• 14-FEB-2017

FPT Industrial Presents its Full Power Generation Product Line Offering at Middle East Electricity 2017


FPT Industrial’s Power Generation product line encompasses all power range levels. Alongside the full product line of engines and together with the new N67 250kVA and C87 300kVA, the world's leading manufacturer and supplier showcases three top solutions for Power Generation applications at Middle East Electricity (Dubai World Trade Center - February 14-16 - Sh. Saeed halls, Booth S3.E40).

S8000 30kVA

With an output of up to 34 kW, the S8000 G-Drive combines a high power output with lower cost of ownership in a compact design. The 2.9 liter, three-cylinder, naturally aspirated engine has been developed with FPT Industrial’s renowned reliability standards and has best-in-class maintenance intervals of up to 600 hours, while offering exceptional fuel consumption reduction, which averages 13% lower than four-cylinder competitors. The reduced complexity and compactness of the S8000 G-Drive delivers an effective solution for all emergency and prime power applications that do not require compliance to emission regulation.

S8000 30kVA Specifications

Features3 cylinder
Net Power31kW@1500

Dimensions L / W / H (mm)962 / 621 / 979


Launched in 2016 at the Middle East Electricity tradeshow, the C16 G-Drive is based on Cursor 16 award-winning engine architecture and provides up to 578 kW, delivering the power of a 18-liter engine within the package of a 13-liter. The six-cylinder engine delivers excellent load acceptance, best-in-class reduced fuel consumption, service intervals and reduced sound. C16 is the most compact G-Drive on the market (22% smaller than the 16-liter competitor average), allowing FPT Industrial to integrate a 600 kVA within the packaging of a 400 kVA.

Furthermore, it is the only 16-liter specifically designed to withstand off-road missions and undergone over 22,000 hours of bench validation to prove its durability and reliability. It has heavy duty and high resistant components, such as steel pistons and a Compact Graphite Iron (CGI) cylinder head instead of cast iron. Total cost of ownership is reduced thanks to best-in-class reduced fuel consumption, 9% improved over competitors average, delivered through second generation Common Rail fuel injection system with pressures of up to 2,200 bar and a precise displacement approach. It is supported by best-in-class maintenance service intervals of up to 600 hours, while also boasts the smallest oil system capacity on the market, 32% smaller than the competitor average.

The C16 has best-in-class quiet running due to its double re-entrant bowl piston design that optimizes the combustion process and minimizes the output of engine noise. Available as standard, it also has a dual speed mode with the capacity to operate both at 50 Hz (1,500 rpm) or 60 Hz (1,800 rpm).

C16 Specifications

Displacement15.9 ltr.
Features6 cylinder
Net Power557 kW@1500

578 kW@1800
Dimensions L / W / H (mm) 2362 / 1163 / 1605

GE N100 100kVA

The GE N100 100kVA is an Open Genset for Power Generation providing a 180 liter fuel tank integrated in the base frame. This feature allows GE N100 to work up to 17 hours of blackout (@50% load factor). This Open Genset offers a user friendly Automatic or Manual Electric control panel to manage all engine and generator functions. 

The GE N100 100kVA is switchable 50/60 Hz and has best-in-class oil service interval (up to 600 hours). It mounts thermal and magnetic circuit breakers and a battery (optional) with cables for the engine connection.

GE N100 100kVA Specifications

Displacement4.5 ltr.
Features4 cylinder
Prime Power100 kVA@50HZ

110 kVA@60HZ
Dimensions L / W / H (mm)2300 / 730 / 1475

Turin, February 14,  2017