• 21-SEP-2017

FPT Industrial presents its new N67 570 EVO marine engine at Genoa Boat Show 2017


FPT Industrial features its renewed marine engines line-up at the Genoa Boat Show 2017 (21–26 September, Piazzale Marina Coperto - Power Village - Stand B1), the largest boat fair in the Mediterranean area. On this occasion, in fact, visitors can discover the new N67 570 EVO, 6 Cylinder in line featuring a maximum rated power of 570 hp @ 3,000 rpm. On display, at FPT Industrial's booth, there are also the C90 650 and the C13 825 marine engines.

Innovative technological solutions, design, high performances, compact size, light weight, low fuel consumption, lower noise and CO2 emissions, with limited maintenance costs are the main features that place these engines among the best-in-class in the recreational boat segment. Furthermore, the many seasons of proven market presence, victories and speed records in "endurance" challenges have been the best “proving grounds” for FPT Industrial’s development and research of top performances in terms of power and reliability.

N67 570 EVO

The N67 570 EVO – the latest new entry in the NEF engine family – brings together state-of-the-art Diesel technologies, such as second generation Electronic Common Rail and Waste-Gate water-cooled turbocharging. Moreover, it has 4 valves per cylinder, a ladder frame cylinder block and a rear gear train timing system. All these characteristics ensure the greatest advantages in terms of performance, fuel consumption and environmental impact.

The N67 570 EVO is best-in-class for power density and stands among the best for torque density, allowing the best boat performance for fast planing and top speed. To ensure these top accomplishments, another important characteristic is its lightness. N67 570 EVO has, in fact, the best power to weight ratio in its power range; the compactness, moreover, of the innovative design and the lay-out, allow an easier installation with simpler engine servicing, assuring wider space availability on board.

But the N67 570 EVO is a great choice also for its environmental impact perks. The second generation of the Electronic Common Rail ensures higher performances with lower fuel consumptions, and at the same time it reduces emissions, being compliant with the most restrictive international regulations. In particular, the products of FPT Industrial's marine engine line-up are compliant with EU RCD II (European Recreational Directive) and US-EPA Tier 3, the two latest and most representative certifications for marine pleasure engines. Furthermore, N67 570 EVO, like all FPT Industrial products, is focused on the maximum reduction of noise and vibration, consistently improving the comfort of navigation.

N67 570 EVO specifications
Architecture:6 Cylinder in line
Injection System:Common Rail (up to 1600 bar)
Air Handling:Waste Gate Fixed Geom. Turbo
Valves per Cylinder:4
Displacement:6.7 l 
Bore x Stroke:104 x 132 mm
Max Rated Power: 570 hp @ 3,000 rpm
Max Torque: 1,551 Nm @ 2,000 rpm
Dry Weight:650 Kg
Dimensions (L/W/H):1090 / 858 / 803 mm

C90 650

Among the engines on display at the FPT Industrial booth there is also the C90 650, from the renowned Cursor engine series. This marine engine has a displacement of 8.7 liters, with a 6-cylinder in-line configuration. It uses the electronically controlled Common Rail fuel injection system, with the rail integrated in the head cover. These features offer substantial benefits in terms of efficiency and low noise levels, allowing the C90 650 to combine outstanding performances and reduced fuel consumption.

Derived from the version which won endurance and speed records this engine transfers its performance at the top of its power range, its premium reliability and its reduced fuel consumption in the world of fast planing boats and yachts, whilst complying with the most stringent international emission rules.

C90 650 specifications
Architecture:6 Cylinder in line
Injection System:Electronic Common Rail
Air Handling:Waste Gate TCA
Valves per Cylinder:4
Displacement:8.7 l
Bore x Stroke:104 x 132 mm
Max Rated Power:650 hp @ 2,530 rpm
Max Torque:2,150 Nm @ 1,700 rpm
Dry Weight:940 Kg
Dimensions (L/W/H):1288 / 823 / 961 (mm)

C13 825

Visitors can also delve into the C13 825, a product from the notorious Cursor engine family. Its state-of-the-art technologies guarantee high injection pressure and adamant timing precision under any operating condition. This means a faster response at all engine speeds. The 12.9-liter high-performance version can reach 825 hp @ 2,400 rpm maximum power rating. High power and torque density levels come together with low fuel consumption and contained environmental impact. Advanced diagnostic equipment allows easier engine servicing. Moreover, this engine minimizes the downtime of the boat up to 600 hours of oil and filters replacement. To reduce maintenance and increase engine lifespan, the Cursor 13 825 adopts plateau-machined cylinder walls and oil-cooled pistons. 

C13 825 specifications
Architecture:6 Cylinder in line
Injection System:Electronic Unit
Air Handling:TCA
Valves per Cylinder:4
Displacement:12.9 l 
Bore x Stroke:135 x 150 mm
Max Rated Power:825 hp @ 2,400 rpm
Max Torque: 2,622 Nm
Dry Weight:1,395 Kg
Dimensions (L/W/H):465 x 1000 x 1058

Turin, September 21, 2017