• 23-APR-2018

HI-eSCR2, FPT Industrial Second Generation SCR After-Treatment System for Stage V Emission Levels


Starting from next year, Europe will have to respond to a new emission regulation standard: Stage V. In order to do so, FPT Industrial developed a new solution that would guarantee great performance while complying to the upcoming legislation.

FPT Industrial could count on its long-lasting expertise to find a response: it launched the Hi-eSCR2, the brand’s patented Stage V ATS solution which will be used for all engines over 56 kW. The 2018 edition of Intermat is yet another moment to discover this system, whose development relied on FPT Industrial’s capability to be a lifecycle solution provider, always at the forefront of product excellence, enhanced by other benefits such as pre-sales engineering service and aftersales services.

HI-eSCR2 integrates a particulate filtration system on an SCR module, which does not require any vehicle modifications. The HI-eSCR2, in fact, occupies as much space as the previous After-treatment solution HI-eSCR used for Stage IV, without compromising the visibility and maneuverability of the vehicle. Furthermore, the perks for end-users also involve the Total Cost of Ownership: the Hi-eSCR2, in fact, adopts an after-treatment system “for life”, which means that there will be no maintenance costs over the lifecycle.

The FPT Industrial’s patented technology also ensures best-in-class power and torque density and requires a very easy installation. When considering specifically high load or high power applications, users have no need to halt equipment during operations, thanks to no need for parked regeneration allowing maximized uptime.

All these perks are possible due to the great know-how that FPT Industrial has collected over the years, always being at the forefront of competitors. FPT Industrial, in fact, started developing the SCR technology at the end of the Nineties, and the first patent filed for the SCR application was in 2004. Then in 2005 FPT Industrial began to use particulate filtration technology for on-road applications (Euro IV), selling more than 1 million SCR and 2 million DPF on LCVs. FPT Industrial was also at the forefront in the Off-Road market, where the SCR was applied in 2011, whilst in 2013 FPT Industrial was the first to achieve an SCR efficiency higher than 95% in the On Road segment, avoiding EGR.

Turin, April 23, 2018