• 04-DEC-2013

FPT Industrial to Supply Engines for New Iveco Eurocargo



FPT Industrial, a market leader in the field of powertrains for industrial applications, is supplying the new Iveco Eurocargo engines from its NEF Series (named also Tector, the commercial name adopted by Iveco), developed to meet Euro VI emission standards. The four-cylinder N45 and the six-cylinder N67, once suitably re-engineered, will replace the existing engines, N40 and N60.

The NEF engines, which are the benchmark within their category, can provide solutions that are compact, reliable and economically favourable. The capacity of the NEF 45 and NEF 67, of 4.5 and 6.7 litres respectively, has been increased to achieve greater versatility for a range of applications.

The increase in capacity, together with the use of a second generation HD common rail system, with pressures up to 1,600 bar, brings advantages in terms of both output and torque at low rpm. Multiple injections of the new common rail system, with new nozzles for greater precision in dosage and in timing control, optimise the combustion process, reducing both the particulate in the engine and the fuel consumption.

The power of the four-cylinder engine has been increased by 13%, bringing it to 210 hp. The torque, on the other hand, has been increased by 23%, allowing the engine to develop 750 Nm in the 1,400 to 1,800 rpm range. Also the performance of the six-cylinder engine has been improved up to 320 hp thanks to a 7% higher power level, while the torque has been raised by 5% to reach 1,100 Nm at 1,250-1,900 rpm6.

Because of the improved performance of the new engines, Iveco has been able to reconfigure its offering, by extending its product range and at the same time minimising consumption. The four-cylinder 210 hp N45 Euro VI engine can replace the six-cylinder 220 hp N60 Euro V, achieving lower fuel consumption while still maintaining high performance; the six-cylinder N67, on the other hand, has a maximum power of 320 hp compared to 300 hp for the N60.

Despite the increased displacement, the Euro VI engine, together with FPT Industrial’s exhaust aftertreatment system, weighs less than its main competitors, ensuring a higher payload of the vehicle compared to the market standard.

Both engines are equipped with High Efficiency SCR (HI-eSCR), the innovative after-treatment system developed by FPT Industrial, which reduces emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by more than 95%. The HI-eSCR system represents the latest developmental stage of FPT Industrial’s SCR technology, already successfully used in more than 350,000 engines.

The HI-eSCR system uses clean air to maximise combustion efficiency and minimise the production of particulate matter (PM) without the use of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), thus minimising fuel consumption and increasing performance to the maximum.

FPT Industrial is successfully equipping many other on-road vehicles, both for Iveco and for other prestigious manufacturers worldwide. The latter include the Dutch VDL Bus & Coach, for which FPT Industrial supplies its own Cursor 9 engine, and the Daimler Truck Group, which uses the FPT F1C engine to power the Canter light commercial vehicle from Mitsubishi Fuso Bus & Truck Corporation.

FPT Industrial has also for many years been a supplier of BPT, the public transport company in Beijing, which uses the high-sustainability CNG engines Cursor 8 and N60 CNG for its buses on the urban network.

By contrast, an agreement has only recently been concluded between FPT Industrial and Modasa, a Peruvian company specialising in the production of vehicles for urban transport, for the supply of N60 CNG engines, using compressed natural gas, which will equip the buses in the Peruvian capital. 

​Turin, December 2013