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FPT Industrial unveils its new C16 1000 marine engine, presented during the first day of the 2018 Cannes Yatching Festival (Palais du Festival - Stand 110). Though the new Cursor 16 has just been unveiled, the engine is already a Guinness World Record holder. Last March, a special version of the Cursor 16 installed on the powerboat that achieved the fastest speed on water using a diesel engine, reaching a speed of 277.5 Km/h. This record follows the Cursor 16’s previous title of “Diesel of the Year” from 2014.
This new C16 1000 is developed for light commercial and pleasure applications, and distinguishes itself for providing top performance with the compactness and the lightness of a 13-liter engine but with the durability of a 16 liters. This C16 1000 is, in fact, the only 16-liter engine on the market to fit in the packaging of a 13-liter engine.

The perks regard both the aesthetic and technical aspects of the engine, which has a 6-cylinder in-line architecture and features the latest generation Common Rail injection
system (up to 2,200 bar). Its power can reach 1,000 hp at 2,300 rpm, placing itself among the best-in-class performance of the category.

The new C16 1000 has the best durability – 25% more than the competitors’ average – while the power (63 hp/lt) and torque (220 Nm/lt) density are among the best of light commercial segment. These great characteristics couple with a maximum lightness and a best-in-class power to weight ratio (0,59hp/kg), thus delivering at the same time top performance and best durability. The customer will have an increased cruising and a max speed together with the best transient response for planing.

In order to maximize reliability and resistance to salt and water, the C16 1000 has been designed with specific air, water, oil and fuel circuits. The marinization set includes: heavy duty, high flow sea water pump, a new heat exchanger for improved heat rejection, anodyzed air-intake pipes, a new air filter in epoxy-based material more resistant to salt and humidity, and twisted wirings for maximum resistance to dirt, water and sludge.

The C16 1000 has the compactness of a 13-liter engine, which not only means it is among the best-in-class of its category but that the final customer will have an easier installation and wider space on board as well. Furthermore, the engine has a best-in-class maintenance period of up to 600 hours, which translates into easier and cheaper maintenance operations.

Inside, the C16 1000 features increased fatigue strength new material components (cylinder block, cylinder head made in Compacted Graphite Iron - CGI, crankshaft and bearings, con-rods, steel pistons, rings, increased flows for oil and water circuits with a professional bronze body and impeller sea water pump) and the last generation of Common Rail (up to 2,200 bars) with multi-point fuel injection. The turbocharging system is distinguished by a simple and efficient technology with 2 single stage water cooled WG Turbo while the clean and functional lay-out is focused on engine easy serviceability and maintenance, thus granting premium performance, reliability and durability.

Finally, regarding the environmental performance, the C16 1000 respects the most stringent regulations as along with all the other FPT Industrial engines. Its impact on the environment is reduced for gas emissions, noise, and vibrations, providing not just positive general effects, but also higher comfort of navigation. To achieve these benefits in terms of sustainability, C16 1000 also offers a blow-by system for the best recovery of oil vapors and new green filters for better treatment of engine oils.
C16 1000 Specifications
Architecture6 Cylinder in line
Injection SystemCommon Rail (up to 2,200bar) / 2 water cooled waste gate turbo 
Air HandlingSingle Stage + Aftercooler
Valves per Cylinder4
Displacement15.9 l
Bore x Stroke141 x 170 mm
Max Rated Power1,000 hp @ 2,300 rpm
Max Torque3,500 Nm
Dry Weight1,690 kg
Dimensions (L/W/H)1,465 x 1,136 x 1,160 mm
Turin, September 11, 2018


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