• 07-MAR-2017

FPT Industrial Presents the Most Representative Engines from its Lineup for Heavy Duty Off-Road Applications at CONEXPO 2017


Conexpo 2017 is a platform rife with innovation from FPT Industrial. Together with the launch of its new 20-liter engine, the V20, the company showcases the Cursor 16 Tier 4 Final and the N67 Tier 4 Final at its exhibit (South Hall 4 – Booth S84005).

Cursor 16 Tier 4 Final

The Cursor 16 has been specifically designed and validated for heavy duty off-road applications and is capable offering best-in-class 18 liter performances delivered in a 13 liter package. As such, the Cursor 16 is the most compact 16 liter engine on the market (-7% than competitor average), allowing minimal impact on vehicle layout.

This in-line 6 cylinder engine performs at 653 hp peak power and a 2,029 lbs*ft (2,751 Nm) maximum torque, with high system efficiency and low fluid consumption thanks to the no- EGR and 2nd generation Common Rail system. The Cursor 16's combustion process is optimized thanks to a 220 bar in-cylinder pressure and high resistance steel pistons with double re-entrant bowl, guaranteeing impressive overall efficiency along with maximum reliability.

Furthermore, the Cursor 16's no-DPF solution allows avoidance of high peak temperatures and guarantees safe operation even in the most challenging environments. At the same time, the regeneration and maintenance free ATS maximizes vehicle uptime and allows no fuel consumption penalties, while the ball bearing turbocharger ensures fast load response for maximum productivity on field. Top robustness and reliability, thanks to its high resistance lightweight CGI cylinder head: Cursor 16 offers a proven system trustworthiness thanks to its robust and lean design.

CURSOR 16 Tier 4 Final Specifications

Architecture:In-line 6 cylinder engine
Injection System (psi/bar):Common Rail (up to 31,910/2,200)
Air Handling:WG - TCA
Valves per cylinder(number):4
Displacement (inch3/dm3):970 / 15.9
Bore per stroke (inch/mm):5.55 x 6.69 / 141 x 170
Rated Power (hp):653
Peak Power (hp):653
Max Torque (lbs*ft):2,029
Max Torque (Nm):2,751
Dry Weight (lbs/kg):2,910 / 1,320
Service Interval (h):600
Dimensions L / W / H (inch/mm):53.9 / 37.0 / 53.9 | 1,370 / 941 / 1,300
(*) values of base engine version; to be finalized with FPT Industrial for different engine dressing

N67 Tier 4 Final

The N67 Tier 4 Final is also on display at FPT Industrial booth. From the NEF series, the N67 is a 6.7 liter, 6 cylinder unit with a maximum power output of 313 hp. Boasting a production of more than 1.6 million engines since 2001 from the NEF series, N67 is a best-in-class engine for robust and reliable performance (up to +5% power density and up to +10% torque density versus competitors average). Its EGR-free architecture ensures top class efficiency (up to -3% fluid consumption versus competitors using EGR and active regeneration) and reliability, while maintenance free ATS allows maximized vehicle uptime and no fuel consumption penalties.

No active regeneration means maximized uptime, as users have no need to halt equipment during operations. This also means greater safety while working, especially in closed environments. The N67 Tier 4 Final is equipped with HI-eSCR, FPT Industrial's breakthrough in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), which was pioneered by FPT Industrial at its Research & Development Centre in Arbon, Switzerland. Since 2005 over 650,000 units have been produced and are in operation in various applications, such as commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and construction equipment. 

N67 Tier 4 Final Specifications
Architecture:In-Line 6 cylinder engine
Injection System (psi/bar):Common Rail (up to 23,200/1,600)
Air Handling:WG / VGT
Valves per cylinder (number):4
Displacement (inch3/dm3):409 / 6.7
Bore per stroke (inch/mm)4.1 x 5.2 / 104 x 132
Peak Power (hp):313
Rated Power Range(hp):150-313
Max Torque (lbs*ft):959
Max Torque (Nm):1,300
Dimensions L / W / H (inch/mm): 41.8 / 27.0 / 41.3 | 1,062 / 687 / 1,049 (*)
Dry Weight (lbs/kg):1,168 / 530 (Not Structural) - 1,367 / 620 (Structural)
Oil Service Interval (h):600
(*) values of base engine version; to be finalized with FPT Industrial for different engine dressing 

Las Vegas, March 7, 2017