• 12-MAY-2015

FPT Industrial showcases engine expertise at Expo Milano 2015



FPT Industrial, market leader and innovator of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engines, has showcased its expertise at the internationally represented ‘The Biogas Done Right Model’ workshop at Expo Milano 2015 on Saturday 9 May.

Product Manager for FPT Industrial, Oscar Baroncelli, joined fellow specialists in the field of Biogas at the round table event, where he presented on ‘FPT Natural Gas Engines: the way to high performances and low emissions’.

With 25 years of experience and more than 25,000 CNG engines sold, FPT Industrial has the broadest engine range on the market. The present possible technologies that can be adopted for the development of CNG engines mainly include: stoichiometric combustion, lean burn or dual-fuel CNG diesel. Since the beginning, FPT has chosen stoichiometric combustion, the only viable and cost-efficient solution available today that meets Euro VI emission levels.

In addition to offering a wide range of Natural Gas engines for commercial vehicles, buses, and specialty vehicles, FPT is also developing solutions for the Off-road sector which, at the moment, New Holland Agriculture is testing in its T6.140 Methane Power prototype. This represents a key step towards the Energy Independent Farm concept that centres on the ability of farms to produce energy from natural sources, in this case biomass, which in turn will power the agricultural machines and the farm itself.

Organised by CNH Industrial, global partner to Expo Milano 2015, and in collaboration with its company-owned brands and the Italian Consortium for biogas (CIB), the round table discussions concluded with a visit to New Holland Agriculture’s Sustainable Farm Pavilion, currently displaying FPT Industrial’s top level Cursor 16 engine.

In addition to the Cursor 16 display, FPT Industrial engines are also powering the transport and logistics vehicles supplied by other CNH Industrial brands at Expo Milano 2015.

For more information on ‘The Biogas Done Right Model’ workshop, co-hosted by CNH Industrial, visit bit.ly/1E57HVO

Turin, May 2015