• 09-JUL-2014

FPT Industrial Powers New Boat for Genoa Harbour



FPT Industrial, manufacturer of market-leading diesel engines for the marine industry, has provided two N67 450 engines to the Genoa Pilot Corps’ new boat ‘MIZAR’, featuring a 6.7- litre displacement and six cylinders to produce 450 hp.

The delivery of the new boat supports the rebuilding of Genoa Harbour’s fleet, following the tragic incident that occurred in May 2013, which saw a container ship crash into the port tower and resulted in the death of seven individuals.

The Genoa Pilot Corps chose to partner with FPT Industrial because of the performance characteristics of its engines, which enable them to operate in harsh conditions. The new naval unit is active 24 hours a day, in all weather and sea conditions. The constant activity of the pilots, the required speed of their interventions and the sudden demand for both power and rapid deceleration mean that it is fundamental for the engines to be extremely robust and durable.

The engine, a turbocharged after-cooled unit, has low fuel consumption thanks to an electronic Common Rail fuel injection system and is among FPT Industrial’s best-selling NEF engines. It is designed to be compact, durable, have high power and torque at low rpm and is compliant with the main international emission regulations. In addition, the N67 450, as with all FPT engines, is designed for easy maintenance and low operating costs.

The inauguration ceremony of the new boat ‘MIZAR’ took place at the Torre Piloti of Genoa Harbour on 9 July 2014 and was attended by representatives of the port and the city of Genoa, Naval Motor Botti, an FPT Industrial dealer, along with Bellcraft, the shipyard that built the boat.

FPT Industrial supplies engines to all new naval units on the Genoa Pilot Corps fleet, including the boat ‘Borea’, which is fitted with two FPT C90 620 engines that each produce 620 hp and are part of the company’s Cursor Series.

FPT Industrial N67 450

The N67 450 is part of FPT Industrial’s NEF Series, which has engines with capacities ranging from 270 hp to 570 hp. The engine is compact, robust, has specific capacity and high torque at low speeds, as well as low power consumption and operating costs. In addition, it also has minimal environmental impact and complies with the international regulations.

The engine also includes innovative features such as the ‘ladder frame’ monoblock, a crankshaft with integrated counterweights, crank with its fracture split connecting rods and pistons with a symmetrical combustion chamber, all to ensure maximum inertial balance. The N67 450 also has low levels of noise output and a robust design for enhanced reliability and a long life.

In terms of the technology, the N67 450 has four valves per cylinder, Common Rail injection and Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) management, which enables constant monitoring and control to protect the main working parts. This helps to achieve increased engine life cycles of up to 30% compared to engines with purely mechanical operation. The high-pressure Common Rail injection system has advantages both in terms of high operating pressures, which can ensure widespread fuel injection with maximum efficiency, and minimum emissions. The electronic management of the injection process, irrespective of the engine system, enables a reduction in noise and emissions, as well as the dosage and phasing of the fuel in a manner optimised for each operational condition.

With available capacities from 350 hp up to 450 hp, the N67 450 has optimum power to weight and power to volume ratios, making it the ideal engine for planing and semi-planing hulls from eight to 13 metres and can be utilised for professional, ‘light commercial’ and sporting use.

                                                     N67 450 specifications

CapacityFrom 350 hp to 450 hp at 3,000 rpm
Displacement6.7 litres
Cylinders6 in series
Valves4 valves per cylinder

Electronically controlled Common Rail with turbo, aftercooler and waste gate

                                                       Bellcraft Work 12 Pilot
ShipyardBellcraft – Via Fosso Guidario 101/a – Viareggio (LU)
Length f.t.11.50 metres
Width3.50 metres
Draught1.10 metres
Displacement at full load10,500 kg
Fuel capacity2,000 litres
Water tank200 litres
Engine2 x FPT N67 450
Passenger capacity12
Construction materialFGRP
Approval forCoastal navigation

Turin, July 2014