• 24-JUL-2017

HI-eSCR2, FPT Industrial Second Generation SCR After-Treatment System for Stage V Emission Levels


Innovative technology, same dimensions. Starting from 2019 Europe will respond to a new emission regulation standard: the Stage V. FPT Industrial, in order to embrace the disposition, has developed a dedicated technology, the HI-eSCR2, the brand’s patented Stage V ATS solution, which will be used for all engines over 56 kW.

HI-eSCR2 integrates a particular filtration system on an SCR module, which does not require vehicles’ modifications. The HI-eSCR2, in fact, occupies as much space as the previous ATS HI-eSCR used for Stage IV, Without compromising the visibility and maneuverability of the vehicle. Furthermore, HI-eSCR2 adopts an after-treatment system “for life”: it means that end-users have no maintenance costs and thus can reduce the overall TCO.

The new FPT Industrial’s technology ensures high productivity. HI-eSCR2 guarantees best in-class power and torque density and requires a very easy installation. When considering specifically high load or high power applications, users have no need to halt equipment during operations, thanks to no active regeneration allowing maximized uptime. This also implies greater safety while working, especially in closed environments such as farm buildings.

The statement “We are five steps ahead” holds true, and its 5 pillars explain how FPT Industrial's HI-eSCR2 technology has been developed according to customer needs:
  • Reliability, proven by more than 25 years’ experience on SCR technology and more than 700.000 units sold;
  • Constant R&D investments allow FPT Industrial to offer leading engine performance, optimizing customer productivity;
  • Regeneration-free systems as technology roadmap to maximize uptime with no compromises on safety;
  • Durability and higher residual value, due to “for life” After Treatment Systems;
  • Environmental care and TCO reduction guaranteed, while still maintaining, best-in-class engine efficiency.
You can discover where HI-eSCR2 was born playing the video "Arbon: the birthplace of FPT Industrial's HI-eSCR technology​​"

Turin, July 24, 2017