• 11-SEP-2014

FPT Industrial presents Hybrid Engine for Innovative KITE ALIKE Boat at Cannes Yachting Festival



FPT Industrial, alongside its dealer Bimotor, will be showcasing its S30 engine, which is used to power the innovative new boat KITE ALIKE, at the Cannes Yachting Festival that takes place on 9-14 September 2014.

The FPT Industrial S30 engine produces 230 hp and uses an advanced Common Rail fuel system with a second-generation, full electronic management system. The engine is characterised by high power and torque density even at low engine speeds, and is designed to minimise the boat’s fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

Bimotor contributed to the development of the boat’s propulsion system that includes FPT Industrial’s internal combustion engine. The engine is combined with a battery-powered electric motor, which is recharged by the boat’s diesel engine, along with solar panels that are built into the bodywork on the deck.

The coupling of the engine with the electric motor is facilitated by the Transfluid Hybrid System HM 560 that is designed to specifically enable dual propulsion on a single axis transmission. The electric motor has a power of 20 kW and allows a range of six hours at speeds of between three and six knots. The two drive units can be used independently or in a ‘booster’ mode, which combines the two.

Two versions of the innovative hybrid-powered boat developed by the S. Giorgio di Colombi shipyard will be on show at the event, the Limousine version, which has covered seating and the Tender version that is designed to be completely open. Both boats can carry up to 12 people and are specifically designed to lower water resistance, while the lightweight and efficient propulsion system helps to further improve the boat’s environmental performance.

The KITE ALIKE boat is ideally suited for use as a water taxi, private limousine or as a sport boat, although both models have the capacity to be used within the superyacht market.

Turin, September 2014