• 12-MAY-2017

FPT Industrial Presents its Leadership in Natural Gas Technologies for Industrial Engines at Vienna Motor Symposium


The 38th Vienna Motor Symposium held in Austria at the end of April 2017, was the best dedicated international stage to feature FPT Industrial’s leadership in natural gas engine technologies. The event, organized by the Austrian Automobile Association (ÖVK) and the Technical University of Vienna (Institute for Vehicle Drivetrains and Automotive Engineering), gathered more than 1,000 engine experts and scientists from all over the world in order to discuss future-oriented developments in petrol, diesel and natural gas engines. FPT Industrial was selected to present its leadership in Natural Gas Technologies for Industrial engines, through a speech given by Peter Krähenbühl, Powertrain Innovation Manager at the FPT Industrial R&D center located in Arbon, Switzerland. 

Since the '90s FPT Industrial has developed natural gas engines based on a stoichiometric combustion system. The main drivers for this technological choice were to offer ultra-low emissions, low noise and high efficiency that are predominantly targeted for urban applications.

FPT Industrial converted its engine base architecture by applying natural gas technology to F1C, NEF 6, Cursor 8 and Cursor 9 engines, offering solutions from 136 to 400 hp. Thus, FPT Industrial provides the widest Natural Gas engine range on the market, with a complete line-up for light commercial vehicles, bus and trucks. Among the technologies considered sustainable or alternative to oil, in the commercial vehicles sector, only natural gas has achieved steady growth. Driven by environmental sustainability and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), natural gas engine technology is expected to grow further. Moreover, FPT Industrial is the only manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in natural gas with Stoichiometric combustion.

Based on this motivation FPT Industrial used the 38th Vienna Motor Symposium as a platform to present its Cursor 9 NG engine “case study”: "naturally powerful." The Cursor 9 NG is the most powerful 9 liter NG engine and it is aimed at long haul transport with equivalent performance of a comparable diesel engine. The performance increased by 20 – 30% while the fuel efficiency was improved by 1.5% maintaining the excellent NOx and PM emissions of the stoichiometric concept and improving maintenance interval. Cursor 9 NG can be powered by natural gas in its compressed (CNG), liquefied (LNG) or renewable form (bio-methane). The CO2 emissions can be close to zero by using bio-methane.

Cursor 9 NG Specifications
Cylinders:6 inline
Displacement:8.7 l
Max Power [hp / kW]:400 / 294
Max Torque [Nm]:1,700
Weight [kg]:870
Power/Weight ratio [hp / kg]:0.46
Power density [hp / l]:45.98
Toruqe density [Nm / l]:195
Durability [km]:800,000
Maintenance intervals [km]:75,000

Turin, May 12, 2017