped with FPT Industrial’s F1C CNG engine, are small in size and are designed to meet the electricity and heat production requirements through the burning of gas.

The F1C CNG enigne has a four cylinder, in-line configuration with stoichiometric combustion and a three-litre capacity, paired with an alternator to deliver power outputs of up to 45 kWw (56 kWA), while complying with the latest Euro VI emmission regulations. The engine guarantees class-leading oil change intervals, reduced fuel consumption, maximum efficiency and low noise emissions. The compact and lightweight engine also allows for easy installation and portability.

The F1C is the smallest among the CNG engines offered by FPT Industrial, which includes the N60 engine with a capacity of 5.9-litres and power output of 150 kW, and the 7.8-litre Cursor 8 engine that produces outputs of up to 243 kW.

As well as basic engines, FPT Industrial’s power generation range includes G-Drives, power generators and generators for specialised applications, with main applications being emergency services, self-generation and rental services. The engines offer outputs from 30 to 500 kVA and are characterised by high performance levels and low operating costs.

Since 1995, Asja has designed, built and managed technologically-advanced systems to produce electricity from renewable sources that include biogas, aeolian and photovoltaic, reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are responsible for climate change. Asja, through AsjaGen, produces and sells high-efficency micro-cogenerators designed to deliver maximum energy efficiency.

​Turin, October 2014