• 25-NOV-2014

FPT Industrial presents at BAUMA China 2014: The Green ‘Heart’ powering China’s future



With the introduction of a new Tier 3 line-up, FPT Industrial makes a powerful entrance at Bauma China 2014, the 7th International Trade Fair for construction machinery, building material machines, construction vehicles and equipment, held in Shanghai from 25-28 November 2014.

The world-leading powertrain manufacturer showcases on Booth N5-110 its F5, NEF and Cursor Series engines, including its range compliant with Tier 3 emission regulations – a first in China, which demonstrates the groundbreaking achievements of FPT Industrial in off-road engine development and sustainable emissions solutions.

Across the globe environmental issues are gaining unprecedented attention, with this even more prevalent in China due to the increased economic development. At the half-way point in China’s 12th Five Year Plan, the environmental targets set seem beyond reach.

FPT Industrial, with its joint venture with SFH and its extensive R&D facilities both in Chongqing and Jiading-Shanghai, has been at the forefront in driving China towards reaching these objectives anyway. The reduction of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions are major elements of the plan and have been the driving force behind FPT’s development and innovation in the last decade in China.

Additionally, the construction machinery industry, one of China’s pillar industries, has made energy saving and emission reduction its top priority. The key contributor to this is without a doubt the power source and ‘heart’ of any equipment used for transport, agriculture, construction or industry – the engine.

For leading engine producer FPT, Bauma China 2014 is the perfect platform to introduce innovative high-tech powertrain products to illustrate that construction equipment can be more productive, efficient and can help reduce the environmental impact throughout the entire product lifecycle.

FPT’s F5, NEF and Cursor Series engines showcased in Bauma China this year all adopt the latest technologies such as Common Rail, electronic unit injectors and Variable Geometric Turbochargers.

  •  The F5 Series, with its mechanical four-cylinder, 3.2-litre engine, can be tailored to different customers’ needs, effectively reducing operating costs through its low fuel consumption, while ensuring easy maintenance through its one-side servicing layout. It’s an ideal product for applications such as skidsteer loaders and small loader backhoes
  • The NEF Series, with its four or six-cylinder engine (3.9, 4.5, 6.0 and 6.7 litres), is available in a mechanical version, allowing simplified maintenance, and an electronic Common Rail version based on the latest European technologies, delivering outstanding performance and lower fuel consumption. They both provide best in class performance and are extremely reliable. With its wide offering adaptable to suit any request, this compact power solution is perfect for small excavators, wheel loaders and power generators
  •  The Cursor Series, with its six-cylinder, 9.0 or 13-litre engine, offers higher power and torque outputs and faster throttle response, yet with lower fuel consumption and operating costs, making it a favored choice for heavy construction machinery such as medium excavators, large wheel loaders and wheeled cranes

FPT Industrial will also promote its new N67 Tier 3 engine that’s ideal for companies that cater for the Chinese as well as European and US markets. Delivering power outputs of 74 to 200 kW, the 6.7-litre engine is derived from FPT Industrial’s latest Tier 4 Final technology, appropriately modified to ensure compliance with Tier 3/Stage IIIA emissions levels, without compromising performance and consumption, while eliminating the need for expensive engine bay modifications between Tier 3 and Tier 4 equipment.

Furthermore, FPT will also present its best in class Tier 4B/Stage IV solution, High Efficiency Selective Catalytic Reduction (HI-eSCR), an exclusive innovation that enables engines to meet the most rigorous off-road emission standards. It significantly reduces the environmental footprint of the powertrain and lowers NOx emissions by more than 95%. This emissions solution focuses on maximising combustion efficiency and reducing Particulate Matter (PM), using clean air in the engine rather than Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) before the HI-eSCR system converts NOx to diatomic nitrogen and water.

The technology has been proven in over 450,000 units produced since 2005, utilising SCR across various applications. The success of HI-eSCR has been bolstered by the system’s flexibility as it does not require OEMs to change the cooling pack used in Tier 4 Interim solutions. Up to 30 different after-treatment solution configurations are available for each power node, with OEMs having the option to combine easy and fast to install DOC and SCR systems off the shelf.

Going green has become the obvious choice for the engine industry, especially in the emerging markets, and FPT Industrial is poised to provide a green ‘heart’ to Chinese customers, offering innovative technologies, high performance, reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Michelangelo Amelia, Country Manager Asia Pacific at FPT Industrial, said: “At FPT Industrial it is our commitment to carry on our heritage of innovation and our strength in manufacturing to bring the best and most advanced products to the Chinese market. We hope to drive the development of the Chinese powertrain industry to meet international standards, and soon the green ‘heart’ shall thrive in China.”

​Shanghai, November 2014