• 12-FEB-2014

Hinckley Yacht Services chooses FPT Industrial as new repowering supplier



The Hinckley Company, a globally renowned boat builder and yacht service provider, will recommend powertrain supplier FPT Industrial as its preferred partner for repowering Hinckley powerboats. The new initiative will be debuted at the Miami Boat Show, Sea Isle Marina venue, on 13-17 February 2014. The yacht will be located in slip 417 and is available by appointment for sea trial.

Both Hinckley and innovative engine manufacturer FPT Industrial are committed to providing the latest technological solutions of the highest quality. It’s this synergy that has led to FPT Industrial’s FPT N67 570 being the engine of choice as part of Hinckley’s refit service.

In addition, FPT Industrial has also been selected by Hinckley to provide engines as a higher horsepower option for its latest offering, the Talaria 43, a new express yacht for 2014.

FPT Industrial’s N67 570 is a leader in its category, offering excellent weight/power ratios (1.14 kg/hp), power/displacement ratios (84.4 hp/litre) and volume/power ratios (1.31 dm3/hp). Developed to meet Tier 3 emission regulations in the U.S. market, the engine features: six cylinders with a displacement of 6.7 litres; distribution through four valves per cylinder; second generation, electronically-controlled Common Rail; turbocharger, a waste gate and intercooler. The monoblock and the ‘ladder frame’ (structural strengthening) have proven their reliability in the many speed and durability contests in which this engine has successfully participated.

In addition to excellent speed and performance, the FPT N67 570 allows navigation with low fuel consumption, low noise and low emissions, which complements the class and sophistication of the Hinckley products.

Hinckley’s east coast service yards offer FPT refits across a wide range of models by manufacturers other than Hinckley as well. The Hinckley Talaria 44 MKII, which will be displayed at Miami, has been refitted with two 570 hp FPT N67 570 engines. It is a 13.4-metre lobster-style yacht with a flying bridge. It’s built with the Seemann Composites Resin Infusion Moulding Process (SCRIMP) vacuum method, using vinyl ester resins and ‘E’ glass fibres, has a cruising speed of 29 knots and a maximum speed of 34 knots.

“Hinckley is a very prestigious brand, shipyards with a long tradition of building and servicing all types of wonderful boats,” said Massimo Rubatto, FPT Industrial Sales Vice President. “Hinckley produces vessels with a classic and everlasting style, but enhanced with extremely advanced propulsion systems to provide customers with the best performance, maneuverability and the least noise disturbance possible. We are very proud that Hinckley has chosen FPT Industrial’s state-of-the art engines. The N67 570 model used on the Talaria 44 MKII is the best in its category. It is fundamental for a wonderful boat to have the highest quality and most reliable technical equipment.”

Turin, February 2014