• 10-DEC-2019

  • Turin, 10 December 2019




Leonardo da Vinci and his contributions to the humanities and engineering has always been a great source of inspiration for FPT Industrial. Continuing in its homage to the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death, the Brand is sponsoring the New Galleries at the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci (MUST) in Milan, Italy. This opening inaugurates a three-year partnership, during which the Brand will promote a number of projects in association with the museum.

The New Galleries, completed after four years of hard work, are more than 1,300 m2 in area and contain over 170 works and 39 multimedia installations, creating the world’s largest permanent exhibit dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci.

Realized in association with famous architect and set designer François Confino, who also styled the Cinema Museum and the MAUTO, both in Turin, Italy, the New Leonardo Galleries lead the visitor into da Vinci’s Renaissance world, with a series of stunning immersive and interactive installations.

With this prestigious partnership, FPT Industrial confirms and intensifies its involvement and active support in the context of the events organized to mark the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death. In fact, during 2019 FPT Industrial was the main sponsor of the “Disegnare il futuro” – Design the Future exhibition, held at the Musei Reali in Turin from 15 April to 14 July, which displayed timeless masterpieces such as the world-famous Self-Portrait of Leonardo as an elderly man and the Codex on the Flight of Birds. Another da Vinci masterpiece, and undoubtedly one of the world’s most famous drawings, the Vitruvian Man, was the fulcrum of the exhibition “L’uomo è il modello del Mondo” - Man models the world sponsored by FPT Industrial and held in Venice at the Gallerie dell’Accademia from 17 April to 14 July, which focused on the relationship between art, nature and scientific research.

Moreover, at the recent DPE 2019 show in Rimini, Italy, the Brand joined forces with Energy Rental, Sices and Riello UPS for a global preview of an innovative zero-emission system for a Diesel-powered mobile generator, the first model of which was specially decorated with a Leonardo-inspired motif created by renowned artist and social media influencer Agnes Cecile.

Together, these projects underline the Brand’s strong commitment to culture and reinforce its bond with Leonardo da Vinci, the first real “modern man”, both engineer and artist, and precursor and innovator of extraordinary genius.

“We are proud of our involvement in this project, which combines Leonardo’s art and genius with the latest communication technologies devised for museums,” said FPT Industrial Brand President Annalisa Stupenengo. “We are also delighted to have begun a partnership in support of MUST on various projects in the next three years, confirming our close bond to this amazing historical figure: a man who put Nature at the center of his work, associating it with the various areas of knowledge, including engineering, architecture, painting and every form of art in which Leonardo da Vinci expressed himself. His research- and innovation-based approach is the reason why FPT Industrial has chosen to pay homage to the genius who inspires us every day as we strive for continuous improvement.”

Turin, 10 December 2019