• 03-JUN-2013

FPT Industrial’s SCR Production Hits an Amazing 350,000



FPT Industrial, a pioneer in the use of Selective Catalytic Reduction for Diesel engines, has reached a major milestone, with 350,000 SCR units now installed on FPT engines.

To address the Euro IV and Euro V emission regulations introduced in 2005, requiring a severe decrease in Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) output, FPT Industrial chose Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) as its only after treatment system. The concept was also implemented for the corresponding Stage III B/IV and Tier 4A/4B off-road requirements.

Developed at FPT Industrial’s R&D facility in Arbon, Switzerland, in 1991, the FPT SCR technology provides solutions offering lower fuel consumption and higher specific power output for an array of applications, including on-road, construction and agricultural vehicles, as well as power generation.

Through the system, NOx compounds formed during the combustion process are reduced within the exhaust by the additive AdBlue, which converts it to molecular Nitrogen N2 and water vapour.

Spanning the NEF and Cursor families, engines with SCR are available to power a variety of machinery, with four and, six -cylinder units ranging in capacity from 3.9 to 12.9-litres and output from 75 to 497 kW.

Taking SCR to the next level, FPT Industrial has developed High Efficiency SCR (HIeSCR) ahead of the introduction of Euro VI and Tier 4 Final emission regulations in 2014.

A state-of-the-art ‘SCR Only’ solution, HI-eSCR reduces NOx emissions by over 95%, with increased combustion efficiency negating the need for the use of recirculated exhaust gasses (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) (depending on the emission levels).

SCR engines have featured in award-winning vehicles produced by fellow members of the Fiat Industrial Group: Iveco claimed ‘International Truck of the Year 2013’ with its STRALIS HI-Way at Europe’s IAA commercial vehicle show in September of 2012.

It has or will be utilised by the Fiat Industrial group companies, with the likes of Iveco, New Holland and Case and customers such as Claas, Ford Otosan and VDL.

“At FPT Industrial, we’re proud of our history of technical innovations, aimed at maximising fuel efficiency and minimising emissions and running costs without impacting performance,” said Massimo Siracusa, FPT Industrial, Vice President Product Engineering.

“SCR has been a big part of that, and today it is used in many of our engines. The technology continues to improve, as evidenced by the introduction of HI-eSCR, and the production of our 350,000th unit with SCR is a credit to our R&D team, and the FPT family.”

A wide product offering, including five engine ranges from 31 kW up to 740 kW and transmissions with maximum torque from 300 Nm up to 500 Nm, and a close focus on R&D activities make FPT Industrial a world leader in industrial powertrains.

For further information, visit www.fptindustrial.com.

​Turin, 3 June 2013