• 11-APR-2013

FPT Industrial Presents its New G-Drive High Power Range at China (Shanghai) Power Show 2013



The 12th China (Shanghai) International Power and Generating Sets Exhibition will start from April 8th to April 10th at Shanghai New Expo Center. FPT Industrial, a world-wide Power Generation full line supplier, presents its renewed range of products and services at the show (Pavilion E4, Stand 4T020). In the February at MEE (Middle East Electricity 2013), FPT Industrial drew great attention due to the characteristics of high efficiency, low fuel consumption and compact engine size. At this Shanghai Power Show, FPT Industrial will promote its advanced technology in Chinese market.

At the show, FPT Industrial will present its four engine families dedicated to three different product configurations (G-Drive, open and soundproof gensets), is now enriched with a new product offer in the field of G-Drives. Specifically, the NEF 4.5-litre engine, previously available in a configuration from 47kW to 98kW, has now been upgraded in a range from 52kW to 120 kW; the NEF 6.7-litre unit, with mechanical injection pump, has been upgraded from 156kW to 170kW. These goals have been achieved thanks to combustion optimization through high performance injectors and specific fuel pump calibration. Also the offer of Cursor Series G-Drive applications, through dedicated and specific datasets, has been improved. Customers can now opt for a 300 kW 8.7-litre engine, instead of a 10.3-litre in the same power range.

The new FPT Industrial Power Generation line-up features a power increase up to 20% versus the previous engine range; the new engines are also power density leaders on the 120kW and 300kW nodes, which means up to +11% increase versus competitors average. One other important benefit for the customer is their reduced dimensions and displacement. Using a four instead of a six-cylinder engine for the 120kW power node or a 8.7-litre instead of 10.3-litre for the 300kW, guarantees ease of installation. This aspect is very important, for example, in case of rental versions, that constantly need to be moved from one site to the other, or in the case of stationary applications where space is a constraint.

FPT Industrial’s facilities dedicated to Power Generation applications are located on a world-wide basis, thus ensuring “tailor-made” products according to regional needs and customers’ specific requests.

The production facilities are indeed located in France, Italy, Brazil and China. The great reliability of FPT Industrial is not only related to its products, but also to its service network. A widespread presence, relying on more than 1400 sales and assistance points worldwide, with a qualified staff, can satisfy every customer’s request, both in the sales and after-sales process.

FPT Industrial global offer for Power Generation applications

The Power Generation offer of FPT Industrial includes basic engines, G-Drives, standard gensets, covering the main applications, such as emergency services and self-generation, and special groups, plants and after sales services.

FPT Industrial’s Power Generation line-up is based on the F5, NEF, Cursor and Vector Series, ranging from 31kWh to 740kWm.

The F5 series, a four-cylinder, 3.2-litre engine, covers a power range from 31kW to 56kW.

FPT Industrial is present one F32 engine at Shanghai Power show.

The NEF Series includes a 4.5-litre engine with four cylinders and a 6.7-litre engine with six cylinders. They cover a power range from 45kW to 218kW; FPT Industrial is present with the new generation N45 engine in the G-Drive configurations and N67 in a G-Drive configuration.

The Cursor Series, a six-cylinder engine available in an 8.7, 10.3 and 12.9-litre version, covers a power range from 195kW to 398kW; FPT Industrial is present with C87 and C13 in a G-Drive configuration The Vector Series, a V8, 20.1-litre covers a power range from 610kW to 740 kW.

FPT Industrial not only supplies the major OEMs but has extended its product portfolio with a wide offer of customized configurations. They are completed with either open or closed power sets equipped with sub-frames, generators and control panels.

​Shanghai, April 2013